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Avatar f tn I need help please. My doctors had me on Levaquin for 4 years straight. I believe it's destroyed most of my immune system. Since being off Levaquin for the past few months, I have had chronic bronchitis and pneumonia since. My muscles and body is in agony. I now have to use oxygen all the time, day and night. The recovery times from surgeries are greatly extended now. I'm having another back surgery in a few weeks.
Avatar m tn I was on Levaquin for pneumonia....I developed such leg pain and ended up in the ER..had to stop it...it really can cause some joint pain...I cannot take it either...
Avatar n tn People can still be hospitalized for pneumonia. Usually they are either, very young, elderly, or already have lung disease. If you stay on top of things and follow the dr's orders (and Levaquin is the propper anitbiotic, which it should be a nice board spectrum for that), you should be quite fine by the 30th. If you are not feeling better by Thursday, you should call your dr back and communicate with him what is going on.
Avatar f tn I have chronic COPD and about 3-4 weeks ago I had pneumonia. Was given prednisone 60 mg in the urgent care center and a bag of Levaquin via vein. Was sent home with prednisone 60 mg per day for 5 days and Levaquin 750 mg per day for 4 days. Well for the last two weeks my ears have been clogged up and driving me just nuts. I can not stand putting anything in my ears, so what can I do?
Avatar n tn iam just geting over pneumonia and i have started getting joint pain.
Avatar n tn I was feeling pretty bad coughing wheezing, bad chest pain. My friend and I diagnosed it as brochitis or pneumonia so I took 7 Levaquin, one a day for 7 days (had it in the house). Still felt bad after a week or so and went to my doctor who prescribed same Levaquin 500 mg for 7 days. My doctor ordered chest xrays and blood work. Blood work was just a little off she said not sure what was high or low as this was told to me over the phone.
5601163 tn?1370705272 I recently underwent a two week course of Levaquin for pneumonia. On the follow-up visit with my doctor, a chest x-ray showed "right basilar opacity," which caused my doctor to order a CT scan. What does this mean?
Avatar n tn Got a bad cough about 21/2 weeks ago. Having problems bringing up the phlegm as it is temacious. have been on Levaquin for 5 days and 50 mg of Prednisone for 10 days. Now am on Azithromyocin 250 mg daily for 30 days. Just got some Mucinex.This has "wiped" me out . Been in bed for 2 days.Hoping to get stronger soon. I have tried vaporizers . Thought you might be of help. I have had COPD for about 8 years that I know of .Haven't smoked for 18 years.
Avatar n tn I took 20 days of levaquin 3 years ago for pneumonia. I was 39 years of age, healthy with no other problems and took no other medications. On day 15 I developed severe total body aching. I took all 20 days, eventually recovered from the pneumonia but then suffered tendon pain primarily in my elbows and knees for 2 years. During the time I took the drug, I had a lot of muscle twitching. One year ago I started having random shooting pain that has progressed.
Avatar n tn oh my goodness that is very strange, i had pneumonia May 17th doc prescribed Levaquin and then after the 5th dose had strange headache at the top of my head, went to neurologist and they found spots on the brain. I have been foggy too weird muscle and joint pain wonder if a correlation exists?
Avatar n tn I recently found a question on here that I too have. I was prescribed Levaquin 750/day for 10 days due to pneumonia in late December 2005. Three days in, I acquired a severe burning and break out of skin on my forehead. It also had an oily look and feel to it. I was given creams and a low dose antibiotic of which neither worked. It has been six months and no one can give me an answer to what this is. Someone posted on here with the exact symptoms.
Avatar m tn I just started taking levaquin for upper respiratory infection. I have taken 2 (175mg) tablets so far after meal. All of a sudden, I started having this excruciating pain in my stomach. It hurts so bad that I cannot go to sleep. I used a stethoscope and heard bowel sounds (hyperactive in all 4 quadrants), but no bowel movement. I have had no luck with having any flatulence either. Will somebody please tell me what can I do to better manage this terrible side effect?
Avatar n tn a dear friend of mine who was elderly was given levaquin by a pharmaceutically heavy handed MD for simply a light case of pneumonia. Her immune system was very healthy and did not accept levaquin in her body. It treated levaquin as an allergin/virus and attacked it, causing an enormous immune system breakdown within her body. There is a name for this condition, which i can post, i need to check the exact term with her husband, The results....
Avatar m tn After earlier courses of Amoxicillin, then Zithromax, upon determining Pneumonia I have been prescribed Levaquin, a much stronger antibiotic; But the Levaquin costs $ 264, which I can not afford. Is there a comparable antibiotic I can take that is more reasonably priced?
Avatar n tn 2 days ago I went to ER for difficulty breathing with horrible rhales on inspiration and expiration. I was diagnosed via catscan with right lobe pneumonia. I am on albuterol for breathing, levaquin and prednisone. I am stuck out of town with no doctor around. I am not feeling better, feel more like I cant breath- now turn bright red in face and chest when coughing.choking. Am I jumping the gun to head back to an er? or is it a waste of time?
Avatar f tn My prolem is I feel my doc isnt giving me anuff of hte Levaquin to knock it out. Back IN sept when I got my lst bout of pneumonia I had to beg this man to giveme 3 more!!!!! I knew I was better but i also knew I was still borderline infected. Yeah now im thinking real hard on his next option which was to go to a speciliist for htis. I have tried to recall how many times in my 58 yrs I have had pneumonia and lORD!!!!! I would be safe in saying 60 times at the least.
175861 tn?1428186013 I have had the same reaction after taking Levaquin. My docter says that I'm clear of the pneumonia but after now I have on and off bloating of the upper abdomen and migrating chest and back pain. Did you ever figure anything out? Did your symptoms go away?
Avatar m tn After a month of different type of antibiotics for pnuemonia, I finally got the right one (Levaquin) which cleared my lungs and got permission to begin exercising (slowly) last Monday. Has anyone experienced recovery from pneumonia and what I can expect during the recovery period? I have an anxiety problem and I can't tell if my current symptoms of fatigue, dizziness, weakness are normal recovery symptoms or are they a product of my anxiety?
Avatar f tn she called me ENT dr and they decided 14 days of Levaquin. Did ok for 2 days. But then since 9/16 I was sick. drainage I assume now in lungs. can't breath. can't move and cough so bad that my body hurts even when i am not coughing. Do I need to go back to dr? or since I have just taken 7 days as of today just keep taking and hope it gets better. I have had phenomena before 4 times and hospitalized for it.
Avatar f tn ER visit after woke up with bad wheezing and very tight chest, neb treatment didn't help. Diagnosed w/ Pneumonia, gave IV Levaquin, solumedrol, 2 nebs at hospital. Tachycardic whole 6 hrs at hospital.
Avatar n tn Also she ordered another xray in 3 weeks after Levaquin is completed. Symptoms were of course coughing, wheezing, really bad chest pain. I took some Levaquin at home as my friend gave it to me 7 pills. Still feeling bad finally to dr then...my doctor ordered blood work and chest x-ray and given Levaquin 500 mg 1 day for 7 days then in 3 weeks another chest xray. Thank you for your reply. I appreciate you.
Avatar n tn I first had flu with high fever for five days, then I was diagnosed with pneumonia (both lungs), given Levaquin. The fever has been between 99 and 100 for the following 7 days, with some yellow sputum. What is peopl's experience with the low grade fever lasting so long? Any suggestions? Thank you.
Avatar n tn My husband was diagnosed with Bacterial Pneumonia and was prescribed Levaquin. He has been off the medication for about a week and a half and he is still experiencing phobic attacks in the morning. He wakes up in a panic and believes that he cannot breath. While he was taking the drug he experienced major confusion, anxiety, depression and dizziness. It was awful! He even experienced a very bad episode when he became abusive...and delusional.
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Avatar f tn 6 weeks ago I was diagnosed with pneumonia through a chest x-ray. I was put on Avelox and an inhaler. Two days later I had to go to the ER b/c the symptoms were worse. Breathing was more difficult. I was then given an antibiotic shot and a Zpac. They did a blood test-WBC was normal. I started to feel better the next week. However, as soon as the antibiotic round was over, my symptoms began to return. I run a low fever on and off all day of 99.
Avatar n tn Two months ago I was diagnosed with Pneumonia and Pleurisy of the Right Lung which was not found in a chest X-Ray, but in a CT Scan. I was given a Z-Pack for 5 days. The pain in my upper right quadrant went away, but on the 3rd day of taking the Z-Pack, I developled a profound cough and shortness of breath was persistant. Once the Z-pack was finished, my doctor prescribed Levaquin, but after 2 doses I had a rapid heart beat. He then told me to discontinue taking it.
Avatar n tn Every time I would get better something else would happen and my most recent sickness is pneumonia that I was diagnosed with about 3 weeks ago. I was told it was in every single part of my lungs it could be in and I have been on antibiotics since. The first 10 days I was on levaquin and I did not get any better. I was still running fevers and when they did my follow up chest x-ray it looked exactly the same as it did before they treated it.
Avatar m tn another doctoc send me for an X-ray and it showed a small patch of pneumonia, given levaquin, had a reaction in the middle of the time line to take it, had to stop and start another anti-biotic the next day. went a week feeling better but cough persisted, did a ton of yard work, the next day felt like crap, ran a fever, some serious coughing, and tightness in my chest went to the ER and X-ray and CT showed it was still there but more specifically it was Reticulnodular opactices in my RLL.
Avatar n tn I didnt use lubrication I got sick on Feb 15th and then on Feb 20th my doctor from an x-ray diagnosed me with Pneumonia I had a chronic dry cough and given ani-biotics the pneumonia went away but then my stomach become bloated and I never had tempature but my body feels like it is on fire like burning. I feel like my skin is burning went to a dermatologist who said it is not shingles, i did also show him a few bumps on my torso and he assured me it was not std related.
Avatar n tn I was given IV fluids and pain meds and Levaquin 750 mgs. I was diagnosed with pneumonia in both of my lungs. I was sent home that same day. Its now july.1st 2009 and i have two levaquin left and a few pain pills(which i hate taking) Because I have 16 month old lil girl That i am raising by myself. I still have back and stomach and chest pains and my body still hurts and i cant breathe I can't sleep bc of it and I am constantly tired and i feel run down.