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2075937 tn?1334884194 And for the over the counter kind I've heard to get the 7 day
Avatar m tn They used Buffered Lidocaine injection which I did not feel any of.. I must admit, I did put over the counter Lidocaine cream all over my breast about an hour before the procedure. I used this Lidocaine cream on my arm before a tetanus shot that I had to get and was so afraid of and I was screaming for the nurse to WAIT but.. IT WAS ALREADY DONE! Helps a lot so you don't feel pain. Nurse also gave me tips for next time I get an injection.
1102290 tn?1278499953 In addition, I would try to get an oral prescription antihistamine. Some people use over the counter Benadryl and over the counter steroid cream but they did nothing for me and my rash, just were not strong enough. Over the counter steroids creams and over the counter antihistamines were useless for me, totally useless. They did nothing. My treatment team was useless and dragged their feet doing nothing until the rash was really pretty bad and I demanded they do something.
Avatar n tn m using Erythomycin Topical Solution right now, which I got from the derm. but soon that will run out and I need something good over the counter...
Avatar f tn Extreme anal discomfort and bleeding. Prescribed Lidocaine ointment, use Balneol cream.
540027 tn?1213846519 For the discomfort associated with cold sores you could try Over-the-counter (OTC) ointments, such as topical lidocaine or benzyl alcohol (Zilactin), which can help ease discomfort. REF: You can get more information on this website.
Avatar n tn If you are indeed having another blighted ovum, all the progesterone cream in the world will not prevent the outcome. I hope everything turns out ok for you.
Avatar f tn We figure that it cant hurt, and if it does not help after about a year or so, we can always stop. Is the cream that you are talking about available over the counter or would I have to ask the doctor for it (lidocaine?
Avatar m tn Maybe some lidocaine cream would help but I would get a prescription and not just an over the counter (the prescription lidocaine is stronger and also has the hydrocortizone cream in it). Perhaps yours will let up a little like mine did for 2.5 weeks. One thing I have noticed about all three of these drugs is that the side effects seem to pop up whenever they feel like it and then sometimes disappear for a few days or a day and then pop up again.
Avatar f tn I'm not sure about the cream over the counter??? I used Prochieve 8% and I am currently 6 1/2 weeks prego. But.... I also took clomid, estradiol, metformin and prenatal vitamins. I can tell you that if you do find a cream over the counter you will want to start using it on CD17, fyi. Good luck. Lots of baby dust coming your way!
Avatar f tn Here is many information aboutestrogen cream over-the-counter I found the best solution there.
Avatar n tn If i wanted to try some of the over the counter meds. for the Hypothyroid problems what should I be looking for in the ingrediants/amounts. I have done the spit test for Harmones and have all the symptoms of Meno. Tried the rub on version and nothing is working. I was small (tiny) until 30. I am now only 45 and it seems as though nothing works to keep my weight and energy levels consistant. One of the sites that I visited said that a temp taken under the armpit below 97.
Avatar f tn Anyone have experience with any over the counter depression medicine that works well?
Avatar f tn I also used lidocaine creame with hydrocortizone cream (prescription) and it numbs the outside. At times I used Prep. H cream but that was too irritating when the reactal/anal area was irritated. I did use Prep. H suppossitories at night. That helped (soothed). Later on I used Desitin cream. I had an entire counter of items that I used at various times depending on what the worst issue was. Other suggestions are to drink a lot of water. Several quarts a day.
1415174 tn?1453243103 Yes I tried the Flector patches and cream and so far not any relief. I tried the Lidoderm patch and no relief either. I can ask for lidocaine cream. I think the muscle relaxant helped the other day but not today. Oh well, I'll keep trying. thanks all.
Avatar f tn I had a rash everywhere too, including the perineal area but, as stated, it all went awy with the prescription Hydroxyzine. (Over the counter Benadryl was useless.
Avatar n tn hi ya just wanted to know if i can buy progesterone cream over the counter at the pharmacists/chemist in london uk as i am ttc but have a luteal phase defect and i have heard that the cream is good for making the luteal phase longer giving me a better chance of concieving thankyou
Avatar n tn Sorry to hear about your symptoms. Unfortunately, Vincristine is well known to cause pretty severe PNs. Don't know what you;ve tried but I can give you a list of things that we used here. First, capsaicin cream (over the counter) burns when you initially apply it, but is supposed to "burn out" the pain fibers giving you some relief. Lidocaine patches and combo ketoprofen/ketamine patches have also been helpful to some patients.
Avatar n tn He also prescribed Westcort (a higher strength cortisone cream than those available over the counter) to stop the itching, Atarax (an oral medicine to also help with the itching) and had me occasionally soak in Balnatar (sp?) a brown oil. All were prescription except for the Alpha Keri (to my knowledge). Pat dry after bathing, don't rub dry. As I got older, I used Dove or Oil of Olay soap daily.
Avatar m tn Some people ice the area (personally I think the cold hurts worse than the teeny needle poke)...Others have been able to get a 2% lidocaine gel from their pharmacist (usually used for premature ejaculation issues) and apply that to the area, but most just do it cold turkey... Have you started your shots yet? If so, and you are worried about the needle, it is a very teeny and short little thing and, when you finally get brave enough to "just do it", you barely feel it.
Avatar n tn Ask your Dr. I'm pretty sure that it would depend on the cream. I was using a prescription NSAID cream before I got pregnant and had to stop once we found out because they don't know the risks and how much might actually get into your bloodstream. I know that most Dr.'s recommend tylenol as a safe pain killer during pregnancy. Good Luck!
Avatar f tn Just fyi the cream did lift the fog and tiredness. Could this be the Progesterone Cream, the nausea ??
Avatar m tn Your doctor can help determine whether you need an over-the-counter (OTC) antihistamine or the prescription variety. Although the older OTC drugs, known as "first-generation" or sedating antihistamines, may cause side effects like drowsiness or anxiety, newer antihistamines are much less likely to when taken at the recommended dosage.
Avatar n tn what is the best over the counter cream to bleach your face that has been damage from acne scars