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Avatar f tn I had been on Levoxyl for over 20 years and doing really well. Due to the recall I was forced onto Synthroid in July 2013. My body is not accepting it very well, I have lost 1/2 my hair and continue to have head aches. Is there any idea when Levoxyl will be back on the market?
1139187 tn?1355710247 Voluntary recall of LEVOXYL King Pharmaceuticals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Pfizer Inc, has initiated a voluntary recall of LEVOXYL (levothyroxine sodium), which is used to treat hypothyroidism and certain types of goiter. The company is taking this action after learning of complaints from pharmacists and patients of an uncharacteristic odor coming from LEVOXYL bottles.
Avatar n tn Hi, there is anyone else having to deal with this Levoxyl recall? I have had hypothyroidism for 18 years. Diagnosed with Hashimoto's 8 years ago. I was on levothyroxine 100 for many years and did great. Then something changed, Hashimoto's Dr.s said...Been on Levoxyl 75 for 4 years and have never felt good. Tried Armour, too much t3 for me, I swelled up on Sinthroid. I am ok on Levoxyl I guess but now they had to give me the generic because of the recall.
Avatar f tn What's your current dosage of levoxyl, and how long have you been on it? Levoxyl has had a recent recall; will you be going to a different med? Have you had adrenal tests done, to see if you have an issue? If so, which tests and if you have results, maybe you could post them.
Avatar m tn Can somebody who has been on levoxyl for a long time and had to switch to something else because of the recall and stop of production share their experience.? I tried Synthroid but it is not working for me at all: anxiety, palpitations, sleeplessness! I was fine on levoxyll! What other drug would be the closest to Levoxyl? Any experiences with Tirosint? What is the difference between Tirosint and all the other levothyroxine meds?
Avatar n tn I decided to make the switch back to Levoxyl when it came back on the market in early February. Synthroid made me feel so anxious and gave me other sides affects. So when it was available and I thought switching back I'd feel better than I do. I did just add the Cytomel in December and I think I can see that my headaches have been worse too. Previously taking Synthroid 75 - 5 days a week and 88 2 days a week. Also split a 5 mcg Cytomel in two doses taking 1/2 in AM and 1/2 at lunch. TSH 2.
Avatar n tn In short, I had thyroid cancer, followed by RAI and now on 150 Levoxyl. I initially wanted to be on Synthroid as it seems to be the standard and because for things I can't recall, I've heard that Levoxyl caused more issues... I have no idea anymore to be frank. In short, I am pretty certain that my doe is too high. Two doctors advised me that my dose should be 125 due to weight but I think due to such a high TSH per the hypo-hell phase, my dosage was exaggerated.
Avatar f tn I have been on 2 anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, mood stabilizer, levoxyl, arthritis med, medicine for sleep and I would like to get off most of them. I have been told that I am bi-polar but my psych Doc doesn't think I fit that diagnosis. I have been hypo since I was a teen and am now 59. My mom had Hasimoto and had her thyroid removed. Immune disease runs in the family. Even though I am on 150 mcg, my other gp doc wants to lower it to 125.
214901 tn?1227571155 I went to my doctor today and asked her for Amour Thyroid, I was unaware of this, but it is not available in Canada and the only way to get it is to go to the US and have a doctors there Rx it for me. Then I can have my percriptions mailed to me. However, she Rx'd me desccicated thyroid called "Thyroid", apparently it only lacks the iodine that amour has. Has anyone heard of or used it?
277535 tn?1218139798 Is it okay to take birth control with estrogen even though estrogen can compete with thyroid hormones? I am so confused about what to do and the doctors don't seem concerned with my hair loss. I also am wondering if the start of my hair loss is related to stopping the birth control with estrogen. Also, I have read that Levothyroxine (Synthroid) can actually cause hair loss, so what is another type of thyroid med that would be better? Thanks!!
Avatar n tn I am taking 163 of levoxyl and the md wants to lower it to 150 mcgs. I am really concerned about that as I feel good. I am sleeping ok and don't have any heart palpitations etc. Are there other factors to look at? I've really worked hard to exercise and keep my weight down and it's a struggle. I am so concerned about potential weight gain with a lower dose. What are your thoughts?
Avatar n tn I have read that nodules tend to be a symptom of hashis and at times will secrete hormones indescriminately caused fluctuations in hormone levels - I too went from hyper to hypo to hyper to hypo long before I ever knew it was auto-immune thyroid disease. I can recall the various periods in my life over the last five years when these swings were going on. I went to the doctors a lot.
Avatar f tn Here are my labs for 6 plus weeks on 25 of Levoxyl. TSH 2.07 (2.57-4.43) T3 free 2.55 (2.57-4.43) Free T4 1.19 (0.90-1.70) These labs were taken approximately 3 hours after meds. Thoughts? Thanks!
Avatar n tn I am a 50 year old female who was diagnosed with Tall Cell Papillary Thyroid Cancer in 2000. At that time my thyroid gland was completely removed along with neighboring lymph nodes. Two of my parathyroid glands were removed and the other two were presumed to be damaged. My surgery was followed by a RAI treatment. Since these procedures I have worked with several endo's who have tried to regulate my thyroid hormone replacement meds.
Avatar f tn As I recall you had more symptoms than just hair loss, and your Free T4 was borderline, your Free T3 was too low in the range, and your ferritin was way too low. Hypothyroidism and low ferritin are know causes for hair loss. Hypothyroidism also relates to being low in Vitamin D, B12 and ferritin. Meds to increase your Free T3 mainly, along with supplements to increase your ferritin (don't recall your D and B12 levels) are certainly in order.
Avatar f tn There are several brands of levothyroxine...Synthroid, Levoxyl., Tirosint, plus more whose names I don't recall at the moment. Also, you can go to a compounding pharmacy and have specialized preparations made up. All of these contain the exact same hormones. The only difference is the fillers which sometimes cause people problems. That's why it's often suggested to try a different brand.
727481 tn?1231207371 The correct levels for the thyroid hormones are whatever it takes to get you to the euthyroid state, by which I mean neither hypo nor hyper symptoms. What symptoms do you have currently? I recall you are on Armour. What has been your dosage amounts during this period of time?
393685 tn?1425816122 As a refresher for members and an invitation to ALL - How did you come to the thyroid board here at Med Help? Let us know what conditions you have and what you went through so far. Do you have a parathyroid disorder? Do you - or did you - have cancer and have had your thyroid removed? Are you autoimmune and struggling? So many - visit here and a thread like this is so important to know what's up.
Avatar n tn go back in may for 3 month pcr. my thyroid became hypo and level was almost 100. after tx doc put me on synthroid.it has been 2 months now. my problem is my hair falling out. it started in nov 04 which i expected from hep tx, but it is still falling out. i cut it short, dont dye. iam a hairdresser and use the best products. my thyroid is back to normal. should it still be falling out? i also lost all hair on underarms,legs, which i dont mind.
Avatar m tn I am a 44 y/o male who until the past two years had a fairly unremarkable medical history. In the July 2006 I underwent a thyroidectomy/parathryoidectomy. Cancer of the thyroid was diagnosed at the time of surgery. In Fall 2006 I underwent treatment for thyroid cancer that included the typical RAI. From late 2006 until approx. May 2007 I went through a period of having my thyroid medicine adjusted until the lab levels returned to a normal range.
Avatar f tn The reason is that these meds are more consistent than either a generic form of levothyroxine or a desiccated thyroid med like Armour Thyroid. From what I’ve come across, including here on this forum, Armour Thyroid does seem like a harder med to regulate. And it’s the ‘natural’ aspect that seems to be the biggest issue. I understand this is mostly due to the natural inclusion of T3 hormone - present regardless of whether or not needed and/or occurring in uncontrollable amounts.
168348 tn?1379360675 It is not all in your head. I think the lil thyroid is a big part of allot of big things in the body. I took Levoxyl anf it did nothing to me and I swapped for Synthroid it has me at 0.08 So that is a good thing but I am so full of anxiety it si tough that is part of the reason I got a divorce. We are back together though. Man alive.
Avatar n tn You could be over medicated, but those symptoms can also be present with anxiety AND I had them when I was really hypo, so without seeing actual blood test results, it's really impossible for us to say whether you're over medicated or not. You said "this was during the time about 4-5 months ago when the endo put me back on levoyl"... I assume that's Levoxyl? Why were you taken off Levoxyl? Were you on another thyroid med during the time you weren't on Levoxyl?
Avatar n tn My question is this? How long will a change in thyroid meds take to help if these symptoms are related to thyroid and should I consider a T3/T4 combination (I have been on it before in the past and sort of recall feeling more energetic). The Rheumotologist sort of said he thought I may have Fibromyalgia but the neurologist thought not and the Rheumotologist suggested I start taking Plaquinel but I am afraid of taking anything like that. Thanks for your input!
149081 tn?1242401432 It was recently discovered that I have narcolepsy on top of my thyroid issues, for those of you who don't recall my thyroid was removed due to multi-nodular goiter with hurthle cells. I was put on a medication called Provigil. Provigil is a central nervous system stimulant to help keep me from wanting to sleep so much - also I am currently on 150mcg. of levoxyl and 3 weeks ago all my thyroid levels came back normal.
168348 tn?1379360675 Would like to hear more about what others take and how they "like" or "dislike" it compared to Levoxyl. My endo had me on levoxyl because we tried levotyroxine (generic) for a year after my TT and my levels were up and down the whole time. (He says it's due to the various fillers used in the generic from the various makers). Which means I need to look at another type of med all together. (Armour, synthroid, etc,) Have an apt.
Avatar m tn He did know I was taking Levozyl 75mcg when it was taken off the market It was changed automatically from levozyl 75mcg to synthrroid 75mcg. So if Levoxyl 75mcg was replaced by Synthroid 75mcg which pushed my thyroid from under active to over active Levoxyl 75mcg had to be of very poor quality prior to the recall? I was taking Levozyl 75mcg when it was taken off the market It was changed automatically from levozyl 75mcg to synthrroid 75mcg.
Avatar n tn Mark, Sorry so long but FRUSTRATED Was dx'd w/ Subclinical Hashi's 3/04 and began 50mcg Levoxyl. Dose has gradually increased to 100mcg (now taking). Tried Cytomel once but DC'd dt becoming hyper. I'm 138lbs, 64.5" Med hx is + for: GERD, IBS, Asthma, Allergies, PSVT (corrected w/ablation), Sinusitis Chronic, Rosacea?
Avatar n tn So let's forget about that and worry about your actual thyroid hormone levels try to get you better... How long had you been on the 50 mcg Levoxyl and 25 mcg cytomel when those labs were done? Why did you decrease the cytomel from 25 mcg to 15 mcg? On the 25 mcg your FT3 was only 53% of its range. Rule of thumb is for FT3 to be upper half to upper third of its range. While you were in the upper half, you had a long way to go to get to the upper third.
1063764 tn?1272824664 Hi everyone. I am 61 yrs old. I took tirosint for 9 days and broke out with blister like rash over legs and arms plus candida yeast infection. I was on 112 mcg of levoxyl for 8 years after my thyroid was ablated with 30 mci (radioactive iodine). I have major spinal problems since 2001 failed surgery from a small herniation that should not have been untouched. I knew nothing about back surgery.