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Avatar n tn Hi, I just wanted to say that I've had similar problems. I've been on Levothyroxine 75 since February (started with 25 in november and increasing gradually), and it seriously feels like someone exchanged my body for that of a 70-year old in the last few months (I am 26). I've been waking up with pains in my hips/joints. Scariest is the muscle spasms and muscle aches which made even light excercise unbearable. Severe joint pain in my fingers and my feet hurt and cramp all the time.
Avatar m tn Mild= inflammation, headache nausea, IBS, acid reflux, sore joints, aches and pains, swollen face, sore swollen gums in mouth, vision issues, mentality or "fog" thinking, ringing in the ears, to mood changes, behavior and absence or worsening of your cycle. Severe = all of the above + Heart attack, stroke, coma and DEATH!
Avatar f tn Hello, I was diagnosed with thyroiditis and after going from hyperthyroidism to hypothyroidism I was put on 75mg of levothyroxine than my doctor said to only take half a dosage and now I've been off the medication for 6 days I was supposed to be done with treatment but ever since I stopped the medication I've been feeling dizzy again and exhausted my hair is falling out again my hands are shaking I have cold feet and nausea I told my doctor but he says I'm fine I was wondering could this be side
541196 tn?1293556536 Dostinex can cause GI disturbances. These are one of the most common side effects of this medication. However it usually causes constipation and not diahrrea along with nausea, abdominal pain and dyspepsia. http://www.drugs.com/pro/dostinex.html Levothyroxine is not known to cause GI disturbances. The red pieces in stool could be parts of undigested food. It seems to be a bout of colitis or severe diarrhea secondary to intestinal infection. Please consult a gastroenterologist.
Avatar f tn Tirosint contains only 4 ingredients - levothyroxine, gelatin, glycerin, and water. There is no know reaction to the levothyroxine itself. If anyone did have an actual allergy to the fillers they can have a compounding pharmacy make up medication with just the levothyroxine in it. That said, you can really suffer when starting medication. I found this out the hard way when I first started thyroxine.
Avatar n tn Can levothyroxine cause fatique, hair loss, rash on abd,chest and lt side of back abd pain,nausea,emotional swings,depression?( Thyroid levels were O.K.) I have not felt right since having a tt 2 mo ago. Since being placed on levoxl 5 days ago these symptoms have started to abate. Is it related?
Avatar m tn I had to offer you was my experience that says Propafenone didn't give me any unpleasant side-effects, in fact during that time, up through the end of 2007 I was still jogging 3 miles at about 10 minutes per mile, and in my early 60s. AFib, which I currently in, makes it impossible for me to engage in such vigorous activities.
Avatar n tn Has anyone experienced any bad side effects from the hcg shots? I am administering them myself and just want to know what to look out for.
Avatar f tn So I felt ok about switching to the generic. I had some undesirable side effects from Syn. It had me feeling so dopey and my eyes drooped. I looked sleepy all the time. I also felt nauseated half the time. I itched like crazy. But at least my feet didn't hurt! I have been on the generic a week and am no longer sleepy like I was and no nausea! My feet hurt more for 2 days but now at one week on the generic my feet are fine again. I am not having problems from the generic.
456333 tn?1206976813 Whats weird and awful about these side effects is they wear off completely every day after about 9 hrs or so. So if I take it at 7am I don't feel "normal" until around 4pm or so and then its like a fog lifts and I feel like myself. This all makes me think its not the levo itself which all the meds have but maybe its something in the fillers.....
Avatar n tn I recently had an Impanon removed after two years of side effects - excessive weight gain, depression, almost non-stop bleeding, no libido etc. When these symptoms didn't clear entirely after removal I was investigated further and am now being treated for Hashimotos. I'm slowly feeling much better. I'm wondering now if thyroid issues maybe the real reason some women have so many side effects from Implanon?
Avatar n tn As you know, I was started on Levothyroxine and only lasted 5 days due ot the horrible side effects (especially feeling drugged out). This weekend I switched to Snythroid and still had side awful effects though not as bad as on the Levothyroxine (no diarrhea on the Synthroid). -- I have VERY few symptoms from my hypo/hashi, so it feels like a cruel joke that I have to take meds that are making me feel 100 times worse than the thyroid condition!!!!
Avatar n tn Besides the drugged feeling, I would get a bad headache, warm burning skin (mostly across my face), mild nausea, and diarrhea. My MD switched me to Synthroid and all of the side effects stopped except the drugged feeling, that eventually stopped after 4 weeks on the Synthroid. Now I have no problem taking Synthroid, no more drugged feeling. I started on 25mcg and slowly increased the dosage to 50 mcg.
Avatar f tn I was given a prescription for pain pills and only took one 5mg vicodin after the procedure but was doing laundry and cleaning the house by the afternoon. I didn't have any side effects that I read about online. I now either don't have a period or will have one or two days where I have a couple spots on a pantyliner. But, it may or may not be for you since you have a different situation with the fibroids. I'd at least mention it to your Dr and see what his/her opinion is about it.
2055874 tn?1330534053 Hi, in addition to thyroid labs suggested, Zimovane can cause daytime drowsiness, fatigue, and other side effects. It's a cns depressant. Non quality sleep can cause fatigue, depression, Etc... on top of thyroid symptoms. Discuss with your phyisician. Make sure if you decide to stop using Zimovane, taper off the medication slowly. Wishing you well friend.
Avatar n tn since I started the Synthroid, I had a lot of side effects and I'm quite worried about them. They really do occur after I take my pill (0.05mg). I have nausea, huge back pain and my spine hurts, my left eye hurts, gets dry, blurry and area around this eye feels like huge pressure. My heartbeat feels faster. Have pressure around my heart, not palpitation but more like squeezing pressure. Cold chills in my spine while I sweat a lot. My left arm tends to get numb too.
Avatar m tn If Eltroxin was prescribed incorrectly, I see there are host of other problems/ side effects that can arise. Also is it wise to stop Levothyroxine suddenly ? There is conflicting information online. 5. What all tests you would recommend she should do now. I am asking for cholesterol, bone density measurement (not sure how it is done), Thyroid hormone values. Anything else ? 6. What does high CRP values in recent blood tests indicate ?
Avatar n tn My guess is that you are still hypothyroid and need a meds increase, but we won't know this without FT3 and FT4. Many side effects can be eliminated by switching from generic levothyroxine to a brand name (Synthroid, Levoxyl, etc.) or switching brands. Often the fillers in the different preparations cause side effects. Ask for labwork. You can post results here if you wish, and members will comment.
Avatar n tn (1)Is this normal medically, (2) how long should i expect these side effects to last, and (3) will taking Levoxyl ultimately reduce my drug-induced temporary high blood pressure in the long term, or will it raise it? Facts: Hashimoto's (TPO Ab = 220) that has resulted in hypothyroidism (TSH of 18.44)with hypo symptoms (fatigue, muscle aches, depression, weight gain, increased total cholesterol level).
Avatar f tn Hi I was wondering if anyone was switched to levothyroxine because of the shortage and had sucess with the transition. I was switched to levothyroxine 150 from being on Armour Thyroid 105 for about 2 years and had hyper symptoms and was was switched to levothyroxine 125 and still had hyper symptoms and labs. So the doctor decreased me to 100 and after 3 weeks was very tired, depressed, anxious and weak.
Avatar f tn I overlooked this as no sudden side effects and it seemed to help with my BP for years. BUT all can be fine and the long term use finally goes into Lupus symptoms. Been reading and my dr agreed. No formal testing done on me, but simple deleting it was the test. I have stopped it for only 1 week now and my energy level has skyrocketed and a lot of my knee pain ( I could hardly walk) has gone away.
Avatar n tn When we hear that people on ever-increasing doses with no improvement of hypo symptoms but increasing side effects, something else is usually going on, the most prevalent probably slow conversion. We are often poorly treated by Western medicine. However, with a little education, we can become our own advocates and get what we need. Lolly, could you call your doctor and ask for a prescription to be called in to a pharmacy near where you are now?
1139187 tn?1355710247 FLUSH in the face Feeling of getting a head cold Hard to get into a deep sleep Small headache that comes and goes Of course im hyper now, but compared to the way I felt before which I can only describe as near death, I feel much better. Has anyone else had these side effects after starting meds? Also can we drink wine?
Avatar f tn If you are receiving too much of this medication it can have serious side effects. Levothyroxine (synthroid) takes time to build up into your system which is why you may have felt okay on it initially. I would suggest that you contact a medical professional. Any chest pain is serious. I would urge you to go to Urgent Care and have your symptoms evaluated. Make sure you take ALL the medications and Vitamins you care currently taking with you.
Avatar m tn Nervousness and irritability,Palpitations and tachycardia,Which is an irregular heart beat and a extremely fast heartbeat,Heat intolerance or increased sweating,Tremor Weight loss ,Increase in appetite,Frequent bowel movements or diarrhea,Lower leg swelling,Sudden paralysis Shortness of breath with exertion,Decreased menstrual flow Impaired fertility,Sleep disturbances (including insomnia) Changes in vision, or double vision,, Exophthalmos, or forward protrusion of the eyeball, Fatigue and musc
Avatar n tn I was on Levothyroxine first and had horrible side effects (which included nausea, headache, diarrhea and warm/buring skin and a drugged feeling). I had to switch to Synthroid. I've done ok on it so far, but not much improvement yet. I started on 25mcg and just inceased the dose to 50 mcg, so I guess it's too soon. MD said it takes a few weeks at the "right dose" before you feel better. I've never tried Levoxyl, but each brand of the med has different fillers.
Avatar n tn Now my Doctor would like to put me on effexor, and I just don't know about taking an antideppressant when I'm not depressed, side effects seem so bad. My chiropractor has given me a naturopathy doctors card. He said that maybe I can start taking some vitamis that may help me. I am so tired of feeling this way I am willing to try it. I was having really bad chest pains last week, xray came back fine so that's why my family doc thinks it's panic attacks or anxiety.