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Avatar n tn Ativan has no appreciable effect on liver function (unlike Lexapro), Ativan would not accumulate excessively in the elderly (unlike Klonopin or Valium), and Ativan would provide guaranteed relief. Lexapro may prove to be overly stimulating. Lexapro is better suited for anxiety that recurs secondary to a depressive affect. Serax is another (weaker) option. Speak with the neurologist.
Avatar n tn I'm 28 now) - I went on Zoloft in December of 2003 and switched to Lexapro sometime in 2004. I've had the weight gain. When I started Zoloft in December of 2003, I was around 205. I immediately dropped about 10 pounds. But, then it slowly started creaping back, even after switching to Lexapro. I've had moderate success with losing a few pounds; however, I'm ravenous for food a lot of the time and have uncontrollable cravings. Not cravings for sex, mind you, just cravings for food.
Avatar m tn Benzos, have a Moderate to Moderate drug to drug interaction, it is NOT deadly unless you are elderly, or have certain heart conditions, in those cases you would need to be monitored by a doctor. I'm not saying that those things aren't playing with fire, russian roulette, etc, but your doctor wasn't trying to kill you, with that combo. at least. I successfully got clean from a bad oxy contin/painkiller addiction, using Subxone and Xanax.
Avatar n tn Unfortunately Jackie chose to ask a question that really could be taken in a presumptuos manner. I do believe that if you put yourself out there on a open forum that you have to expect the good with the bad. I had chose to ignore this post as I was "turned off" by the question. It sat unaswered for the day, wonder why?? A response that we as adults should take responsiblility came and oops, there it goes. Free speech gets monitored.
Avatar f tn old and the veins of elderly person. There is some plague in the veins on one side of the brain and older looking blood vessels on the other side of my brain for the age of 50. No determination on why nor where these (mini strokes) are originating from. Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN. is my next stop for hope of finding out where these T.I.A.'s (mini strokes) are coming from and what can be done if anything to stop them.
Avatar n tn However, this list is not complete. Increased chance of death in elderly persons. Elderly patients treated with atypical antipsychotics, such as Abilify, for dementia had a higher chance for death than patients who did not take the medicine. Abilify is not approved for dementia. A life-threatening nervous system problem called neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS). NMS can cause a high fever, stiff muscles, sweating, a fast or irregular heart beat, change in blood pressure, and confusion.
518117 tn?1429279873 a wonderful friend of mine, put some ideas in my head, when she said, i could assist someone with disabilities or an elderly person. and it made me think of babysitting in my home. that would allow me to make an income too and not be out in the public. i will pm you very shortly sweet jade. what a blessing you are to me, trying to help me figure some of this job situation out. you are a most special person to me. but i am getting there. i have gave up on disability for now.
Avatar m tn My father is in his mid 50s. He takes Lexapro and he does not drink.
Avatar n tn That's why i'm worried.But,the lexapro is once a day.I take it in the am.I have been on the lexapro for four weeks.I just do not like the weird feeling it gives me.I just want it to go away.
Avatar n tn Less common: Anxiety; confusion (may be more common in the elderly); fast, pounding, or irregular heartbeat; lack of memory of events taking place after benzodiazepine is taken (may be more common with triazolam); mental depression Rare: Abnormal thinking, including disorientation, delusions (holding false beliefs that cannot be changed by facts), or loss of sense of reality; agitation; behavior changes, including aggressive behavior, bizarre behavior, decreased inhibition, or outbursts of a
Avatar m tn i was on lexapro and that helped somewhat but not as well. wellbutrin helps with dopamine levels, lexapro with seratonin, so it depends on what your need is. it is all trial and error with the antidepressants to find which one works best for you. xanax is not an antidepressant, it is more for anxiety, and to be honest those things have made my depression worse. wellbutrin seems to work well for addict type personalities (which may or may not be you).
Avatar f tn I hope you were able to get your mother-in-law to the doctor to get her properly evaluated for these troubling symptoms? Hysterics are not normal in the elderly & while depression is common, treatment is important. It looks possible that Estopam may be the same thing as Lexapro (escitalopram oxalate) from my research online? If so, that could be affecting her mood and behavior in a negative way rather than helping.
389797 tn?1200693362 I have not left the house except to go to a doctor or test in 6 weeks, and my husband has driven me as I feel too weak. I have chronic diarrhea with severe gas after eating. I and am afraid to eat anything that will cause distress and have lost 40 pounds in 4 months (20% of body weight). Constant nagging abdominal pain ULQ whether I eat or don't, I also have anxiety, sweats (no fever), tremors, and lower back pain. Symptoms were occasional at first but are now almost daily.
301132 tn?1201652050 Now that I am on the Lexapro, I have only had approx 5 panic attacks in nearly 6 months. An absolute miracle. If this eases your fear any, Lexapro is suppposed to be one of the mildest anxiety/depression medications. It was orginally manufactured for the elderly and because the side effects are so mild compared to other meds, doctors started recommending it to others. Like I say, I am pregnant and I am taking it.
Avatar n tn Not sure of your Mom's exact situation- but in my experience as a gerontologist, I can tell you that if she is on medicaid, a lot of times Dr just prescribe and prescribe.. many elderly people have nothing but time to focus on what ails them, (especially sitting watching TV and all those commercials about illness and new drugs- "hey I sneeze sometimes! I need that!
Avatar n tn I just cant seem to get this feeling of not breathing right out of my head. It is worse first thing in the morning when I get up. I comes in waves throughout the day. Is this really all anxiety? I started taking citalopram 8 days ago to help with my anxiety which is all health related. Someone please say they have expereinced this. I feel so scared all the time. The dr at the hospital basically said use your willpower not to come, but if you do we will do all we can to reassure you.
Avatar n tn as a person ages, they can develop poor vitamin absorption, and over a period of time, it creates changes in thinking, memory, gait, appetite, and in some cases, can even mimic TIA symptoms...Also, a book you may find useful..."What if it isn't Alzheimer's?"...(I can't recall the author, but it was a very informative book..) good luck...
1787135 tn?1315012183 After that, I was put on several medications (at different times, of course), which included Wellbutrin, Lexapro, Celexa, Zoloft, and Prozac. None of these seemed to have any lasting effect. At 18, I was hospitalized and diagnosed bipolar. I have always experienced extreme highs and lows consistent with bipolar disorder, as well as anxiety. Over the last year is where things have gotten worse. My "normal" mood is either anger or depression.
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Avatar n tn i am sorry to hearthat your mom is depressed there had to be a reason to be depressed also there are pros and cons about ECT i have worked 40 years in the health field gen and mental i have seen many people have these some dr will not give them i have seen people that had so many they were called burn outs it burned the brain out and they did become zombies could the dr not have just talked to her and find out why she was so depressed a lot of elderly people get depressed because sometimes they
941118 tn?1312285526 When these attacks occur, I take my antidepressant, and in a short period, I'm feeling better, sleeping better, and no longer aware of my PVCs, which actually do decrease somewhat in number, probably in response to less circulating adrenaline. Since my disorder is periodic, I take the AD for about four months and then taper off very slowly, and I'm fine usually for another year or two--until the next attack comes along.
Avatar n tn however, many are similar, thus providing the justification for recommending best practice from COPD research to be used in lung cancer. Dyspnea in both diseases is treated by corticosteroids, bronchodilators, antianxiety drugs, local anesthetics, and oxygen. However, when dyspnea is severe, morphine is the first choice. Using specific breathing techniques, positioning, energy conservation, exercise, and some dietary modifications and nutrient supplements can help with dyspnea management.
215461 tn?1331866365 Maybe we could "storm" Tom Cruise and his thoughts on anti-depressents .. we could "attack" as one huge tinfoil bearing chicken club carting Lexapro in one hand and Synthroid in the other .. what do you all think?
524020 tn?1223164605 After that first panic attack, I was stuck in a world only of panic attacks. I stayed in my room. I could not go outside, go ANYWHERE without having a panic attack. Even at home I had panic attacks. For 8 months I went everyday with having AT LEAST 10 full-blown panic attacks a day! And when I wasn't having an attack, I was constantly on the verge of one. Life got so sh***y. I couldn't go to school... I couldn't go to the mall, or the movies, or anywhere, like my friends could.
Avatar n tn Trazodone -- There has been a report of an adverse interaction between ginkgo and trazodone (Desyrel), an antidepressant medication that resulted in an elderly patient going into a coma.
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Avatar n tn Obviously as the effects decreased due to my tolerance growing I moved up to an all time high of about 60mg a day. In late Aug., I decided that it was too expensive as I was getting them off the streets. A friend told me about Methadone and urged me to try it instead as the effects would be much longer and it was cheaper for me to get them. I started on 20mg a day and have never gone up. This was enough for the pain and the withdraw from percocet was like I had never taken them.
Avatar n tn He has been taking effexor and is on 150 mg. now. Also we have added Lexapro 10 mg. He was taking concerta 36mg, then the teacher last year said she didn't see improvement in his behavior, so they doubled the concerta, which exelerated his anxiety. That's when they added the Lexapro, and switched the concerta to strattera. (which did nothing) Now he's on no ADD medicine. My child's doctor isn't very proactive with our situation. I feel like things are getting worse.