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Avatar m tn That's when someone is infected with chickenpox and later on, the virus reactivates and results in painful skin ulcerations and blisters in certain tracts of skin (or in this case, gum). I don't think its related to an infection to the extraction although its possible.
Avatar n tn HELP! For the past two years I have been getting painful recurring face infection (boil) on different parts of my face (my chin, above eye, on rim of ear, on skin just in front of earlobe... anywhere. I feel one coming on and I call in a perscription for Dicloxacillin 500 mg and take 4 a day (28 pills). It goes away and I am fine for 3 to 4 months and I get another one different place. The Dr.
Avatar n tn I had just switched allergy medications, from Nasonex to generic Flonase, right at the time my symptoms returned. Could allergies have led to a sinus infection? Can the sinus infection cause dizziness and fatigue? Due to the holiday weekend I haven't been able to call my doctor, but after 3 prior visits he's never suggested sinuses to be a cause.
Avatar f tn and place it between lip and gum, at the infection site (just let it sit there for as long as your intuition tells you that it's helping - maybe an hour a day, maybe three hours), 6) buy a "green drink" powder recommended by your local health food store (such as "Greens Pak" by Trace Minerals Research) - use this powder to mix with water to replace one to two of your regular meals daily. 7) Eliminate high sugar and highly refined foods as much as possible, and all dairy.
Avatar f tn I check my temp when I get these episodes and its perfectly normal. I do not have a infection or am not sick. Im not even in a cold environment. Everyone around me is not cold. Its the weirdest thing, and I cant find a answer for it. Its like my body is messed up and sending these chills for no reason. Please help.
Avatar f tn about this he did a pelvic exam and he sent me home with two different kind of antibiotics (flagyl and levaquin) The meds were pretty much unbearable and I did some more reasearch and I found out that people who took levaquin were having the same kind of reactions as me, so....I stopped taking them. The symptoms seemed to go away so I figured it was gone, it came back about two weeks later I returned to the doc and he gave me the two meds again. I took them and the symptoms went away.
Avatar m tn - they diagnosed me with early pnemonia and put me on Levaquin and gave me an inhaler - said the bronchial tubes were restricted. We initially thought this was flu, so i took tamaflu and antiboitics. My fever has gone but I did have it from Sun-Wed. Ive never been this sick before ... do my symptoms sound like ARS? Is productive cough and lower respiratory issues with extremely high fever and no swollen lymph nodes or sore throat indicative to ARS? Please provide me some feedback.
Avatar m tn even after losing 12 lbs with in the first month after my possible exposure. What would cause my chest to be burning? Oral infection? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have been tested for all STDs. They all came back negative. Something is definitely going on with my body, not mental either.
Avatar m tn It is rare for sexually acquired urethritis to not resolve with the several initial antibiotics, and it could be that the symptoms finally resolved spotaneously, not because of the levaquin. Now I suspect the same problem has recurred. You current symptoms cannot possibly have been due to an infection acquired during your more recent massage event, "happy ending" or not. I used the term "prostate problem", not "infection" or prostatitis, with care.
Avatar m tn Occasional Ringing in one ear or another with a feeling of it being clogged that goes away fairly quickly , Gum infection that was treated with Levaquin and had a tooth removed (i now have scar tissue on my gum where it was) The following symptoms are very hard for me to describe but i will do my best: A rush feeling through my head that makes me wince and make me feel like my brain is going to shut down and i am going to die on the spot.
Avatar n tn The pain has intensified on my right side. I can see the right side has a reddish swelling that starts from the puffy gum and proceeds up along the wall of my mouth near the back and appears to be pushing on my right tonsil. I also noticed it stems up towards the roof of my mouth a little. It hurts when touched and feels softer than the other side of my mouth. Goggling these symptoms produces what is called a Peritonsillar Abscess.
Avatar n tn Have since been to a urologist as symptoms persist. Again visual genital and prostate check normal.Was prescribed levaquin for 10days...mild side effects, joint aches, night sweats 1 day. Penile irritation seems to have subsided, have noticed 1-2 very small pimples (hair follicles?) on scrotum during the 2 month period, which i popped and they seem to clear within a day....I shave my scrotum and itching seems worse as the hair begins to grow back in..Very dry skin.
Avatar f tn Hi dr, I thought that I had a sinus infection about a month ago and was treated with levaquin 500 mg for 7 days. Now, the pain is still there an my entire right side is sensitive to heat/cold. Really, it even seems as if the bottom mandible is sensitive, but when he did the tap test on the teeth, the upper #4 was the one hurting. It is my upper #4 tooth, but the pain radiates to my temple, ear, and back to the entire upper mandible. My x-ray showed very little infection/inflamation.
Avatar n tn The oral surgeon determined that the tooth was healthy at this point and sent me to see an ENT surgeon. The ENT surgeon did not feel I had a sinus infection but did put me on another antibiotic (Levaquin) for 14 days and then did a CT Scan of the head. He found what appeared to be chronic sinusitis on CT and thought that I could have possibly had a fungal infection in the sinus cavities--so Sinus Surgery it became.
Avatar m tn The doc confirmed the swollen/painful lymph nodes, and after a nasal endoscopy said I had what looked like acute sinusitis, some pus on the back of my throat that's irritating my sinuses, and prescribed 10-day course of Levaquin. I have no fever. 1) Would use of cocaine (both sharing a dollar bill) and snorting it increase the likelihood of HIV transmission?
Avatar m tn I've been to gum clinic and had tests done which came back negative. I've still got to have a 6 week syphilis and HIV test done again. I've had body aches and a chesty cold for the last week or so. Suddenly today I have a red spotty rash on the tip of my penis and I also noticed some cloudy discharge from my penis. My groin now aches too. Can anyone please help me work out what this might be please? Thanks Mike.
Avatar n tn He prescribed levaquin and metronidazol which I took for 5 days with no results. I also had various blood tests done and he said everything looked normal. He referred me to a GI Dr and we scheduled a colonoscopy/endoscopy. The GI specialist gave me protonix to take for a week which again had no results. During the colon/endo he found that I had gastritis/duodentitis, a spastic colon and a strange finding - esophagitis candida.
Avatar n tn Dear Doc HHH, If I could, I would like to thank you for all of the GREAT information that you provide to the general public. I know that I speak for each and everyone of us "worried individuals" out here. One night about 10 weeks ago I had a terrible lapse in judgement and spent an evening with a gal that I met in a tavern. We had unprotected oral and vaginal sex for almost an hour then showered together and parted ways.
Avatar m tn I know from personal experience that it really shouldn't be used unless you have a life threatening infection, just like it says on the warning labels. It's pretty harsh. Anyway, your first step is to find a good doctor who will listen to you and work with you, and one who will be willing to order the PCR tests for you. But if it is prostate, then you will need to have prostatic fluid tested.
Avatar n tn Nothing grew in the cultures of my blood or my urine and it was assumed that was because of the nuclear weapons that were used to fight the infection - flagyl, levaquin, by IV that time. Keflex, Amakacin and other heavies. At one point I was taking flagyl and cipro, daily, for three months. That was just to get me well enough to have the bowel surgery. I've had every heavy duty antibiotic you can think of. Allergic reactions to some that made me sicker than I started out.
Avatar n tn Well, I'll comment about a problem and anyone can join in with their comments. My husband, in week 15 of ribi and interferon started to take Levaquin for a sinus infection. To make matters worse, his platelets had dropped last week, but now they are fine, but he got a call that his Sed Rate was at 99 and I thought this was odd. I have looked up what this might mean and thought it might be a problem that some others on this tx might have had.
Avatar m tn I really hope everything comes back and it turns out to be the worse sinus infection that doesn't feel like a sinus infection of my life. Thank you everyone kindly and thank you doctors for your continued support, reassurance, wisdom, and knowledge base that you provide to the world.
Avatar m tn It’s a tiny risk, greater if you are older, overweight, obese, or have reduced blood flow in your neck arteries, but it’s a risk you must assume if you want get rid of an otherwise untreatable sinus infection. There is a possibility that the infection could go into your ear, which happened to me once, but I found a way to avoid it. You could also accidentally rub infected snot into your eye and get an eye infection, if you are careless.
Avatar n tn So I looked at all the food products in my house that had aspartame, my sugar free gum was the first item. My husband has gum in the car with aspartame. We started thinking about the history of our diet, foods, life. To make a long story short. At one point this burning stopped then it started back up. I am in the process of researching the sugar free products we used in the past vs what we use now.
Avatar n tn I had been perscribed a 10 day dose of Levaquin for a stubborn sinus infection. Finished full dose 4 weeks ago. I finished the dose and thought I was still sick. I went back to my family doctor insisting that I was still sick. Did several tests and eveything came back normal including my white blood cell count. He told me I had no infection left and he gave me samples of allergy meds and sent me on my way.
Avatar n tn Do yourself a favor and rule out Hector Pylori bacteria infection,it can be done in the office thru a breath test.
Avatar n tn Hi, I too am suffering from a vaginal strep infection. I got it when I started having sex with a new partner. I have tried two rounds of antibiotics. The first round took it away and then it came back in a couple of months again. I have a lot of irritation and redness. I am taking a probiotic and Colloidal Silver to see if it will help. Both of these items can be purchased through a health food store. I've been taking it now for about two weeks.
Avatar n tn I can scrape of most of the stuff without much discomfort, but it always comes back. Prior to this occuring, I was diagnosed with a kidney infection. Was given levaquin IV, but had a bad reaction to it. Was place on Bactrim for 10 days. Was feeling better, then two days later developed a fever of 103. Went to my Dr. who re-diagnosed my illness as prostatitis. Put me on Cipro for 14 days. 5 days in to the course of Cipro, I was feeling great.
Avatar n tn This last month was very difficoult for me with lots of stress , I started having face pains all over my gum line and only in side of the face , I got hospitalized for this pain and the CAT scan was negative , my doctor then said that it migh be neuralgia or migraines. As I got better I notice my neck got very rigid and a shoulder bump all of this in the same side of my neuralgia pains (unilateral pains).
Avatar n tn Post nasal drip due to a sinus infection, however, the infection is gone. The pain in the ear is still there. It goes away occasionally. However, if I drink something, it comes back. I'm seeing an ENT soon, and tomorrow I will be tested for ?diabetes? It's frustrating. I get a lot of pain in my jaw.