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Avatar m tn I second Goolarra's advice (AND concern) without taking your Levothyroxine for this 10 day period of time. You would experience hypo symptoms within a 36hr period (at most) but keep in mind that the LESS optimal you "WERE" with your condition the WORSE you will feel with your symptoms coming back and you would experience them quicker if you were not optimal prior to stopping the med. Your question basically asks: What side affects should I experience?
Avatar n tn im pretty upset with the dr who says i may have a touch of the FLU!? i know my body and this really *****. my appetite has also increased, vision worsened, and occasional tremors. i need help!
Avatar f tn My TSH was very low so they increased the thyroid medication and blurred vision started and kept getting worse. As I said they reduced it back. Hopefully it will get better soon. Be sure you have a very good pharmacist as I do where he put the warning on the medication so I could report it to my doctor when I seen him about the blurred vision. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/263099'>FDA changes label/adverse effects of Synthroid</a>.
Avatar n tn it's possible that the jump has just been too much, too soon. I know that about a week after every dose increase i've had my headaches get worse for a while and that is after small jumps e.
Avatar f tn I went through chemo and radiation (to my neck and chest area) at the time and have been cancer free ever since. I had a baby in 2005. Shortly after giving birth, I had my annual checkup with my oncologist was found to have hypothyroidism and was prescribed levothyroxine. Ever since that day, my life has never been the same. I started out with and continue to have a "light-headed" feeling. I've had double vision at times. Nausea. Insomnia. Constant heart palpitations.
Avatar f tn l have been on levothyoxine for underactive thyroid for many years now, slowly increasing in dose. However, a year ago l went from 50mg to 75mg and suffered a bout of vertigo and dizziness. 6 months ago, l was then increased to 100mg and once again suffered extreme vertigo, raised BP and dizziness. Beta blockers have now reduced my BP to normal. Problem is l am extremely disoriented, stumble around, blurred vision, suffer anxiety attacks to mention just a few symptoms. ls my dose too high?
Avatar f tn Blood pressure out of control, rapid heart beats, double/blurred vision, tense heart beat pounding in the ears, shaking hands, nerviousness, rash/itchie back, dizzeness.
Avatar n tn Almost all the oddities began AFTER I started taking levothyroxine, and yet overall, it has seemed to me that I was deteriorating rapidly into unwellness anyway, and levothyroxine has been a good thing...but oh, the ups and downs have been something else again. AppleJacs, I am glad that you have a physician you trust, and I am glad that she has referred you to an endocrinologist.
Avatar f tn Hello all, I am new to this.I am taking Levothyroxine 0.05 for hypo tthyroid. Today makes 2 weeks I have been taking this medication. I feel my heart will beat out my chest. 4 months ago on my way to work i thought I was having a heart attack. After having a stress test and angiography was told I have a 50% blockage but no stint.Beta blockers made me sick as can be. Heart Dr. Won't put me on anything( I can't take much without getting sick) I am 50, weight 102 and 4-11.
Avatar m tn This last year everything went downhill, I could barely function outside my home, very confused, always tired, headaches, blurred vision, throat and tongue swelled up and much more. ER visit was of no help at all, TSH was at .24, I had lost my insurance so I had to figure this out on my own. I tried expermenting with a lower dose of Levo and that did help, but then went way hypo TSH went up to 177.300 and I had zero energy. I resumed taking 200mcg's of Levo and got insurance again. Please note.
599954 tn?1227497585 Any relation to this hyper and blurry vision.
Avatar n tn I am 38 years old and have been taking levothyroxine for about 6 years. Developed hypothyroidism after the birth of my last child at age 32. I was up to 175 mcg. About an hour after I was taking it I felt awful. Kind of lethargic, I have episodes when I feel like I'm going to faint, I feel mean and tired, I just really don't feel like myself. I quit taking it for 2 months just to see if the symptoms went away, and they did but I was totally exhausted and my TSH went from 3.5 to 38 (yikes).
Avatar f tn About 2 hours after taking it, she is extremely dizzy, and experiences foggy/blurry vision. We thought it was the Blood Pressure meds she also takes. Her doctors, including, ENT, opthalmologist, internist, general practitioner, and cardiologist have put her through CAT scan, MRI, ear crystal tests and balancing, plus numerous other tests, all with negative results. We are now thinking perhaps this dizziness( which makes her totally non-functional) is being caused by the thryoid med.
Avatar f tn My Gp said there is nothing wrong with my ear balance or blood pressure. Went to the ER and they did an Echo and ECG and all seem fine. Now they booked me for a Holter monitor. Other symptoms I have are, weight gain (without ever losing a pound with strict diet and exercise), hair loss, irritability, depression, constipation, elevated blood cholesterol level, can't seem to concentrate, brain fog etc. I also have Hashimoto's and PCOS and taking 25/50 Levo and Globifer Forte with Vitamin C.
Avatar m tn prior to the drop in meds I had bad tremor in my hands and sometimes feet felt like I was vibrating from the inside out ,my memory was minute to minute like an alzheimers patient, my fatigue was crushing, my body ached, I was dizzy, disoriented and felt outside myself, I lost the ability to write and spell and could not complete sentences without forgetting mid sentence or forgetting words, after they lowered the dosage the only thing that changed was the tremor subsided but comes and goes, the
Avatar f tn 3 days later back to the ER, thought I was having a heart attack,shortness of breath, burning red rash on chest and face,chest pain/pressure. Did an EKG, blood work, and chest x-rays, ev. was normal. Put me on a Holter Monitor for 24 hrs which said I have premature beats(pvc's)-told that can be normal in a person my age. (I'm 31yo female) Stopped taking thyroxine after 10 days bcuz I was feeling so bad.
Avatar f tn I was switched to levothyroxine 150 from being on Armour Thyroid 105 for about 2 years and had hyper symptoms and was was switched to levothyroxine 125 and still had hyper symptoms and labs. So the doctor decreased me to 100 and after 3 weeks was very tired, depressed, anxious and weak. Had blood work done that showed low tsh and high T4 (which the doctor said didnt make sense- maybe the lab was wrong about the T4 part).
Avatar f tn Since then I have had constant dizziness,vertigo,blurry vision and just not feeling as if im in my own body...oyes and falling asleep at my desk at work-fatigueness is so bad. Went to Dr like 10 times and he put my on betablockers for fast heart rate but made my bp drop too low...then he put me on anti depressant for anxiety. But I'm pretty sure it's my thyroid that's not right. And all he keeps saying is my thyroid lab test came back normal - when on 50mg levo...
696092 tn?1238620367 Also, daily headaches and deteriorating vision. I seem to develop more symptoms every week!! I had sestamibi and U/S scans last week where they found a nodule that I thought had gone, and a parathyroid lesion...which I haven't researched yet....and last night, I found another lump in my neck. Is this par for the course for a multinodular goitre? I see the Endo for the first time next week...so what questions, in your opinions, should I ask?
Avatar f tn After about 10 to 15 minutes of lying on the bed I slowly regained my loss vision and hearing. I went to the doctors two hours later and the found that my blood pressure was high, so they were concerned at first. They said that I am too young to have had a heart attack (25 yrs old) and they gave me a neurological exam, which came out fine. After this episode my body temperature rose to 100 degrees F. I had this low grade fever for the next 5 months and now my body temp is normal.
Avatar f tn old female, and extremely near-sighted. The only medication I take is Levothyroxine 100MCG daily and occasionally Advill. Is this something I should get checked out immediatly? Could it just be my mind playing tricks on me? Has anyone ever heard of something like this before? It really freaked me out because I even saw it with my eyes shut and as it moved from center to the left it grew/lengthened and made it hard to concentrate on what I was looking at.
Avatar f tn I have never really understood the whole thing with highs and lows and hypo and hyper. I have had my doseage upped a few times due to my T3 and T4 levels but over these last few years have still not felt normal for one day. I currently take levothyroxine 112mcg. Last week I ran out of my medicine without realizing that I was so low. I had to go like 3 days without taking my meds. The first 2 days of not taking anything I felt like a changed person.
Avatar f tn Use the search feature and archives and read about "ophthalmic migraines" and "eye migraines" and "TIAs". You do need to see an ophthalmologist and discuss with your MD. The most common cause by far is a eye migraine (which often don't have headache). If you are on estrogens for birth control or hormone replacement that can cause it. In rare cases the problem can be due to disease of the eye, brain, heart and blood vessels.
1129232 tn?1360803958 I was diagnosed about a month ago with Hashimoto's and have been on 50 mgs of levothyroxine. i don't feel any better and my vision and dizzy episodes seem to be getting worse. I was just back at the dr today and he said that the vision problems and dizziness are usually not a symptom of Hashimoto's. He suggested i might also have lupus and did blood testing for that as well as did more blood tests to re-check my TSH, FT4 and FT3 levels. i get my blood test results back in a week.
Avatar m tn wow 400 MCG is alot of levothyroxine. i have started taking medications for my thyroid and am on 176 MCG and i have been on it for a year now. They started me out at 50 MCG and have slowly increased my dose based on my TSH level. If you increase your medication to fast you can cause more problems than not being on medication. The doctor should check her TSH level every 6 weeks until lab values are within normal limits. I see an Endocrinology to manage my thyroid disease.
1392168 tn?1280078008 When I turned 18 my doctor also said I have an underactive thyroid and I have been taking Levothyroxine since. However they are still trying to work out the dosage. If anyone has the same symptoms or could help me, it would mean the world. Even as I sit here I have a pressure in my head, it feels heavey and like I should fall to the right.
Avatar n tn On Levothyroxine 125mcgs daily. Still had many symptoms, e.g. muscle fatigue/double vision/neurogenic bladder/severe constipation/exhaustion/total lack of appetite/myxoedema/drooping eyelids - on waking in the middle of the night and in the evening/buzzing like electricity through my legs and my back/numb right heel/numb toes on both feet (at different times.) Had MG tests which were negative. A few weeks ago my doc diagnosed me with subclinical Addison's and I'm waiting to see an Endo.
Avatar n tn 8 and was put on levothyroxine 25mcg. Shouldn't I start seeing some changes already? Thanks for all your HELP , suggestions and views.
Avatar f tn does anyone have symptoms of a headache or migraine that causes visual disturbances, cant concentrate, pressure of the temple, visual loss gets worse with anxiety, short term memory loss, cant focus, i take levothyroxine for my thyroid and one of the doctors said that because my levels are normal i might have migraines. i have had this problem since i was 16 and now that my levels are normal with levothyroxine i have worse headaches..