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Avatar f tn My husband took Levaquin for a long period of time after having surgery. He has since had a ruptured tendon in his arm. We have done a lot of research and have found that there have been some law suits in progress against the drug. My husband has never had a problem with any tendons. It ripped so hard that he can not move his right arm. If I were you, I would stay clear of the drug.
4939681 tn?1361302899 Not until 2 weeks after the initial attacks did the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other public health officials make a concerted effort to publicize the efficacy of doxycycline and penicillin and suggest that doxycycline is a better tolerated treatment than ciprofloxacin.
2109342 tn?1380912575 Yes my LLMD switched me to minocycline based on my friend who sees Schaller, lol. She is doing well with Bart's and Babs and he never uses levaquin because of the tendinitis. She even said he is strange but she is use to him after all these years. I sure hope your kidney improves. It is a balancing act.
Avatar m tn If your medical provider has ordered Levaquin I assume there are good reasons. Allergy to penicillin?? Levaquin is an effective ATB . Levofloxacin (trade names Levaquin (US), Tavanic (EU), and others) is a broad-spectrum antibiotic of the fluoroquinolone drug class. Levaquin is used to treat bacterial infections of the skin, sinuses, kidneys, bladder, or prostate. Levaquin is also used to treat bacterial infections that cause bronchitis or pneumonia. Hope this is helpful.
Avatar n tn My doctor prescribed Cipro (tests showed the staph was resistant to penicillin) and after two rounds (three days each) it has finally cleared up again (again, about a week after my cycle has ended and after two three-day rounds of the cipro). She also recommends having a herpes blood test done because she wonders how I contracted the staph and why it is recurring with my cycle.
Avatar f tn One of the antibotics was Levaquin 250 mg. twice daily. I also tried a synthetic pencillin Ceftin for 1 day and got a swelling. . I am very sensitive to penicillin I have taken antibotics now for 15 days. I have been given 3 samples of Levaquin 500 mg. I have never dealt with a sinus infection before and, what I experienced with the 500 mg. Levaquin, was different than the 250 twice a day. I felt like I had a very bad flu with some body aching, feeling of sooo cold, some chills.
Avatar n tn I've read you publications and read your posts online for years since it started, and no other Forum Doctor is as polite and caring for the people seeking advice than you. Now I have some advice for you since I know you've been around awhile and are past the retirement age now. Dont Ever retire! We appreciate and love ya for educating us all this time. Other than David Ho, if I want to know something about HIV I come to your forum for the truth.
Avatar n tn Is diverticulitis an infection? Should it be treated with penicillin. I have had agonizing pain for one week on the lower right hand of the abdomen and am constipated. Had blood tests which showed no infection. The doctor is treating me with penicillin as she thinks it is diverticulitis. Grateful for a reply from anyone who has had this problem before.
Avatar n tn I have been on Penicillin for a week for a bad tooth and have had no ill effects. I have talked to the dentist, my liver doc and my GP and we all agree that the infection in the teeth can bring down my immune system and that could be the reason that I have low cbc, even while not on tx. I got a shot of Neupogen a week ago last Tues and it started me on a raging teeth-ache.
Avatar m tn (I am allergic to penicillin) If after being tested (and likely coming back negative) this pain continues I will definitely take your advice and see my Doc about prostatitis.
Avatar f tn My doctor first put me on Bactrim, and I had a rash all over my body and developed a fungal infenction as well. This was on day 8 of 10 on Bactrim. The doctor switched me to Keflex, and this time, that same day I got another rash all over my body. Then, she gave me a cream call Muciprocin, but i've been using it for over a week and see no improvement, although no rashes. Has this happened to anyone? Are there other antibiotics out there?
Avatar f tn My doctor prescribed prednisone, Symbicort, and also wants to give me Levaquin. I am over 55 years old, and I also have pre-diabetes (6.0 A1C - and am on metformin), and high blood pressure being successfully treated via Benicar. Two nurse friends of mine are literally screaming at me to not take the Levaquin due to achilles muscle rupture tendencies (one is suffering personally from it at this time and has been for more than one year now).
Avatar f tn Radiologist said not a single speck of open space left) and I have been referred to an ENT and put on Levaquin. One of the things mentioned that they might do is drain the sinuses. I have to have relief and will put up with whatever, but I watch way too many House MD shows and am worried that they are going to pull out some big needle and jam it in my face like a facial lumbar puncture. Can somebody clue me in about this procedure from a patient's point of view?
Avatar n tn I cannot handle any anesthesia or narcotics without severe nausea, vomiting, and swelling. I am allergic to levaquin, ketek, penicillin, doxycycline, absorbable internal stitches, all seafood, and all nuts except peanuts. I eat a 100% organic diet, mainly consisting of raw fruits and vegetables.
Avatar n tn The doctor prescribed me penicillin but that didn't work. I've also taken bactrim, levaquin, oflox, z-pak and many more. Dr.
Avatar n tn (CT scan finally confirmed that). Then still had ear troubles and the Ketek antibiotic didn't help ENT then gave me Levaquin and more steroids(pill & injection) At same time places a vent tube in my left ear. I immediately felt a horrible pressure in my right ear but strangly enough it would sometimes feel like my left ear was full. Then I get right ear tubed. So, for almost 2 years with the tubes and able to fly.
Avatar n tn I also took Levaquin about 9 months ago for an ear infection, it caused me a GREAT deal of anxiety and panic with just the first pill. Levaquin/Avelox/Cipro are all in the same class of drugs, all quinlones. Because of this I was PARANOID to take the Avelox for this ear infection. I talked with one of the pharmacists at the Mayo Clinic when I was there and he told me that even though I had a reaction to Levaquin it doesn't mean I'd have one to Avelox.
Avatar n tn Along with a prescription for a 5 day pack of Levaquin, and 10 day pack of Allegra D-12. May 24th – finish levaquin pack. still feel bad. May 28th – sore throat starts, assume its caused by drainage. May 29th – finish Allegra D-12 pack. Still feel groggy, and have sore throat. May 30th – Notice pus pockets on throat. Go to an Emergency Clinic in my hometown (2.5 hours away from where I live) about sore throat. I explain the sinus infection and course taken.
640719 tn?1277143630 I talked to the pharmacist and they said with my resistance to macrodatin (not sure of spelling) cipro and levaquin and allergy to penicillin, ceftin, and now batrium, not sure what they can do for me :o I can take Keflex but I'm reading that is most likely not to effective in treating UTI's. I'm sure fear is not helping my UTI sensations. How big of trouble may I be in concerning this situation? What can they do? Any input would be grateful.
Avatar n tn so my question is, is it infectious to my partner and if not, why? ive tried 3 courses of antibiotics, doxicycline, penicillin, and levaquin. i am eighteen years old.
605877 tn?1301704246 Since you are allergic to penicillin related medications, your doctor should be putting you on different types of antibiotics. Ther are MANY to chose from, Levaquin and Z-packs (azithromiacin) are commonly used. I hope that helps you some. Keep us posted on how you are doing. Take care and God bless.
Avatar n tn Ibuprofen seems to help the swelling, but the doctors can't seem to figure out what is wrong. I was put on Levaquin (Levofloxacin) 750 mg for three days and 500 mg for another three. On the fourth day, my throat was fine, and on the fifth/sixth it seemed to have moved from the right to the left. My doctor said it could be a staph infection, but they only did a strep culture and blood work for mono.
Avatar n tn Took again and am now waiting for retest. But I can't take Penicillin, Erythramyacin, Levaquin, Sulpha, or Clyndomyacin. What in the world do I do it this doesnt go away. And what is the cloudy and small bubbles. I am just confused about what is going on. This time it was Ecoli also. And C&S said Macrobid should work.
Avatar m tn The bacteria is e coli that is unfortunately resistant to Cipro or Levaquin (which are 2 of the few antibiotics I can take w/out an allergic reaction.) The CFU per ml is less than 50,000 so it is a mild infection, but I have obvious UTI symptoms (urgency, smelly urine etc) My doctor gave me Macrobid, because it's susceptible to that. However, soon upon taking the 1st pill, I developed a few red welts (only 1 or 2 of them itched), which my dr said could be an allergic reaction.
Avatar n tn The frequent urination stopped but the burning still exist. I have seen several doc s and they have prescribed penicillin shots, doxycycline, diflucan, flagyl, bactrim, levaquin and yet i am still suffering from this problem. I sometimes have itchings along with the burning. But the burning and a tingling feeling at the tip persists. Sometimes my penis temperature gets really hot. Also, the discomfort and burning is underneath the shaft of my penis.
Avatar n tn I've been having urinary problems for six years. I took the antibiotic levaquin and it started working, but I didn't complete the regimen. I started back taking it, but the levaquin didn't work. I've also taken cipro, doxcycline, z- pak, penicillin, oflox, and many more. Nothing has worked so far. I recently went to a urologist and did a semen culture. The test came back positive for viridian streptococcus. He prescribed me penicillin and it didn't work for me.
Avatar n tn 2) I had to look up Tavanic and found it is the trade name for levofloxacin in some countries (Levaquin in the United States). If given in a single dose of 500 mg, it would not cure chlamydia (but see no. 4 below). It usually is effective against gonorrhea, but resistant strains are increasingly common in much of the world. But if your symptoms cleared up, you can be sure that if you have gonorrhea, it was cured. Levofloxacin is unrelated to penicillin and is safe in pen-allergic persons.
Avatar m tn If the infection is slow to respond, ask your dentist to change antibiotics. Penicillin is a good one if you are not allergic to it. Avoid Levaquin.
242516 tn?1368227505 This new box warning via FDA is something i've been aware of for some time in patients using ciprofloxaxin, levaquin (levofloxacin), Moxifloxacin (Avelox), ofloxacin (floxin), gatifloxacin (tequin), and i'm glad it'll be highlighted on labeling, showing it's increasing incidence: risk of tendinitis and tendon rupture is further increased in those over age 60, in kidney, heart, and lung transplant recipients, and with use of concomitant steroid therapy.
Avatar n tn I've been having urinary problems for six years. I took the antibiotic levaquin and it started working, but I didn't complete the regimen. I started back taking it, but the levaquin didn't work. I've also taken cipro, doxcycline, z- pak, penicillin, oflox, and many more. Nothing has worked so far. I recently went to a urologist and did a semen culture. The test came back positive for viridian streptococcus. He prescribed me penicillin and it didn't work for me.