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Avatar n tn It's very frustrating and depressing....and I'm not even taking zoloft for depression! I tried to wean myself slowly last month, but my anxiety became so intense I thought I would crawl out of my own skin. I told this to my dr. who responded by upping the dosage, which hasn't helped. I just want to be done with anti-depressants as they've not helped...in fact, I think they've just added more problems.
Avatar f tn I'm wondering if anybody has had experience in taking Cymbalta for anxiety and depression. I took Lexapro for several years and it stopped working, so I tried Zoloft this summer, which didn't help my anxiety at all, so now I'm back on the Lexapro and Buspar. I feel better than I did a few months ago in terms of anxiety, but nowhere near as well as I did in the past, and now my depression is horrible. I barely get out of bed most days because I just don't seem to care about anything anymore.
Avatar f tn It's been several nights now without it. Maybe 4 nights. :( My tremors have improved. I have been emotional today & have felt a little more anxious. The Zoloft was helping me a lot with depression & I could see a difference with my anxiety but I can't physically handle the tremors. They weren't mild, they were severe. I hope I am able to get in soon & get on something that doesn't cause me to shake like that. Thank you for your help through this.
Avatar n tn I started taking Lexapro for depression and within a month I started having panic attacks. My doctor told me to increase my dose, which I did, and then I started having panic attacks 2-3 times a week. I didn't think the Lexapro was the cause so I continued taking it until I found out I was pregnant. Surprise, once I stopped taking the Lexapro the panic attacks stopped. I recently started having them again, 2 years later, but take clonazapam and it works really well for me.
Avatar n tn My wife is taking generic Zoloft; 50mg. She has no interest in sex. None. I feel like our marriage is going down the toilet. Has any woman here switched from Zoloft to another anti-anxiety medication that has improved their sex life? My wife and I are both 60 and in good health otherwise, but this is really getting to me. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
Avatar n tn I have tried Lexapro, Zoloft, Abilify, Risperdal (which I was allergic too) and a whole sleu of other anti-depressants. I finally ended up on Effexor XR. In the beginning it seemed that all is well. After almost 3 years fo taking Effexor Xr I've been getting nothing but worsening sypmtoms. Anxiety, DEPRESSION 10 fold. My social life if gone, due to my fear of people. I had a Dr. appt. yesterday and asked to be switched backto Zoloft.
Avatar n tn with meds it's always trial& error i take zoloft 50mg/day for anxiety and depression i took prozac in '94 and it was not for me people respond differently to meds what might work for me might not work for you.
Avatar f tn I switched to a psychiatrist that has me on a taper/increase schedule with zoloft and lexapro. I had to be 100mg of zoloft before starting the lexapro, then she introduced the 5mg of lexapro, then the next week she dropped the zoloft down 25mg. then the next week dropped it down another 25mg and increase the lexapro to 10mg... etc. i'm doing much much better than the first doctors ridiculous practice but is what you are saying is it shouldn't even be done that way?
Avatar f tn Celexa did work better than the other SSRIs for me, just jittery and Lexapro is the newer version. And, do I have just depression/anxiety, or do I have a mood disorder?! Just for the record I do take 100mg of Lamictal, which doesn’t really do anything but I’m also on a low dose of it. I just don’t want to get off of it because it takes too long to titrate up on it. Please help me with your feedback. Please don’t tell me to discuss this with my doctor.
Avatar m tn Later, I moved and changed doctor and my new doctor prescribed Lexapro. She said that it is a better drug than Zoloft and that I would experience less side effects. With Zoloft, I had gained much weight and was continuously having extreme fatigue. When I began seriously TTC-ing, I did research about Lexapro and found out that it is relatively safe.
Avatar m tn Started lexapro 4 1/2 weeks ago. am now at 10mg for the last 10 days. One afternoon felt better but other than that no improvement.Taking ativan for the anxiety increase but seems to not help .Losing faith.
Avatar f tn 5 and 3/4 pill of Lexapro, then stop effexor completely and take the full 10 mg. of Lexapro. I also take 1 mg. Klonopin three times a day and 50 mg. Tenormin for the MVP/anxiety. For the first 10 days I felt great. Very relaxed, sleeping great and no anxiety at all. Then last night (the third day on the lowest effexor and higher lexapro) I didn't sleep, was very anxious and tense feeling. Had a good peaceful weekend so don't think it is environmental.
Avatar f tn Hi again! I'm on week 3, or thereabouts of Zoloft, and I've been suffering a few side effects. Though these aren't too bad, I'm wondering if they are likely to disappear or continue.. I've been suffering some mild insomnia, excess sweating, but perhaps most off putting is the lack of libido and sexual response!! I realise these are listed side effects, but will these resolve themselves or are they something I'm simply stuck with if I chose to continue with the medication?
Avatar f tn For the past 7 months I've been on Zoloft then switched to Lexapro. I don't know what to try next. I'm suffering and need on something.
1128643 tn?1262487249 Finally, in 2003, I was in a study for treatment resistant depression and Lexapro quite literally saved my life. I was later switched to Celexa for financial reasons. I had no problems transitioning and have taken it for the past six years. Now the issue: I suffer from chronic pain as well, and apparently my pain mgmt doc believes Cymbalta (approved for fibromyalgia) may keep my depression in check while also helping me deal with pain & its own related depression.
Avatar f tn (Sad if I don't do my own research I won't get the truth.) 10 mg of Lexapro is the equivalent to 75 mg of zoloft which is WAY too high for me or anyone else. I never made the mistake of going on high doses of zoloft like they wanted before and certainly won't be tricked into it with another drug. Therefore, the absolute max dose of lexapro I would even consider is 5 mg and that would be pushing it. (I know some people think the "therapeutic dose" for panic is 50 mg of zoloft.
489656 tn?1250003583 i am on 100 mg of zoloft now for ocd and depression since my last child, and the dr has said its safe during pregnancy so im not going to stop it, altho i have been reading and ive heard its advisable to stop in the last trimester, i dont think i will tho the dr said he has many women who have taken it while pregnant.
4149717 tn?1389507161 In your shoes....right now after reading what you just wrote above....for today.....I'd start taking Lexapro. It's faster acting, fewer side effects and worked much better for me than Zoloft. There is no "wrong road".....it will fork, or you can turn around and travel down another. You can "bing" zoloft vs. lexapro and find others besides me (ha, of course!) that have taken both zoloft and lexapro and read their experiences and comments.
Avatar n tn After avoiding zoloft, I was walking 9 miles a day, but, w/o any weight loss.... In the end, Zoloft reduced depression/anxiety, weight gain started to create anxiety issues. In the long term, zoloft seemed to be quite ineffective.
Avatar f tn kcdem here to do my weekly zoloft bashing. I hate zoloft....... it caused me horrible insomnia. if an ssri is correct i think you will have very few if any side effects and gradually feel better. 20 years ago when they first came out that was the norm. for some reason now these horrid side effects are to be tolerated and it is normal to take benzos to ride out the effects until our bodies can tolerate it. i dont buy it. i think it is lazy doctors and drug companies pushin that line.
Avatar m tn I am now on disability for chronic depression and PTSD, and panic disorder, but don't even know anymore if the panic disorder is a problem, but the depression sure is. From so much that I've read, so many people say the Klonopin (I actually am now on the generic, which is clonazapem) caused severe depression, and they had a horrible time getting off of it.
443006 tn?1229205442 Does anyone know if this is common to experience more depression off tx than on tx? I'm still taking an antidepressant, Lexapro, which I took throughout tx, but it doesn't seem to be working anymore. Any help would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn Hi Ryan, thank you for all of the great info:) I just spoke with my psych today and he said he was switching me to klonopin (I have been on xanax for a very long time). My diagnosis started as anxiety with depression and then became "mildly" bi-polar, but I keep trying to tell the docs anxiety is my BIG problem--I've lived with being moody my whole like, but panic attacks out of the blue leave me weak and very upset.