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Avatar f tn I thought as soon as the crap was out of my system I would magically be back to my pre-drug self. Not true. Find peace in knowing that each day clean your body is healing and you are closer to feeling normal. Tired *****, but if you were not tired you could be saddled with anxiety. Take the tired and just go with it for now. Tomorrows a new day....
582172 tn?1225374062 My DOC's are Hydrocodeine and Percocet. I had my first baby back in March and two weeks after she was born, I was back on the hunt for pills - the cravings were stronger than I'd ever experienced before and it was almost like being pregnant was the only reason for my being clean in the first place!! I began very slowly but like everything else with this addiction, it sneaks upon you and takes you in it's evil grasp: cunning; baffling; powerful that it is!!
374225 tn?1269902862 If it's been 2+ years of Oxycodone your system should be more tolerant of the effects of the meth. I just deal with it the pain instead of increasing my dosage or the number of pills I take. , But I am no longer able to work. I have several meds, including a muscle relaxant that I can interchange when my pain becomes severe. That has worked well for me. I also have found alternative methods that help, like a massage chair and a jacuzzi.
Avatar n tn Well now we are TTC again. Please keep us in your prayers, as youall know all of you are in mine.
Avatar n tn They do it by Snorting (Very fast delivery), IV Injections, Chewing up meds and taking on an empty stomach. The above all produce the most amount of drug in the blood in an attempt to get a buzz. These spikes are one of the reasons we addicts get hooked faster than a COMPLIANT Chronic Pain Patient. Being compliant means they take only as directed. The goal of compliance is to maintain an even blood plasma at the minimum amount to treat PAIN and NOT to produce euphoria (a high).
Avatar n tn The ONLY pain med that seems to take some of the pain is the percocet. NO med takes all of the pain but in order to get out of bed and shower I have no choice but to take it. I have even talked to my doctor and let him know that I am very worried about being addicted to this and he does agree; however, he said until I can have my second surgery I will need to take it if I don't want the severe pain or I can not take it and take the pain (a pain I can not even begin to describe).
Avatar f tn My husband sees the same doctor and sleeps 18 hours a day or more, and is non functional most of the time due to the over perscribing of the same drugs. He has lost over 50 pounds in the last 6 months, his teeth are breaking off in his mouth, and he is dying right before my eyes! One of us has to get off the drugs that the doctors keep pushing on us! But I digress. Sorry. I weaned myself off all the medications which I was on over the last 5 years as my health got better.
Avatar n tn Have you been able to get any exercise? Also, are you using the recipe? Think of all the great things in your life but most of all, try and think about something outside of you. Post some responses to the others here who are using and you will find some relief from the depression. Pray that God will tell you why you ended up here, and finally, all evidence from everyone here suggests that each day gets a little better than the last... God's Grace to you Erika. Hope you feel better soon.
Avatar n tn When i decided to stop taking the combination which was roughly around 210mgs a day of oxycodone in my system, it was terrible... The Oxycontin were very easy to abuse, and i did not know i was goin to be dealing with such hell.... Before i knew what to expect, this time i had shivers, and insomnia, and i was throwing up...... bright side is it only really lasts about 3 days for me.... Which was good....
Avatar f tn I hate to tell you how you should do it but my personal opinion is that the withdrawals suck so much I'd rather just get em over with. Taking one a day will just drag out the length of time that you have the wds. They'll be less severe but when you stop the one a day you'll have to do through them then too. Tapering means less severe withdrawals over a longer period of time. I know it ***** but if you tough it out for a week to ten days you'll be through the worst of the physical parts.
Avatar f tn There is no way they tell whether you're taking percs or vikes- what they CAN do, if they have the time/and or resources is test for the amount of opiates in your system- but they seldom do that. It is normally just a + or a -. Hope that helps. One more thing- The comment that you found to be "rude" was actually a semi sarcastic remark made (rightfully so) on a forum where addicts come to seek support to get CLEAN.
484378 tn?1209909492 and i had the choice of hydrocodone or percocet...I took the 15 percocets INSTEAD of the hydrocodone. I never took percocet before, so I thought that was the best way to go. I am ready to stop...its been a long 2 years. I am afraid of being sick and even more afraid of my lil boys seeing me that way. I am getting on Sub to stop the cravings, the panic of not having any...ect. I understand i have to get off Sub, and will feel some discomfort, but thats ok with me, I can LIVE with that...
Avatar n tn One doc, when I was 15, actually PUT me on 2 bottles of excedrine migraine a week. Of course none of this helped the pain in any way whatsoever. I was in constant, awful pain. Then I finally went to a Pain Management doctor this year...and for the first time ever in my life, found relief through Norco, a stronger version of Vicondin/Lortab. At the time I posted, I was taking only three pills per day.
Avatar f tn so after two months and the opioid getting stronger and stronger starting at tylenol 3-vicodin-vicoprofen-percocet then finally to straight oxycodone ina capsule that was easily pulled in half and the 5mg of oxycodone already cut up and in pure powder form...it worked for over 3 months and i would often call for more way too soon and sounding in such agony, she would always cave and call in or write more since the straight oxycodone was schedule 2 couldnt be called in or faxed,...
Avatar f tn I have a huge question. I am now off of oxys totally. I am taking a mix of percocet and xanax. The percocet will last me for about 3-4 hours. I take some xanax at night to sleep as last night I had the restless legs like crazy. I am taking the vitamin b, l-thorine, and also potassium and following the thomas receipt. I am so grateful to never touch another oxy but I heard now that to get off percocets will take 10-12 days of pure hell. Does anybody have any experience?
Avatar f tn I do not want to initiate any unnessary enquiry which could jeopardise the doctors careers but I definately want all of the doctors to have knowledge of the situation though so that they might think about this in the future. Im not sure if a general letter to my surgery practice manager detailing the events might be worthwhile if only to get my concerns across.
1181178 tn?1320787061 and know very little about them, but I take it to be the same idea that's described as Lyme bacteria hiding out inside cyst like formations in the body, which protect the bacteria from your immune system and medications. This is part of the war going on in the medical community: not only do LLMDs dispute the nonLLMDs and vice versa, the LLMDs dispute each other's view as well. That's how progress gets made, but it's hard on the patients, huh.
429155 tn?1205676864 30, back to bed, and after a lot of thrashing about, holy of holies I sleep for 3 hrs, wake up and dressing gown is drenched in sweat, back to bed get another 1hrs sleep, then up at 07:30. It's now Monday. Monday 0945.Am feeling a bit better now, go see boss at work to explain ( goes ok ). then have a drive round, I find I am noticing things I took for granted before, things are in much sharper focus. Although I had real bad stomach cramps, the Flu like symtoms have all but gone.
Avatar n tn I am in my 7th day of methadone withdrawals, I have used methadone since april of this year...it acctually got me off a VERY bad oxycontin addiction.... Let me just start from the begining... About 10 years ago I was a big pot smoker and got into an accident with my car...the doc prescribed tylenol 3s and they got me wasted.... That was my first affair with painkillers.... I found out I had a herniated disc that was pressing on my spine and they switched me to vicodins....
1240909 tn?1313715825 Now some things may be, as this is why I'm in pm. I have a severe case of IBS that causes crippling pain in my upper stomach. This started in 2004. I'll definitely keep in contact with my GI to find out his opinion. I really hope he says what you do about it all being temporary. mellie - The Zofran is still fairly new in my system. It's prescribed for me to take up to 3 times a day. I take it only twice, sometimes once. And it's only been for about 6 months that it's been regular.
Avatar n tn I agree with bobcorpo about changing drugs and changing seats on the titantic. While I was in rehab, one of the best in the world.....30k, I found that 50% of people were in there because of meth, 30% from opiates, and the others from crack/coccaine. We all had the same wd symptoms. As far as I know, most people went in high or looking for life. Here is how we handled wd's and it wasn't near as bad as I see in all of these forums. Of course we were also under Dr. care and evaluated.
Avatar f tn The tender spot is to the right and barely above my navel. I have had rapid wieght loss between now and the week of reprive in the middle of sept and had lost over 10 pounds suddely before that but gained it back when I was feeling better. I am actually scared it's just my duodenum I've never had pain like this and if that's all it is mooned going to help me.
Avatar n tn I just wanted to add to this ongoing discussion by first stating that I am grateful to be living in a country where we are free to express our opinions openly and without fear of retribution. I am also very grateful for the volunteers who give so much of themselves in trying to help others and make a difference in dealing with diabetes in their lives.
Avatar f tn I also have ,well had very,very thick hair in june I donated to the locks of love for the 4th time in 6 years.Its so thick they got 2, 12" ponytails.now since aug 22 i have filled 3/4 of a gallon baggy with my hair .Its fallig out fast .Does your hair loss seem normal or like its more than normal after about 7 or 8 months on topamax?
Avatar n tn I was expecting by now that the swelling in my stomach would have gone down, but it seems that many of you are still swollen after this length of time post surgery. I'm also getting twinging pain in the area where the dermoid was and the area skin above the scar is still numb, I believe it can take quite a while for the nerves to grow back.
Avatar f tn Is less better than more? my doctor is new at it...and no other doctors around who prescribe it...he thinks its great.... thanks to all and good wishes to all who are stuggling with this illness of addiction.
363110 tn?1340924019 I am glad that the first round of injections were very beneficial to you. I am going in for a repeat lumbar MRI to see if there is any new damage as I have been experiencing shooting pains down the backs of my legs worse than I have ever experienced before. It has been 5 years since the last MRI was completed. And then on the 14th, I am going in for another epidural injection. It has been 6 months since my last injection and that alone could be the cause of the increased leg pain.
Avatar f tn I had an baby got an epidural,since the epidural I been having severe lower back pain and numbness and tingling in my right. Now this what the doctor have told me since. Before I tell can tell you can you tell me the probem.One doctor told me I haveBack Pain with Sciatica, Hematuria and he went on im his notes I have MS and the MS is called Arthralgia and Muscle problem.
252556 tn?1189759431 Please keep us posted and I wish you all the luck in your battle to get rid of this demon. It lies dormant in everyone, until it is awakened. Please stay strong. The Thomas Recipe will help tremendously....Good luck to you...my friend... Take Care and if you need anything, advice or whatever, please post or feel free to email me Lisa@ Vista Line Online.com I had to space it out because we can't post our emails here....Good luck.
Avatar f tn Problem with methadone is that it stores in your body, in your fat cells, and in your bones, so when you go to switch to suboxone you don't really no for sure if all the methadone is out of your system, witch will then result in extreme withdrawal. But when I was on heroine and switched to suboxone i felt the suboxone was helping with the withdrawals but not making it so i felt good. or normal at all.