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Avatar m tn went to see a urologist saturday 19th sept after talking to him he told me that i may need to take a procedure called a penile doppler but in the mean time he prescribed levitra i would like to no if its safe and is there did it worked for you or anybody you know
1360458 tn?1277550925 Erection dysfunction pills are designed both for those who suffer from agenesis from time to time, and those who have problems of disorders in the intimate sphere regularly. One can take these drugs arbitrarily long; they do not cause physiological addiction. Adverse effects of their admission are few, but those who decided to buy generic Viagra for the first time should necessarily read about them.
Avatar f tn After reading these pages for a long time about my ED problem, I finally found something to help me. Viagra did nothing for me, herbs were a joke, and the pump just gave me broken blood vessels and a weak erection that would not last more than a mintue.
936016 tn?1332769204 Like Viagra and Levitra, Cialis is a pill used to treat erectile dysfunction but it is effective for a longer period of time, up to 36 hours, earning it the nickname ‘the weekend pill’. Like the others it is prescribed on an ‘as needed’ basis but is also the only of the three that can be prescribed to be taken regularly; often men will take low doses of the pill on a daily basis. It should be taken at least 30 minutes before sexual activity.
740456 tn?1260453409 I dont know if Viagra or Levitra are cheaper. I have Cialis and they are expensive.... 1. I cut them in half. Perhaps you can get a higher prescription which probably isnt double in price, then cut them. 2. Can you get your Dr. to give you some "samples"? My Dr. gave me two packs of 8 which I also cut in half ;) I'm such a cheap *******! Good luck.
Avatar m tn All three PDE-5 inhibitors (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra) are very effective but everyone is different and reactions vary greatly. I suggest you try all three and see which one works best for you. You should always consult your doctor first, though. Have you seen a urologist already? Did you do any tests to determine if there's some underlying organic cause that you're not aware of? Maybe you should seek a second opinion. Good luck!
Avatar n tn I dont masturbate often, but when i wake up early (6 am) then about 60% of the time i wake up rock hard and it takes a while to go down even though im not remotely aroused!, thats wether i have taken cialis or not. Its when i come to perform with my partner that ive had problems in the past (about fifty percent of the time) Anyone got any idea whats going on? Thanks.
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Avatar m tn some times i canno't even get an errection and when i do it only last a short time then goes away this is very aggervating to say the least.i have been marrid since i was 18 ... for 16 years to the same women.i have low energy,and some fatigue,what should i do and what meds would work if any?
Avatar m tn I work out around 4 time a week, I'm trim, I'm a long-time vegetarian and already eat many of the foods considered good for sexual health (fruits, vegetables, grains, fish oils, vitamin c, etc). The only negative health factor I can think of is that I have been a moderate smoker for ten years, although I quit recently when the problem became impossible to ignore. I recently went to a doctor and he prescribed levitra.
Avatar f tn Prior to that there was no problem in getting and maintaining an erection, however in the last year he has had a hard time getting to climax and ejaculation and often the quantity of the semen was low. Since the discovery of the lump, he started having trouble getting an erection. It would take a lot of stimulation just to get even a soft erection which would quickly fail within a minute or two.
Avatar n tn 1) How long should it take for symptoms from medication to wear off? 2) How effective is Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra in treating these problems? 3) Can a varicoscele cause ED problems and in what way? 4) How much time do I have to get treated? I'm concerned about being able to recover. The Viagra studies show that the average age is around 57 and the average duration of impotence was about 5 years with a range from 0 to 10 years.
Avatar n tn so this might be just the kind of situation that will profit from Viagra, Cealis, or Levitra. These drugs can really be fabulously effective-- the only thing is you need a doctor to prescribe them ( DO NOT GET THEM OVER THE INTERNET) so that you can be sure that he is a good candidate for them ( ie will not have a bad reaction to the drug because of other medications he is taking or because of heart issues, etc).
Avatar m tn If this is in fact a case of psychological ED, there are several solutions available. PDE-5 inhibitors are very effective, even in cases of psychogenic ED. Viagra, Cialis and Levitra can improve your erections and make you more confident. Don't expect any miracles, though. Everyone is different and results vary greatly (this why you should try all three drugs to see which one works best for you).
Avatar n tn a) Always take these drugs on an empty stomach b) There are studies that show that vitamin E can increase the efficacy of these drugs c) PDE-5 inhibitors are very effective but they only act locally and don't increase libido; if you're feeling depressed, anxious, etc. Viagra probably won't work.
Avatar m tn Earlier there was not any specific treatment of this disease but now with the change of time erectile dysfunction problem is become curable as there are various medication are produced to treat this problem. Generic Viagra, Levitra, Kamagra, Penegra etc. are some popular oral medications that are equally effective as brand viagra medication. Health expert suggest to use any of these generic medications because these drugs are safe to use and do not create any side effect on your health.
Avatar n tn usually takes 36 to 48 hrs for a dosage change to be effective as the body only absorbs it so much at a time, this is why most anti dep. and the like take up to 2 mos to be totally effctive.give it a chance my friend.....any signs of probs, call the doc asap.
Avatar m tn The problem with this, though, is that you need to know you're going to have sex within a 36-hour time frame of popping the pill, and it's difficult to know this without talking to your partner about it, which is difficult to do unless you are already having sex. But in your case, since you're in a relationship already, this might be a practicable solution. Good luck!
Avatar n tn at first the problems were minor, but scared me nontheless since I was having the problem so young. First time going to the doctor the doctor believed I had depression/anxiety, so he prescribed welbutrin which clearly didn't help ANYTHING. Afterwards he prescribed Viagra which worked great for years, I never had to take many becuase I was able to function alot without it but only sometimes had a hard time getting going.
Avatar n tn Same situation with my most recent girlfriend. However, I am now in a new relationship and have been using Viagra, Levitra or Cialis every time I see my girlfriend (almost everyday and have been with her a little over two months).
Avatar m tn im a little concerned because i never have really good ones anymore and it makes me anxious to be with girls and stuff, i had success with viagra but prescription ran out and am embarrased of trying to get new one, tried the over the counter stuff at 711 one time worked great, im just not sure what to do, i guess im able to get erections but not strong ones, they kinda go down too i cant be having sex for like a hr or something anymore, i stopped smoking after 7 years, but its only been like 2
Avatar m tn If this is indeed a case of psychogenic ED, there are solutions available. PDE-5 inhibitors (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra) are very effective and can make you more confident but they're not exactly anxiety drugs. There's another ED drug that could be useful: Vigamed (oral phentolamine). Vigamed blocks the effects of stress hormones (adrenaline is an erection killer, this is why anxiety and erections don't go hand in hand) and promotes blood flow to the penis via the sympathetic system.
Avatar n tn PDE-5 inhibitors (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra) are effective and safe but you should take them under the supervision of a doctor. Moreover, they're not wonder drugs and have some limitations. They're not a cure, they only act locally and don't treat anxiety. PDE-5 inhibitors are not the only solution. There's a new ED drug called VIGAMED (oral phentolamine) that is also very effective.
Avatar m tn The whole process from discomfort, frequent urination and eventually escalated to unbearable shooting pain takes about 4-5 days. The first time I was prescribed doxycyclean for 10 days. The second prescription was for 2 weeks, and third time for 4 weeks. I changed urologists and they have prescribed Cipro, and Bactrim, but I had allergic reaction to both. I have even taken Doxycyclean up to two months and after few months it also came back the same way.
Avatar m tn ED is an extremely common medical problem and even if this is purely psychological, a urologist will be able to help you and prescribe you the right treatment. PDE-5 inhibitors (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra) are very effective but they are not the only solution, there are other treatments available today. My story is very similar to yours. I also suffered from coital anxiety for many years until I decided to go see a urologist. It changed my life, it really did.
Avatar n tn I, on the other hand, have not been experiencing fully hard nighttime erections for some time now. Either I will wake up and it'll be about 50% hard or not hard at all. I've even noticed that when having sex with my girlfriend, I really have to focus all of my energy on just keeping my guy up to stay hard enough for penetration.
Avatar n tn My problem was that during the course of time on medication.My intercourse with my girlfriend would last for about 30 mins and still being errected for more. Anyway I started to feel 100% better, then the weaning process began, after I completely stop using the Celexa, 2 months after, I notice I become the "minute man" in bed and once I get an errection, It would last about 5 mins the most.
Avatar n tn Up until the age of 21, I feel I was fine. I dated different women during that time, but the relationships didn't go that far (but they were oral). When my gfriend at the time performed oral on me, I was totally fine with no problems. The first time I attempted sex, I was 21 and with a girlfriend (who I wasn't fully attracted to). It failed on me, but I brushed it off as me not being really attracted to her.
Avatar m tn Thanks for your question. Vardenafil (Levitra) is a PDE-5 Inhibitor oral medication which can be an alternative; however, sildenafil (Viagra), vardenafil, and tadalafil (cialis) appear to be equally effective[1-7]. You can also go for other alternatives such as : Intrapenile injection therapy with alprostadil delivers the drug via an injection directly into the penis. It takes about 10 minutes to work and lasts for about 30 minutes.