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Avatar f tn hi I have been on lexapro for a year now, helped fantastically with my anxiety, irritability, and snappiness. I havn't experienced any weight gain or any side effects that I am aware of, so am very happy with it.
Avatar f tn It's kept me from working due to fear of judgment and messing up or being judged or ridiculed. My doc has given me Lexapro 10mg. But I'm scared to take it. I've taken Xanax before and I like that I can take it as needed and didn't have any side effects from it..But for some reason I'm scared of anti depressants. I already have some insomnia and don't want it to get worse. I'm just wondering "what ifs" about the Lexapro. I know I should take it but I'm scared to take the first dose.
Avatar n tn When I was put back on I had a similar reaction. I later found out that the dosage had been to high and once I started out on a lower dose and worked my way up, I was fine again. This medicine can really help, however it is hard to get off of. Not because of any kind of addictive feeling, but because it brings on some pretty severe panic attacks that can last a couple months.
Avatar f tn I started taking anti depressant meds a few years ago to combat GAD and panic disorder. I took lexapro for a while but have been taking effexor for the past couple years at 225mg. Recently, my anxiety level has been terrible and I can't even make it through the day so my doctor gave me lorazepam for the attacks. In the past week or so it's gotten so bad that in addition to my nighly meds, I'm taking 2mg of lorazepam 2-3 times a day, which is making me loopy and exhausted. What do I do?
Avatar f tn The Effexor will pick up where the lexapro leaves off and thus her occurance of any withdrawl from the lexapro discontinuation should be mild. 150Mgs a day of Effexor is not an unusually high dosage. Effective Dosages for Effexor range between 75 to as much as 375Mgs a day depending on the person. In fact some people even find effectiveness as high as 450Mgs a day. Some (very few) people claim to get effectiveness at 37.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am on the maximum dosage of 80 mg of prozac along with 100 of wellbutrin and 5 of abilify. It bothers me that it takes such a high dosage to keep me feeling good. Everyone else I talk to is only on 10-20mg so I am scared of the effect of taking 80/day. Is this unusual or dangerous?
Avatar m tn I have tried so many times to taper off Xanax, but my body is just so used to the high dosage I take that the withdrawl is horrible.
1295419 tn?1276826472 I too have noticed a pretty high increase in blood pressure with the increased dosage from 10 to 20 mg. Unusual for me, but it's the only thing I can attribute it to. I am also really like the benefits of Lexapro, and would hate to switch......again. I am checking with my GP and Psychiatrist today just to make sure. I'd watch it, take it again (or buy a cuff) and let your doctor know if you don't see a change.
Avatar n tn Since you are tolerating the current dosage well there is absolutely no reason to reduce the dosage! I truly hope this response is more focused. I think you are taking the best position for giving yourself an optimal chance by sticking with the higher dose of interferon. Good luck dealing with your doctor!
433485 tn?1321816990 My doc said I could ramp up to 40 but I have researched on internet and it sounds like even 30 is too high,. I trust my pdoc but am afraid. Has anyone here been on 40 mg lexapro?
5342561 tn?1366668482 That might be the cause of your troubles. It may also be that your Lexapro dose is too high. You can't be sure. I started out on 5 mg then worked up to 10 mg after about 2 weeks. The only time I took 20 mg was at the end when it wasn't working anymore. The doc thought 20 might help but it didn't. Does your sister take something else now? And if so does it work? I'm having trouble finding the right one since Lexapro. Good luck to you!
Avatar n tn Waking after 2-3 hrs sleep Tinnitus - ringing in the ear, due to high insulin in about 70 % of tinnitus cases. Abnormal weight - too high or too low. Compulsive craving for sweets, colas, coffee, alcohol Lack of appetite A diagnosis of "mitral valve prolapse" Crawling sensations on skin Fainting Blurred vision Smothering spells - gasping for breath Red blotches on skin or circular arcs of red skin Lack of sexual drive Chest pain - severe, but EKG normal.
Avatar n tn Waking after 2-3 hrs sleep Tinnitus - ringing in the ear, due to high insulin in about 70 % of tinnitus cases. Abnormal weight - too high or too low. Compulsive craving for sweets, colas, coffee, alcohol Lack of appetite A diagnosis of "mitral valve prolapse" Crawling sensations on skin Fainting Blurred vision Smothering spells - gasping for breath Red blotches on skin or circular arcs of red skin Lack of sexual drive Chest pain - severe, but EKG normal.
Avatar n tn There has been no change in my diet or exercise habits, sure it could be blamed on menopause, but I find it just a bit too coincidental that I gained the weight when I started the Lexapro. I have recently found a doctor who does bio-identical hormone inserts, I told him that I really want to get off the Lexapro, but he told me to wait until he gets my hormones balanced, so that I don't crash and burn. I'm afraid the Lexapro is screwing up my hormone levels, any thoughts on that?
Avatar f tn How good is Lexapro for anxiety? How long does it take to work? Does it cause gastrointestinal problems? It is difficult to stop when the time comes? Is valium better? Any help and comments will be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn I'm glad you're posting your progress. I was prescribed lexapro a few weeks ago also at 5mg and have been too scared to take it. I'm interested in your progress. Good luck. I hope it works for you and me too( if I ever get brave enough to try).
Avatar n tn was also on wellbutrin but it made my blood pressure too high. still felt crappy yesterday on about 37.5mg of effexor. took about 50 last night. let's see how this works. i just hopre lexapro makes me feel more energy that effexor. all i do now is work and sleep. again, thanks for your advice.
Avatar n tn If not, that might be a move in the right direction. I do have a question for you...I too stopped taking Lexapro a month ago. I gained 10 pounds while on Lexapro and cannot seem to lose any of it. Have you noticed that your weight has returned to what you had weighed before taking Lexapro? I am a small framed woman, so 10 pounds is a lot for me. I'm wondering if getting the Lexapro out of my system completely will take a while and the weight gain to go down soon.
Avatar n tn I tapered off of Lexapro too fast. Now I'm having what feels like electrical shocks in my head, dizziness, irritability and flu like symtoms. My dosage was 10 mgs a day. I cut back to 10 mg every other day for a week,then 5 mgs every other day for a week then I stopped completely. My last 5 mg. was 6 days ago. Each day is worst than the last one so today I took 10 mgs. of Lexapro about 30 minutes ago because I can't live like this. I've heard taking prozac before coming off Lexapro helps.
Avatar n tn My husband thought it physical like alzhiemers, brain tumor ect. Turning out it was yhe lexapro and I have been on too high a dose for 5 years. I went cold turkey, this is my second week and am dealing with side effects. I have a electrified feeling, overwhelming feeling, cold sweats or feverish always. will this all diminish? Did I do the right thing? I checked with my PCP and she did not seem to mind. I fired my med manager for I was on 8 different meds at once.
Avatar n tn My family practitioner had prescribed Lexapro 20mg - was on it 2 years or so and was just weaned off slowly with a coctail of Wellbutrin and reduced dosage of Lexapro. I was done by mid February - I think the 15th or 16th. Had no problem with getting an erection while on these drugs, but had difficulty sustaining one to orgasm.
Avatar n tn If there is not a significant reason (financial issues, medical problems where the Lexapro is contraindicated) to go off the Lexapro, then simply don't. If it has helped you, then there is no reason you can not continue to take it, even long term. Especially because you are on a fairly low dose, you have lots of wiggle room should the dose ever need to be increased. MANY MANY of us have found ourselves caught in the trap of wanting to stop taking meds, for a host of reasons.
Avatar n tn Well, since tuesday i have been really feeling like **** (too many side effects to list unless you are wanting to know i can get back to you) But, i guess i need to get to the point -----one of the things you mentioned the burning sensations in the body i too have had as i am withdrawling from Lexapro so i think that that is from Lexapro leaving your system and not Wellbutrin--give it more of a chance as with any new at least a month or so--any other quest.
Avatar n tn Help! My close friend has been taking Lexapro for depression for quite some time. A few month ago, she started relating stories about her work environment that were at first funny and then disturbing. She claimed that her emails and phone calls were being "tapped" and that her computer would mysteriously go down. When we questioned her about who would be doing this, she explained that the management of the company didn't like her.
Avatar f tn If you're just starting a medication, did you start slowly working up the dosage or did your psychiatrist just start you on a high dose? Did they try to have you take it at a different time of day? Often on first dosing, a person will get more anxious, for example, before it starts to work. They can be very sedating at first, that's been my experience. Lexapro is known for causing nausea at first, so often it's suggested to be taken with meals.
Avatar n tn I, too, have gained a tremendous amount of weight and can't take it off. I am going off Lexapro now, taking 1/2 tablet every day for three weeks, followed by 1/2 tablet every day for two weeks. I am taking a very low dosage, but my weight gain is just awful -- 90 pounds in about 5 years, and it's going to keep going up, I'm afraid. I would like to hear some success stories and how they were achieved.
Avatar f tn My doc and pharmacist said there is anecdotal evidence that too low a dose of Lexapro causes your condition to be worse in some people. The drug is different for different folks, so don't worry about that, but acknowledge it is a possibility. I took it for 7 months with great results at 30. 20 was good, but wasn't quite enough.
Avatar n tn I have been on Lexapro 30 mg for about 3 months. All of a sudden in the last few days I have been experiencing the electrical shocks that I had when I weened from Effexor several years ago. I have been taking my regular dosage regularly and was told by my doctor that this particular antidepressant would not have the similar withdrawal effects...and, I'm not even trying to withdraw. My current psychiatrist is out of town and I don't know what I can do to help alleviate these symptoms.
Avatar f tn I'm taking Rivotril (clonazepam) on a regular basis--actually increasing the dosage steadily for the past week--but I want to start Lexapro (escitalopram) and try to reduce the clonazepam. I want to hear from those of you who have taken this antidepressant for anxiety disorder and sleep issues and see if it's a good choice.