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Avatar n tn I want to know where, TESTS FOR ANTI CONVULSANT LEVELS IN SERUM FOR OXCARBAZEPINE AND LEVETIRACETAM are done in india. It's quite urgent. Please let us know asap.
Avatar n tn The effects are much more reduced if the infant is more than 2 months old. If levetiracetam is needed by the mother, it should not be a reason to discontinue breastfeeding. The infant may need monitoring for drowsiness, adequate weight gain, and developmental milestones. Maternal serum drug concentration levels may be monitored. Discuss these possibilities with your doctor. Take care and regards!
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1156914 tn?1300575229 I would also start taken Vitamin B6 and B12 also Omega 3-6-9 these are very good for the brain. The Doctors should also check your Thyroid levels and sugar levels and run blood test at leat 4 times a year to make sure they medicine levels are where they should be and they should also keep and eye on your Liver levels. Start keeping track how many times these happen and what you where doing and eating.
Avatar f tn My main concern here is...does leviteracetam lower the immunity levels of children and does it cause repeated infections as a side effect? And can you throw some light on the possible causes of continuing episodes of seizures despite giving medications for the same?
Avatar f tn i have benign essential tremor and myoclonic jerk I take propananol levetiracetam and simvastatin for cholesterol,i have read that levetiracetam can cause viruses and consequently chills at times sometimes feel feverish but with body temp at 97.
Avatar f tn I feel at such a loss in trying to help my Mother. I've gone back to Neurologist and am awaiting his advise, but he doesn't appear to be emphathetic to this issue. Her GP defers to the neurologist. My 81 yr old Mother in middle to late stage Alzheimer's. She is not on any anti-anxiety med except for Paxil which was prescribed about a month ago. She gets aggitated during the day at times and especially sundowners time.
Avatar f tn -She has been prescribed with Levetiracetam, Magnesium Valproate and Topiramate but after using them for more than one year no change has been found in the seizures timing. - Right now she is being treated with Clonazepam and Citalopram, she has being using them for around one year with no change in seizures timing but with a better quality of life. -We have studies from 2006 -2014 (EEG and IRM) and we would be glad to share them with other people and doctors to help with diagnosis.
Avatar n tn Hi, I sincerely feel that the symptoms which you’ve described are suggestive of partial seizures and levetiracetam(torleva) is the right drug for the same but I feel that you may not be getting adequate dosage of the same and hence there’s incomplete cure of the symptoms. I think you should discuss with your neurologist regarding increasing the dosage of Torleva which may result in an improvement of your symptoms.
Avatar n tn Lethargy is still an issue, but he manages to get up at 9 now instead of 12-2pm. Sodium levels are low (have been for a long time), so on fluid restrictions to balance them. He is being weaned off his old epilepsy meds (Tegretol) replaced with Keppra. (This may address the sodium problem I believe) The dose will eventually be reduced after weaning. He has just started experiencing, the last 2 evenings, around 8.30 ish, a numb tongue.
1156914 tn?1300575229 (where you flip your one hand on top of the other) For some reason I could do it alot better with my left hand than my right even though I'm right handed. She had the lab results that they ran the previous day and my Epilim levels were just within the normal range. It made her think that it wasn't really valproate toxicity but rather toxic encephalopathy.
966938 tn?1371107629 Say around 2 yrs back after I stopped lactating, I started on alcohol just for company and fun, so it used to be like half beer or so weekly or at times vodka or rum say once a month or 2 socially and very rare like once or twice an year I got high when on some vacation with husband....but was always in my senses, no puking...just enjoying levels.
Avatar n tn my most recent seizure was may 31st i sneezed my abdomin hurt then i felt the tingley buzzy feeling and passed out i woke up shortly to find i had falled off my bed onto tile floor lucky my knees were only a little bruised but as normal i was extremly tired. one dr said my blood oxygen levels could be low and to increase my salt intake but tuesday after my seizure the only thing not normal was my heart rate was up a little bit.
Avatar m tn blood work showed her levels were to high.my concern is are other vets starting y'all on too high of a dosage.because those side effects indicate too much is in their system.like I said it took 3 years for her to get those effects and it was because her high levels.her effects are no control of her rear legs.sleeps all the time,and no motivation.hope this helps someone.