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Avatar n tn Well, my dad died about 2 months after that and I started drinking and having self destructive behavior for about 3 years after. I didn't care about anything especially myself. I was on Lexapro and I think it helped somewhat. So I got a dog, a great dane, about 3 years later. He was my buddy and I loved him like a person. He was a person to me. Of course he ended up getting cancer and I did everything I could to keep him with me. Had surgery, chemo and radiation but had to let him go in Dec.
Avatar f tn I was suffering from alot of stress and then I started to get depressed so, I went to the doctor 9 years ago and he prescribed lexapro and vioxx due to a knot that had come up on my neck ' thinking back on that I believe it was caused from all the tension headaches I was having" anyway that night as usual I put my daughter to bed took the meds. then I went to bed.
Avatar m tn It was the med that pooped before Lexapro so its second go and I don't hold much hope. I am on Ativan for life after near death detox , I don't mind its the best anxiety med out by far, you just get tolerance and the detox on 6mg would kill a horse , besides you still need a Benzo if you get off your illness don't just stop. I am at a loss at what to team up with my Ativan any idea has I drift into the pit of hell.
Avatar n tn Rag123, I GOOGLED THE CAUSE OF DEATH OF DANIEL SMITH. READ BELOW WHAT DR. CYRIL WECHT SAID, HE IS A VERY WELL KNOWN AND RESPECTED PATHOLOGIST. DON'T WORR, WHAT D.SMITH DIED OF DOES NOT APPLY IN YOUR CASE. The death of Anna Nicole Smith's 20-year-old son Daniel was caused by a lethal combination of methadone, Zoloft and Lexapro, pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht has revealed to PEOPLE. Wecht said the drugs caused the cardiac dysrhythmia that led to Daniel's death.
400867 tn?1371756694 I just feel like crying. I know that it's my fear of death that is behind everything I am going through. I guess I should start from the beginning for those of you that don't know my story/issues. I've had anxiety all my life, always health related anxiety and that it what is behind it all to this day. I am a 30-yr old female. My father passed away from a heart attack when I was 18 years old (believed to be from cocaine overdose but arteries were mostly clogged to begin with).
Avatar f tn Today is the autopsy for Anna Nicole Smith...and I am leaning towards them finding out that she had an overdose of opiates and benzos which is what killed her...of course, just basing that on endless amounts of reseach over the years on her and her life ( for some reason, I was fascinated by her, and her life, and her personality and boldness and vivacious personality and temperment, maybe because she was the complete oposite of me!!).
912156 tn?1242877984 The doctor prescribed 3mg capsules of invega once daily along with I think 10mg lexapro and told me to se the nurse on my way out who gave me 6mg samples of invega and instructed me to cut them in half. The following Monday I started both drugs.
Avatar n tn A toxocology was done. I have not picked up the info as yet but when I called they said there were no toxic levels in his system. They had found an empty hydrocodone bottle next to his bed and thought he may have committed suicide but I am sure his room mates just took the pills. Yes I am not sure how all these were filled and not flagged. The list is what I pulled frome Walgreens. I do not think they were doing there job. On May 6th he had 17 perscriptions filled.
3867523 tn?1348953285 Feelings of sadness or unhappiness Irritability or frustration, even over small matters Loss of interest or pleasure in normal activities Reduced sex drive Insomnia or excessive sleeping Changes in appetite — depression often causes decreased appetite and weight loss, but in some people it causes increased cravings for food and weight gain Agitation or restlessness — for example, pacing, hand-wringing or an inability to sit still Irritability or angry outbursts
2216810 tn?1420860476 There are a lot of meds out there, a doctor will know which ones would be appropriate. If tou are trying to overdose, you need to go to your local emergency room, or call an ambulance NOW, before you don't get the chance to try and get better...and devastate your family forever. Look up "derealization" and "depersonalization", I think you'll see that you are probably suffering from these, they are common side effects of anxiety and depression.
1684282 tn?1505701570 When consumed in higher doses, Tramadol can cause a euphoric feeling as well as shallow breathing and death from overdose. Nonetheless, the physicians persist on thinking about this medication in the way they got used to when it first came out and the way it was "sold" to them by the pharmaceutical reps.
Avatar n tn We were engaged to be married and were married in OCt of 05, at this point we were both eating about 7-12 80's a day. I lost him to an overdose 8 months later. From the time of his death to the present, I have spent every single $ I had on Oxy's. I recieved death benefits from my late husband totaling almost 90,000. I spent every last dollar. I took my addiction to a soaring 12-20 80's a day, A DAY. My doctor told me I should have o'd myself. I went through w.
Avatar f tn You've got 85 days girl!!! You have successfully gotten off Xanax, tramadol and Lexapro. You've mentioned the weight gain bothering you....and now you're wondering what you're going to "cling to" to keep you clean after you hit your 90 day goal. PLEASE go back and re-read all your posts.....and please do some reading about relapse prevention. There has to be some kind of aftercare that would work. I wanted to reference a link from back in September when you were having cravings.
Avatar f tn I have been taking 2 mg of Xanax every morning along with 30 mg of Lexapro,because the Lexapro does not relieve my anxiety. Today I only took 1 mg and am in complete withdrawal. Total wreck. How do I taper off the Xanax properly without going into the hospital?
Avatar m tn He thought the best thing to do, because I had lost twenty pounds in two weeks, looked like death warmed over, the best thing to do was go COLD TURKEY, I was on a cholesterol pill, hormones, lithium, not sure the psychotrop but it was medium dose and a pain pill called ultram oh and ambien just for a few days so far....
419309 tn?1326506891 The grieving for the man I knew took place for 3 years. The death was anti-climatic as we had all grieved for so long. I know you are keeping face and doing your daily tasks but this has to be more difficult than anything you have ever gone through before. I think I feel a lot like you. I don't want ADs to take away what is real. I guess it would be another story if it got so bad I could not get out of bed, but I don't think I will ever get there.
202347 tn?1189759425 )while on suboxone(beprenorphine/naloxone) or subutex(buprenorphine) but suboxone and subutex are long acting drugs and death has occured from taking benzodiazepines or any other central nervous system depressants like opiates, sleeping pills, & tranquilizers while on suboxone or subutex. If you stopped taking suboxone or subutex within the past week it may not be safe to take CNS depressants as the drug is probably still in your system.
Avatar n tn feeling be caused by my anxiety and is Lexapro a good medication for this. My doctor mentioned this medicine to me. Thanks for your time!
Avatar n tn The second time I was taking depakote, lexapro, and ritalin- dosage of lexapro was increased and within hours reaction started.
Avatar n tn I've tried MANY anti-anxiety drugs...lexapro, xanax, ativan, and none of them help me the way vicodin does. I do realize that vicodin isn't traditionally prescribed to relieve anxiety, but it really works wonders for me....anyway, i had bloodwork done recently and my ALT test came back at 3X above normal. I am kinda scared and wonder if i can do any real liver damage even with such a small dosage every day?? The thing is that i don't really seem to build a tolerance to the vicodin either...
484568 tn?1208561338 I will say weening down is the way to go, I haven't run screaming out of my house to the doc, or er, or score, which I did last year after 20 years clean from junk. I did start some lexapro I had in the cabinet and it's helped with the depression, but not the sleeping and rls. What a mess. This is a great site, I was feeling mighty alone and miserable. So thanks to you all. Matt don't take the methadone.
Avatar f tn All of them, every single one, went through periods in the latter part of their using or drinking where death seemed like the only rational choice. There were many days where it was necessary for me to use "one day at a time" not to just not-using, but to not killing myself too.
86075 tn?1238118691 When I was done tx, I had a serotonin overdose because my body didn't need all that I was feeding it. That took 3 mo. post tx so tx really must work on the serotonin stores. Hope you get a good plan, depression really sucks and half the time the individual doesn't even know their problem is depression. (A few hours of crying was a good hint). Take care......
Avatar n tn They have ran blood tests, echocardiogram, stress test, scoped my stomach, mri of brain and back. I have tried lexapro, and buspar for anxiety. My basic question is that is it heart problem, anxiety or some sort of serotonin loss or hormonal imbalance.
1137724 tn?1260882319 im having to deal with things the pills kept hidden for me...like my mothers death, losing my husband and everything else...i will never go back to the pills...im thru...i cant stop crying, i have to force myself to take a shower go to the bathroom, or even try to drink a coke...im hopin to god i can get thru these things without something bad happening...
Avatar n tn It is so crazy to have these thoughts of a premature death, and then so much time passes, and you look back and say "was that really a decade ago?" I don't know what advice to give you about controling these thoughts, as you can see I'm still working on that myself, but I will say that you will look back one day and say "was it really that long ago that I began to feel that way?" I hope this helps you and that you felt well today! Merry Christmas!
Avatar n tn lexapro, paxil, zoloft, seroquel, lamictal, xyprexa, buspar, and welbutrin. Currently I am taking depakote er, which actually seems to be working fairly well. It makes the anxiety bareable, but doesn't do much for my depression. However, there has always been one thing that has relieved all my symptoms; pain medications. First I would like to say something that Im sure everyone knows; these medicines are very addictive and should not be abused.
498132 tn?1217465082 I have found myself searching for ways to get hold of chemicals that will certainly kill me and if that fails, I think I'll probably just end up suffocating myself, hanging or taking an overdose. I don't know what to do. I want to find a doc that will take me seriously, but i'm just scared I will join another g.p. and they will be the same, tell me i'm depressed and send me away to cope all on my own. Everytime I ask for advice from anywhere else, they tell me to see a counsellor/psychiatrist.
Avatar n tn Yet I had to mess it up all over again when I decided to Lexapro. The first day I tried Lexapro, I ended up suffering from insomnia. So I am basically back to square one! I still don't like myself, I really don't know what to do anymore. I don't know if I'm just suffering from depression/anxiety, I don't know. I feel like I'm not making any sense anymore, and I'm not able to perform the way I was able to at work, again I don't know if this is from anxiety. Please help!
Avatar n tn Even my daughter who gives me my shots had her moments, she too, took an overdose of tylenol and other over the counter drugs and did the suicide attempt. And the other two oldest tried to end it as well back when they were sixteen. The good news is..... We will Slay Dragons and our kids will be fine in the end, becuase they are made of the same STRONG stuff we are. They just haven't learned how to channel it yet.