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Avatar f tn It is supposed to maintain your blood sugar stable if you do not eat. Levemir is typically dosed twice a day (morning and evening). Lantus, a different long acting insulin, is typically dosed once a day. There is also a new extra long acting insulin called Tresiba, which is also dosed once a day. Many people with diabetes also need a fast acting insulin, which will be taken before eating, with the dose based on how much carbs you are eating.
Avatar n tn You wife needs both the long acting insulin (Levemir) to be taken twice a day, and she will also need a fast acting insulin (such as novalog, Humalog or aphidra) to be taken just before eating so that it can 'cover' the food she eats (and with dose adjusted based on how much carbs and protein she eats).
1353681 tn?1387083733 Hi, I have not used lantus, but I do use levemir. Both are medium acting basal insulins. Levemir works best injected twice a day. I inject just before going to bed (22 units), and when I wake up in the morning (8 units). As you can see, I don't use the same dose morning and evening, as I find I need more basal insulin at night when I am inactive, than during the day when I am active. You will need to adjust your dosage based on your target blood sugar levels.
Avatar n tn At low doses it works especially well as a split dose. Levemir can be used instead, and is more commonly written as twice daily. But at the doses you are taking there is likely no real benefit of one over the other. Glad to hear your BS have evened out a bit. It is tough when you are watching those carbs and trying to spread them out, but I am sure you are quite good at it given this is a major basis of CF care(I had alot of experience with CF diabetes during my training in the Bay area).
Avatar n tn I also noticed with Lantus I get hungary allot but I do not give into the temptation of eating and I only eat twice a day but a heck of lot less then I had in the past. Will levemiere insulin get rid of that hungar pain and can I just use it like I use the lantus by taking 36 Units at night???.
Avatar m tn Compared to insulins like Levemir (Insulin Detemir), which have a fairly flat profile for their duration of action. Though many people find they are better dosed every twice a day rather than every 24 hours as the manufacturer would like people to believe. I take Levermir and rarely if ever go low (even if I don't eat - my basal is pretty well tuned and my target is 70-90 for background levels).... much easier than Humalin-R.
Avatar n tn How many times a day including snack? How much protein you eat every day? It would be better for me, if I could eat every three hours maintaining uniform BG. Please suggest me a meal planning. Do you have any idea about tyramine rich food?
Avatar f tn the levemir is a long acting insulin so it will be in her system for 24 hours. what is here normal does of Levemir? when and how often dose she take levemir? She will have to check her BG more often and watch out for Hypos (low BG). make sure she always has her test kit and a fast acting carb (IE reg sugar soda, orange juice, glucose tabs...) to raise BG with her.
Avatar n tn Hello, babydoll! I'm not a medical professional, just the parent of a kid with diabetes. Different insulins have different peaks, they take different amounts of time to take effect, and they wear off at different rates. I suspect that is what you're seeing. Apidra takes effect in 10 - 15 minutes, peaks in 30 - 60 minutes, and is gone within 4 hours. Levemir takes effect in 3 - 6 hours, peaks in 6 - 15 hours, and is gone within 18 - 24 hours.
Avatar n tn m on novolog and levemir (levemir is just at bedtime).
Avatar n tn However, others have not corroborated these findings, and a few have even reported a negative effect on glucose tolerance and blood levels. MANAGEMENT: Until further data are available, therapy with pharmacologic dosages of chromium should be administered cautiously in patients receiving insulin and/or oral antidiabetic agents due to the potential for additive risk of hypoglycemia. Patients should be monitored for changes in diabetic medication requirements. http://www.drugs.
Avatar n tn If you really cannot tolerate it, you may ask your Dr about alternative long acting insulins such as Levemir (injected twice a day) and Tresiba (injected once a day), which may be alternatives to Lantus.
20693191 tn?1503884408 I take Lantus but I have to take it twice a day it wont last all day for me. I don't know your health info but I do know that 48 units is an extremely high dosage. I take 22 in the am and 22 at night but that's becuase it doesn't last but 12 hours in me. I tried to take Levemir and that one would barely hold me over for 8 hours. Its sometimes has to be a try and see phase.
Avatar n tn Hi...I have never heard of that med, but in research see it is used for reflux and gerd jut like the meds I am aware of. The dr will RX meds for the mgs and dosage ( times per day) per ur symptoms and how much healing u need.....I am on a gerd med and take it twice a day..... If u also modify ur diet and lifestyle u may heal a bit faster and be able to cut back on teh dosage faster.
Avatar f tn t giving him any the lantus people wants me on toujeo cause their patent was coming up so they stopped sampling it!!!! He offered me a levemir sample he said it had less weight gain than lantus and was the same., plus the levemir company still samples, I have been on this stuff for three weeks, I don't feel sluggish after taking it, I feel great, and the pen is nice!
1134609 tn?1269272200 Does the regular Seroquel have to be taken twice a day? I take my morning dose and cannot stay awake; it's getting frustrating. If have I have to take it twice a day, does the drowsiness in the morning wear off after awhile?
Avatar n tn I took metformin 500mg twice a day, then 1000mg twice a day, then added glipizide 5mg twice a day, then glipizide 10mg twice a day, now have added Levemir injectable at night. This all occurred since 2003.
Avatar n tn I tried to decrease my lantus intake from 28u to 21u, but the nighttime drop didnt decrase or disappaer, insated i started to have very high readings during daytime. I also tried to take lantus twice a day, but that didnt make any difference either. I am wondering whether this is some hormone related issue ,or whether I have developed some resistance vs humalog so it doesnt work well (and the lantus is too much).
Avatar m tn I wondered because they only ever had me take the antipsychotics I've taken once a day and I always heard everyone else talk about taking them twice a day. I'm only awake 12 hours or less a day and the current one I'm on has a half life of 3 days so I guess it's kind of pointless for me to take it twice a day.
Avatar n tn - B2 @ 400mg a day (it has to be 400mg a day. you don't need anymore than that though) - Magnesium @ 400mg a day (you can take less if it upsets your stomach.. but try to work up to 400mg a day) If the progesterin isn't helping after another month or two... you could try estrogen during the week of your mensuration... it has Really improved my migraine situation I think. I use a gel form that people usually use during menopause but...
Avatar f tn Call your local pharmacy and schedule a consultation with the Pharmacist. Also, ask your doctor for a referral to an Endocrinologist, a diabetes specialist, as your current doctor appears to be playing you as a guinea pig; try this and if it doesn't work we'll try something until we find something that works, maybe.
Avatar n tn For example, I eat about 30 g of carbs per day. My basal is about 20 units of Levemir. My bolus is very little and i use 0 - 5 units per day on most days.