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Avatar n tn I just wanted to share my story about Lexapro. I took one 10mg Lexapro pill and 8 hours later had a severe adverse reaction to the drug. My life was about to become a nightmare.(This incident happened 14 months ago) My experience is rare but it is important to stress the dangers not explained by professionals in the field and there are many similarities between my experience and that of those who experience terrible withdrawal symptoms from SSRI's.
Avatar f tn withdrawing from lexapro sweating and headaches just stop taking after going on 5 for 9 days
Avatar f tn What you are experiencing are typical SSRI withdrawal effects. Some people never experience withdrawal phenomenon while others suffer to a great degree. There is no way to predict how a given individual will respond and how long symptoms will last. As the others have suggested, talk to your doctor if your symptoms are too bothersome. You may need an even slower tapering regime than what you are on currently.
Avatar n tn i would very much like to hear from someone who is experiencing withdrawal symptoms after stopping taking lexapro....on the advice of my physician i cut my 20mg dose in half for 2 weeks and then totally stopped taking the medication....i have been experiencing nausea and dizziness and am very light headed....after calling my md he suggested i go back on the lexapro. i am not experiencing any drastic mood swings or severe crying spells..
Avatar n tn Withdrawal symptoms usually begin 1—3 days after abrupt discontinuation but should stop after 1-2 weeks. Significant withdrawal symptoms are rare. Gradual tapering is recommended to decrease or prevent withdrawal symptoms. It is always advisable to consult your doctor before stopping any medication.
955569 tn?1255493280 but heres my problem i was always very healthy and fit. ever sense meds i have high blood pressure, etc and im done.. i stop taking my lexapro 20mg. cold turkey about 3weeks ago. how long do these withdrawl effects last. i currently have a bit of sweating, but my most sever effects are chest feels tight, brain feels very cloudy, and my temper seems very sure as im easily ticked off.
Avatar f tn I have been taking 10 mg of Lexapro daily for a little over 2 years. I have always gotten samples from my Dr. due to the cost being so expensive. Recently my Dr.'s office was out of samples which I depended upon rightously... I received a phone call after 4 days of not having any Lexapro to let me know they had my samples. This was after horrible sweating, zaps of feeling brain shock, head aches and finally going on-line to see why I was feeling this way. Sure enough it was withdrawal....
Avatar f tn When I came off lexapro I was starting onto paxil so I couldnt tell which was startup side effects and which were withdrawal. While I was on lexapro though I have horrible stomach cramps and my blood pressure was through the roof!
140622 tn?1190102529 After the initial shaking and sweating and not being able to walk or even get out of bed. I was so out of it I stopped taking my HepC meds and my thyroid meds (I had my thyroid removed) I then started into a psychotic episode that lasted for over a week. My brother and mother had to call 911 at 4:30am because I was talking to imaginary friends in the bathroom and took my pants off then sat in a dry bathtub. I evidently couldn't make myself understood because my speech was so garbled.
Avatar n tn to get off the Zoloft I was on 150 mg a day, he finally agreed to take me off it to see if I do not need it anymore. If I did he said he would try Lexapro that is not supposed to make you gain weight, but now I trust nothing. He tapered me off a little at a time from 150 to 100 to 50 to 25 to 12.5 mg over months of tapering off. Each time I did I would react horribly, with withdrawal symptoms.
Avatar f tn Hi- can anyone tell me if Lexapro can make you fell ill and dizzy, also hands sweating etc., I have been 3 days on this 10mg taken once a day, I had been taking xanax but GP took me off these after one month as he felt they are for as short of use as possible, but now I feel so awful I wonder is this how it is with them? I am taking them for anxiety with overactive thyroid.
Avatar n tn On November 6 I fell and broke my ankle. Ironically I was on my way into my psychiatrist's office (I take 20 mg Lexapro daily for anxiety and it's working very well.) For a while I lay on the ground outside her one-story office throwing acorns at her window, trying to get her attention. Soon some Boy Scout leaders (I kid you not) came by and helped me, and we called help and I went to the ER and got a splint on it. Next day I went to my own doc and he gave me a prescription for vicoprofen (2.
Avatar n tn I attributed it to being in love and having my mind elsewhere, but who knows? POSSIBLE LEXAPRO WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS Just over a month ago, we went on our honeymoon and I completely forgot to bring my pills with me. I was feeling so blissfully happy and relaxed, I decided I probably didn't need them any more, and didn't bother to renew my prescription when I returned home. Thoughts of the friend who died no longer saddened me so much.
Avatar m tn My 25 year old son called me 2 hours ago and told me he has been taking Percocet for the past 2 months. He tried to stop and is having horrible withdrawal symptoms. He is coming to stay with me for the next 4-5 days so I can help him through it. I have no idea what I am up against. He has no insurance and just started a new job so he can't go into any treatment facility. It's up to the two of us. Any advice would be most appreciated.
Avatar m tn I'm not up to a lot of detail, mostly because I spent the last two days in mental agony, in my room with darkness...It has been 1.5 yrs since tx stopped, and I have tried to stop the AD's several times, finally had to see a psychiatrist to figure out a plan...it hasn't worked. I give up on the medical profession and meds...tried their way, no luck. They say I must have had problems (mental, inherited, etc) that were not a "problem' to me, until the tx and AD's...
Avatar n tn But anyway, I get an erection fine but have a hell of a time reaching orgasm even though my girlfriend is really attractive. So I quit lexapro cold turkey, enter the withdrawal symptoms of brain shocks and sleeplessness. Yuck. At least now, I can orgasm like before without any problems, completely like before I ever took the ****.. that's my story. Maybe it's pyschological, maybe it's physical from the pills, who knows.
Avatar n tn I am so incredibly dizzy, my lips go numb, I keep getting zap like sensations throughout my body, I am profusely sweating and nauseous, I could not sleep last night, my mind is racing...I could go on an on. I was told that there were no addictive effects with Paxil and I am so angry...and worst of all scared. How long is this going to last? Why was I told that this would not happen? This is so incredibly misleading and dangerous!!
Avatar f tn (all in all I probably took 30 pills) From what I've been reading, most people experience withdrawal after months or years of continuous use, or after much higher doses (which is not my case) , but then again, I realize how everyone's body is different, and how we all react differently to pills. Is it possible to experience withdrawal symptoms if I decide to stop relying on the pills?
Avatar n tn I start sweating in my own house (that I always keep at 60 degrees) and have to go outside in the 30 degree weather with a tank top on. That is if I don't fall down the steps from the dizziness or the shocks in my head. I became extremely angry and irratated. So angry that family members suggested that I go to anger management classes. That was before they knew that it was the Paxil.
Avatar n tn After i started taking lexapro i lost ten pounds. My side effects have been sweating and vivid dreams. The good thing for me is that i have been able to sleep now better than i ever did before. The dreams are annoying, but at least i am sleeping. That is the one thing keeping me from stopping taking it. I like the idea of getting off of it, but whenever i forget to take it, i can't sleep. so i feel pretty stuck.
Avatar n tn I was on Paxil CR 12.5 mg/day for about 2 weeks, following 3 weeks on Lexapro, for panic attacks. I weaned off Paxil over 2 weeks by going to every other day, and have been off completely for about 10 days. I noticed symptoms within a day or two of tapering- mainly tingling in arm/foot on one side when I walked. Those tinglings have subsided a bit, but now I find a general tenseness and tightness in my chest and neck, and have begun having at least low-grade anxiety almost every day.
Avatar n tn could I die from withdrawal? I guess I need to know if I can do this on my own. I am ready to stop. That I am sure of. I am just scared of the W/D symptoms. I have a wife (and 2 small kids)but I do not want her to know what has happened. I guess it boils down to one question: Should I see my doctor or can I get through this on my own? I just want to do what is best for my health. I am sorry for taking up your time but if you have any advice I would love to hear it. God Bless all of you!
Avatar n tn I am 23 years old, and have been on antidepressants for about 5 years to treat chronic migraine headaches. I started on Paxil,then went to Lexapro b/c Paxil wasn't working, but I gained about 35 lbs. on it so my Doc put me on Effexor. Now my headaches are finally under control and I am tired of being on drugs! But I cannot go more than a few hours without it! I was taking 75 mg., and I took 37.5 mg for almost two weeks.
Avatar n tn After I finished the project in mid-may, I decided that I needed to stop using a drug to get through the day, so I tried to just stop taking it. WOW! Serious withdrawal symptoms including joint and muscle pain, stomch issues, fatigue, depression and a strange hollowness in my nerves ensued. I didn't feel I could just stop functioning for a week or two or whatever it would take, so I used some hydrocodone that I had to help me get my tramadol use down to 100mg per day over the course of a week.
Avatar m tn I am a 37 year old male and have been taking 300 mg/day Wellbutrin XL and 10 mg/day Lexapro since experiencing a severe depression episode in September 2005. I have since been going to counseling weekly and maintaing maintenance of these two medications and feel that I have made tremendous improvements. However, I have yet to go back to the stress-free, anxiety-free, depression-free person that I was before this occured.
Avatar f tn I have suffered panic attacks for 2 years and just a few days ago (Wednesday, Feb. 5 '14) I was put on 10mg Escitalopram. Generic for lexapro. The first day I took it... I had a huge wave of happy emotions. 30 minutes later, I was crying and feeling sad. Then, my body started feeling really cold and really hot at the same Time. About an hour into taking it... I had a horrible panic attack. My hands were tingling and my feet were sweating. I slept naked and with no covers.
Avatar n tn Who would guess that taking only 10mg paxil could cause such disruption in one's life when trying to discontinue taking it. I am trying to wean off and started a week ago going every other day, then every third day etc. The dizziness headaches flu like symptons etc have been awful. Is there any help out there to deal with this? I have been taking paxil for seven years and gained 40 lbs.