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Avatar f tn I see the confusion If I understand you, you think Levemir is used for carbohydrates. Levemir is a basle insulin, meaning it works for 24 hours. Like a background insulin. the amount of Levemir taken has nothing to do with the amount of carbohydrates (carbs) you eat. That type of insulin is called a bolis insulin, like Apedra, Novalog... that insulin is taken according to how many carbs are eating and YOUR particular carb to insulin ratio.
Avatar n tn The Levemir is NOT on a sliding scale. It is a given does once a day Or twice a day. 12 hours apart. is his 224 after eating or first thing in the morning before food or drink?
Avatar n tn m on novolog and levemir (levemir is just at bedtime).
Avatar n tn When you eat, you need the fast acting insulin like Novolog to act quickly to cover the meal. For some, Lantus and Levemir act the same. For me, Levemir seemed to work better in that it provided more consistency to my blood sugar levels. I like Levemir. I have switched to 2 shots per day (morning and night) instead of just taking the 1 shot at night, because the 1 shot at night may not cover the 24 hours.
Avatar n tn I have recently changed to new insulin. I am now taking Levemir in the morning and at night taking Apidra. Since I have changed to this insulin my blood sugar is going upby alot. I was at 176 this morning and within a few hours it was at 296. This has never happened before and I have not changed anything in my eating. Why is it going up so much and how can I make this stop?
Avatar n tn It was working well for a year. Then blood was becoming high, Doctor gave me LEVEMIR. If I take 10 units of humalog, after two hours sugar drops 4 points, I think this is the right dose for humalog for what I eat. I eat 60 gram Carb every meal. But 3 hours, sugar tries to go low, but insead, it bounces back and proceede to values and I start to feel hypo, though I never see sugar 9. It is not hypo value, why sugar bounces up, why feel shaky, fear etc. I use LEVIMIR as base insulin.
1353681 tn?1387083733 Hi, I have not used lantus, but I do use levemir. Both are medium acting basal insulins. Levemir works best injected twice a day. I inject just before going to bed (22 units), and when I wake up in the morning (8 units). As you can see, I don't use the same dose morning and evening, as I find I need more basal insulin at night when I am inactive, than during the day when I am active. You will need to adjust your dosage based on your target blood sugar levels.
Avatar f tn t giving him any the lantus people wants me on toujeo cause their patent was coming up so they stopped sampling it!!!! He offered me a levemir sample he said it had less weight gain than lantus and was the same., plus the levemir company still samples, I have been on this stuff for three weeks, I don't feel sluggish after taking it, I feel great, and the pen is nice!
Avatar f tn I am an insulin dependant diabetic. I was out of Levemir for several days and I tried to control with Novolog. Wednesday and Thursday I was running over 600. Yesterday I got my Levemir and started taking it right away. It took most of the day to get down to 350. I was feeling real sick all day. Sleepy, dizzy, nauseous. muscle weakness. I slept from 6:00 pm until 10:00 am. My numbers were up to 500 again. I got them back to 300 by 3:00 pm, but have continued to feel just as sick.
Avatar n tn I have type 2 diabetes (2 yrs). My A1C is 7.6 I am presently using Levemir Flex Pen (22) before bed. I take synthroid for hypothyrodism (10 yrs) and recently started taking crestor for high cholesterol (which is now within normal range) I 58, female and over-weight. Question: I want to start taking 200 mcg of chromium picolinate to help with my diabetes. Is this safe to take with the medications I am currently taking? Also, when is the best time to take it.
304573 tn?1345577338 Has anyone heard if and when Teleprevir will Launch in the US? I am from Canada...............Was UND at the end of my treatment and Post TX...... have relapsed..........now have to wait for the new Meds in Canada to be approved.........I have a specialist that I will call............interesting..and cannot seem to get any straight answers about anything Thanks all!
Avatar n tn It was working so well for me previously. I went to a new endo about a year ago, and he suggested I try Levemir instead of the Lantus. Once I started the Levemir, I noticed a marked improvement with more consistent bg levels. I am a Type 1 diagnosed at 33, and I am 10 years into the disease. I take sliding Humalog and 12 U Levemir at bed. I hope this helps.
1553082 tn?1294244581 The supply of the Hepatitis C drug to Vertex by Shasun Chemicals is set to take off earlier than anticipated. The product is set to launch in June-July next year. "Commercial supplies have already started and we are preparing for the launch this year," says Vimal Kumar, Managing Director of Shasun Chemicals, in an exclusive interview with CNBC-TV18's Udayan Mukherjee and Mitali Mukherjee. . Who Is Shasun Pharma ?
1130586 tn?1316266292 http://www.mmm-online.com/incivek-to-set-record-for-fastest-blockbuster-launch-analyst-predicts/article/215925/ "Vertex's drug for treating hepatitis C virus, Incivek (telaprevir), is on course to smash the previous record for the biggest revenue-generating drug launch ever." "The direct-acting antiviral generated $494.1 million in sales from its US launch in May through the end of September, Vertex disclosed recently in an earnings report.
Avatar f tn I even tried Levemir, but after two days the pains came back. I stopped all shots and the pain and other symptoms went away. Is there an insulin that doest not cause stomach pain, chills, and vomiting?
Avatar f tn 5 months ago i started to had a digestive system problems symptoms like bloat and feeling of fullness they said to me i have a colon problem then i had gerd after that and feeling of heartburn i took ppi like omeprazole and when i stop it the gerd symptoms appear again and with all of these symptoms i feel numbness sometimes in my left head and my arms and legs come and goes and my breath is shorten without reason and globus sensation in my throat !
Avatar n tn I am trying to lower my sugar level with the help of humalog and levemir. Medhelp members are helping me to do the job. In the mean time I have been successful in lowering the sugar to some extents. I also could know how to dose the insulin for the best results I appriciate the cotributions done by MEDHELP and its members.
Avatar n tn Hey, My son has tactile defensiveness--we are patiently awaiting the launch of this company: Soft! www.softclothing.net It's designed by a mom and a special educator--produced by a dad of a child with Autism. They are doing everything seamless, tagless, organic, etc... the stuff looks adorable!!! I hope this will make my mornings easier. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/277948'>Tactile Sensory Disorder</a>.
Avatar m tn I am diabetic 2. Taking Levemir 23 units at night. 13 unit humalog in every meal. Sugar is not very well controlled yet. But does not go above 10 mmol/l . I feel shortness of breath, if I walk or quickly come in the bed. Before 6 months EKG was done and no problem.
Avatar f tn http://www.fiercepharma.com/story/incivek-storms-hep-c-market-75m-launch/2011-07-29 Incivek storms hep C market with $75M launch July 29, 2011 — 10:52am ET | By Tracy Staton There's no doubt that the hepatitis C market was waiting for Incivek. In its first five weeks on the market, the Vertex Pharmaceuticals drug reaped nearly $75 million in sales. That's more than twice the $31 million analysts had been expecting. The question now is whether that pace can be sustained.
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Avatar m tn I am taking 13 unit humalog for each meal and 23 unit Levemir at at bed time. But I am having shortness of breath some times after taking insulin, or walking.