Levetiracetam for migraines

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Avatar f tn The first time Brittany had the laser surgery, Cody threw up when we got to go see her when she was coming out of anesthesia. We were not prepared for what she was going to look like. So, I am waiting to hear from the dermatologist, she was going to contact the other dermatologist. Then I will make an appt with her. This dermatologist is at St Louis Childrens Hospital, in the city. I hate going to the city. (I'm just lazy and don't like all that drive time).
Avatar f tn I'm 39 yr old female. Recently had 1st tonic-clonic seizure. I have had migraines for years w/previous "clear" MRI done. MRI Summary of findings after seizure: "Cluster of small left choroidal fissure cysts which demonstrate slight mass effect with flattening of the superior margin of the hippocampal body. Suggestion of small amount of gliosis of the superiorly adjacent parenchyma.
Avatar f tn i have benign essential tremor and myoclonic jerk I take propananol levetiracetam and simvastatin for cholesterol,i have read that levetiracetam can cause viruses and consequently chills at times sometimes feel feverish but with body temp at 97.
Avatar n tn A couple of days later I had a minor cold. I had drippy nose and I coughed a lot. I coughed for several days and took medicine for the cold. One day I took medicine and went to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling nauseated and coughed a lot. I threw up so much that I threw up blood. I was scared and my stomach hurt a lot. I went to the Dr. and I told him what happened and he sent me to have a test done over my stomach. I went back with my Dr.
Avatar n tn I am a 28-yr old Caucasian female. I have had sinus infections in the past and migraines for over 20 years but I have been free & clear of them for many months (knock on wood) and have no other symptoms whatsoever. I started on a low dose of zoloft about a month ago (postpartum depression) but am not on any other medications.
Avatar n tn Then I started convulsing and a few minutes later when I woke up my pupils were fully dilated and I had urinated. I was not awake for any of this, for this is just my husband telling me what happened. Nor was I awake at the doctor's office, for he described the same exact thing but of course, I was unaware of what happened after the dizziness. Because I had never had one without pain causing it, I went to the ER.