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Avatar m tn has anyone ever been on Levaquin (it's in the same class of antibiotics as Cipro)? I was on it for 5 days of my 10 when I started getting some wrist pain and they took me off it. I am now feeling pain here and there, but no idea if it's related. I didn't even know it causes tendon damage! Just wondering if anyone else had those side effects??? If so, did they ever go away? You read on the internet tons of horror stories about it and I don't want to end up like that!
Avatar f tn These drugs are awful. i had been given Cipro. I did find that taking 3 mg of boron a day (purchased at a health food store) inactivates the fluoride and got rid of the joint pain and burning in about a week. However to this day 4 years later the tightness in my leg remains. I worked with a trainer and my muscles are fine now. These drugs should be avoided at all cost!
Avatar m tn has anyone ever been on Levaquin (it's in the same class of antibiotics as Cipro)? I was on it for 5 days of my 10 when I started getting some wrist pain and they took me off it. I didn't even know it causes tendon damage. Just wondering if anyone else had those side effects??? I think my mom was on it (IV) but didn't have any side effects. All I can say is if they want to put you on it, ask for something else unless there is no choice! Thanks!
Avatar m tn Hurts to walk, and cannot move my arms above my head. Stopped taking Levaquin on Monday and is now Wednesay and pain is still unbelievable. Does anyone know how long the pain will last and is there any way to get the pain to go away sooner? My doctor said I should feel better in a couple of days.
Avatar f tn I have some recurring urological problems (prostatitis/epididymitis) and in the past have been prescribed Cipro. I have an appointment with the urologist coming up and am sure I will need another course of Cipro. I hate taking that stuff. Everytime I take it, I feel extremely tired. It is almost to the point that I can't work. Usually better after a week on the meds. Anybody else have that reaction? I guess it is a necessary evil because the urolological problems always get better.
Avatar f tn Yes, I will NEVER take any levaquin or any others in that family. Had terrible side effects, had to go to ER. I think these are very powerful antibiotics... should be used only as last resort. Good luck to all!
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Avatar m tn I am allergic to levaquin...will i also be allergic to doxycycline hyclate?
Avatar f tn I had a bad experience on levaquin with the burning head. I had burning fingers and toes and joint pain. Levaquin is a bad antibiotic, atleast for me. I actually took 4 doses in the beginning of january and since then I have had joint pain and a lot of other problems that arent explainable. I called the doctor they told me to stop taking it immediatly and they put me on amoxicillin. I don't go on antibiotics very often, but from now on the only one I will take is amoxicillin.
443434 tn?1255894833 As if tendinitis and tendon rupture were not serious enough Levaquin side effects, the antibiotic has now been linked to yet another side effect. The Levaquin medication, which already carries a warning about the risk of tendon ruptures and tendinitis, was linked in a study to an increased risk of diplopia (double vision). So patients who may have been concerned about Levaquin tendon ruptures may now have to be concerned about problems with their vision.
Avatar f tn My husband took Levaquin for a long period of time after having surgery. He has since had a ruptured tendon in his arm. We have done a lot of research and have found that there have been some law suits in progress against the drug. My husband has never had a problem with any tendons. It ripped so hard that he can not move his right arm. If I were you, I would stay clear of the drug.
Avatar n tn It can cause tendon rupture and aches and pains that last for months. Cipro is a drug of a similar type/class that is usually well-tolerated. Talk with your physician about choice of a generic alternative antibiotic. There is no good reason to specify Levaquin for an infection.
Avatar n tn I am currently taking 10 mg Lexapro and 1/2 mg clonazepam daily to treat anxiety/depression. I googled Levaquin and found numerous articles saying that this antibiotic is harmful. Does anyone else have any experience with this med positive or negative? Thanks for your help.
Avatar m tn I was prescribed six 500mg Levaquin tablets to treat Strep Throat and a potential sinus infection. I only took 4 of the 6 pills since the side effects were getting to much to handle. I started on 3/12/2010 to 3/15/2010. Here were the side effects: -nausea -no appetite -headaches -dizziness -diarrhea -anxiety attacks -confusion, like you don't feel like yourself After I stopped taking it, my nausea and appetite returned gradually in the following two days.
168348 tn?1379360675 Just wondering bcz I am on the Levaquin 500mgs 1X day for 7 days for a pretty bad urinary tract infection / small stone that passed (kidney) and along with normal side effects like gas, and feeling some tired/dizzy which I usually get from Levaquin I keep getting chills and more tired than normal but it comes and goes and yet my clinical symptoms for the UTI/stone passing are cleared up I do not think the chills are related to the medical problem and really wondering if after 5 days my TSH is
Avatar n tn Whenever I take either Levaquin or Cipro (almost the same thing as Levaquin) for a prostate infection I get pimples in my forehead too -- often right in the middle where they look the worst. I apply over-the-counter acne medications to try to hold back the acne. But it is exactly as you describe. If I take Bactrim, this does not happen.
Avatar m tn Every time I take Cipro or Levaquin I get a very itchy rash about the size of a silver dollar on the back of my left hand. After I stop taking the medecine the rash spot will turn black and will not clear until after about a year. I am a fairly health 74 year old man. By the way I also react to Sulfa drugs but the rash is more generalized and not as bothersome. Is there any significance that with Cipro the rash always appears on the same location?
Avatar m tn Both Cipro and Levaquin are drugs of a class known as quinolones. Of the two Cipro has the least side effects. The sore muscles may last for weeks or months or you may feel better in a few days. With that class of drugs there are ocasional reports of permanent tendon damage. This does not mean they should not be used. It is a matter of risk and benefit.
Avatar m tn Endodonist said there was pus -- infection. I have had allergic reaction to Levaquin and AzitheraI and have had side effects diarrhea and lightheaded from Cefdinir and Cephalexin so he prescribed Cipro 500mg. Said he doesn't usually prescribe but given that it have taken Cipro 250mg in the past (or urinary tract infection with no side effects. Is Cipro as effective as other antibiotics for dental infection?
Avatar n tn There a large degree of risk with this medication, although it is inarguably very effective with certain types of bacterial infections. Muscle and joint aches and pains which are long-lasting and very discomfiting and the primary side effects.
867582 tn?1311630997 In 2008, the FDA ordered the black box warning for all fluoroquinolones (which include Cipro). I started taking Cipro before I knew how dangerous it was (I'm over 60 and on aspirin). I had to stop it after the 3rd day because of really bad side effects. I was having to jump out of bed a dozen times at night with industrial-strength Charlie-horse cramps affecting my thighs, my calves.
Avatar n tn I HAVE had 3 kidney infections in my life, and one that was very severe, and I asked the DR. in the ER if I could use Cipro, because I had some at home and he said "No, it's not good for the kidneys, and we are admitting you overnight anyway hon". That's all I know and this was about 7 years ago. Anyway, I hope you recieve peace and closure in days to come.
Avatar f tn Levaquin has a crummy record. It often causes terrible muscle pains and discomfort, lasting for months. You need to go back to your doctor. Cipro, though a similar medication (a fluoroquinalone) has fewer side effects.
Avatar n tn I was suffering an allergic (or now known as normal) reaction to Levaquin. He called the ER for me and found that it was Levaquin in the IV I was given. Sorry for the long story, but the bottom line is I still have horrible leg and joint pain. I have been to Ortopaedic MD's who belive it must be a pinched nerve, been taken off certain cholesterol lowering meds, etc. All to no avail. The pain never goes away. It is like having a 24/7 flu in my legs. I do not know what recourse I have.
Avatar m tn Your primary care doctor usually prescribes doxycycline with Levaquin or Cipro to cover both Gonorrhea and Chlamydia..
Avatar n tn I stopped Levaquin and contacted my dr. who changed the antibiotic and told me to take motrin for the inflammation and explained that tendon rupture was rare on Levaquin. This is day 4 I'm walking with a slight limp due to stiffness inner thigh and weight bearing. Now with episodic painful stabbing sensation in soft tissue rt foot. Concerned about short and long term effects or late effects since I have MS and do not have mobility issues until now.
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