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Avatar n tn I had a reversejaculation my urine consisted of blood and a lot of small pieces of body tissue. The body tissue pieces had no blood on them.About 45 days ago I had a reversejaculation and I was using Levitra, Afterwards I had a lot more bleeding but not body tissue isssues.I've had my urethra operated on twice,four biopsies,and had a fair size piece of my right lobe removed for a biopsy.No cancer was found.All these proceduses and surgeries were from 2 to 12 years ago..
Avatar f tn It is that way with my Rheumatologist, he has person on staff that knows all the tricks on how to get the drug I need at the lowest possible price. Please keep us updated.
Avatar f tn I would have thought the doctor would have then dug deeper to find the physical cause to then treat that but instead just gave him a sample of Levitra to use if he wanted to have sex. The Levitra did help, but not all that much...the erection was soft and still failed shortly after attaining and there was of course no climax or ejaculation for him. He also had quite a headache the next day and at $14 a dose doesn't seem to be a good solution.
Avatar m tn Ok so ive had quite the experience dealing with doctors while i was in the military. I wont go over my history so much but the top three things that shown up first were these. Chronic Lyme "old" T7 vertebrae compression fracture L5 - S1 bulging disk Now this may be a Urology question but it also may be Neurology is why I am asking here. I was diagnosed having Erectile Dysfunction.
Avatar f tn I found that my husband has been buying levitra for sexual dysfunction (pyronise's). He insists he uses it for masterbation and that it helps with the plague of the pyronise . We do not have sex.
Avatar m tn went to see a urologist saturday 19th sept after talking to him he told me that i may need to take a procedure called a penile doppler but in the mean time he prescribed levitra i would like to no if its safe and is there did it worked for you or anybody you know
Avatar m tn What are the best on-line places to buy Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra? Best in terms of quality of product, price, and customer service. I have discussed this with my doctor and have a prescription, but am thinking I can maybe get a better deal on-line.
Avatar n tn I have been prescribed Levitra and viagra for the past ten years and they have worked well. I was talking mainly 20mg Levitra. A few months ago this only resulted in a less than satisfactory "half erection" and that has been the case since. However I have been woken during the night with a good erection so the "plumbing must still be working.
Avatar m tn //www.levitrabliss.com, there I got about “Levitra “, but I just want to get your suggestion regarding this issue that Levitra is a good medicine for ED cure or not.
163305 tn?1333668571 The Rome-based Food and Agriculture Organization said in its monthly price report that its overall food price index climbed 6 percentage points in July, although it was well below the peak reached in February 2011. The FAO's index, considered a global benchmark used to track market volatility and price trends, measures the monthly price changes for a basket of food items including cereals, oils and fats, meat, dairy products and sugar. Severe drought punishing the U.S.
5376794 tn?1392702322 But I usually take the price for the package and divide it by the number of diapers in the pack to find the lowest cost per diaper. Ex: $29.99 / 140 = .21 or 21 cents a diaper. I've found target to be the most expensive per diaper even with their sales and promos as well as Kmart. Babiesrus surprisingly had some of the lowest as well as Walmart.
Avatar m tn I’ve gone through a few articles mentioning that diabetics with ED can use Generic Levitra (vardenafil). Is that true? If so, I’d like to know who has used Generic Levitra having ED and diabetes and is it safe.
441381 tn?1208595760 I would like to try Calorad AM and PM together but they are pretty expensive (lowest internet price for combination looks to be about $88). Thanks!
Avatar m tn hi i'm 50 years old and dabetic so i'm taking levitra for erctil disfunction for five years but i'm notice my penis sudely become shorter and curve and with a litte pain at the end of the intercourse do i have demage my penis
Avatar m tn So this week I went to an adult cinema. I took a Levitra to help me along. Do you think anything would happen, as limp as anything. Yet when I got home got erection again. I am sick of not being able to be with anyone, seems I can only get erection with porn.
Avatar f tn Hi, 3 weeks ago I used a 5mg levitra sample for performance anxiety, that morning I woke up with a very hard erection, but ever since then my penis when flaccid is very hard to the touch, I have lost spontaneous erections and morning erections. Have I caused permanent damage? Will it become soft again? I was worried I had priapism whilst sleeping with levitra in my system but am unsure. Do you know why my penis feels hard in the flaccid state??
Avatar n tn I haven't taken any of the meds you're on, but I did have ED problems when I took Zoloft. It was either the Zoloft or the Atenolol for blood pressure. At any rate they gave me Levitra and I haven't been troubled by it since. I noticed the problem almost as soon as they started me on Zoloft. I'm not on Zoloft anymore but it isn't because of the ED. The levitra worked well for me.
Avatar m tn I'll try to keep this brief, but want to include some medical and overall life details. I'm 41, been divorced for just over five years, and met a lady a little over two months ago, and we've fallen in love quickly. I'm not used to falling fast, but I don't regret it. We decided we wanted to be intimate last night, but it didn't work too well. It's been about a year and a half since my last sexual experience.
Avatar m tn i think the lowest price was something like 50-100usd per month, in some asian countries gilead cut the price to 7USD per month to compete with generics, this was a press announcment and dont know if they ever cut to 7usd
178590 tn?1294176767 Ok I found a used medela double pump for $140 is that a good price and is it sanitary to buy a used one? She said all the parts that touch the milk are replaceable for cheap....
Avatar n tn Hello I have Type ll Diabetes and I have ED when I am able to get an erection is not enough to perform intercourse I also feel that I do not have as much desire I tried Levitra before all I got is an amazing headache is there something else I can try?
Avatar m tn Try masturbating less frequent and next time with your wife take some pills (take small dose- viagra, levitra, cialis...) and use it couple times to regain yours self-confidence. You'll see everything will be ok! Don't worry so much and good luck!
Avatar f tn there are generics in many asian countries for entecavir which are about 50 to 100usd per month tenofovir is both cheaper and more potent, there is a post in the community and the lowest price of tdf genrric is 17usd per month to about 100usd per month
Avatar m tn I did painkillers every single day for a strait year. On the lowest end, I did 45 mg daily. On the high end, o did 180mg daily. 30 mg got me high at a time, but icould sustain myself with just a piece of that. I decided last week I needed to stop. I was getting too far in and I was broke with a family. This Sunday started the end. Sunday I did 60mg. Monday I did my last 15 mg in the morning, around 9 am. Around 4 I started getting chills and took a tiny price of suboxone. (less than 1.5 mg).