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Avatar n tn Blood clots in the vessels of the leg can cause pain, but usually the pain is associated with standing for long periods of time . There may be other reasons for poor circulation as the underlying cause such vericose veins, etc. or there may be a muscle malady. The poor circulation can occur while sitting for long periods of time. Relief should happen when walking periodically to help circulation. Hope this helps, and if you have any further questions or comments you are welcome to respond.
Avatar f tn Your poor daughter. Is post traumatic parasympathetic nerve damage like chronic regional pain syndrome (CRPS)? Good for you for insiting on a MRI. I hope she gets it soon. Thanks for the update, achilles2 PS Please let me know how pt and the MRI go.
Avatar m tn The pain, whether it’s leg pain, lower leg pain or foot pain, usually diminishes with rest, but will reoccur. You may complain of a tired leg, general leg swelling or an aching leg. You may also have cramping or aching that occurs in your legs and feet when you are sleeping or immobile for extended periods of time. In addition, you can incur aching leg symptoms such as ‘cold feet,’ or feet that ‘fall asleep.’ What Causes an Aching Leg?
Avatar n tn I have had leg pain (my right leg ) for more than 2 months now ,i had consulted the doctor she says that i am insufficient on nutrients .My leg usually pains in the afternoon when i sit ideally .But after a brisk walk in the evening and after taking my insulin dosage i feel releived .My leg pain starts i.e from my knees to my foot and pains occassionally at different areas of the leg(knee to foot).
Avatar m tn Do you have poor circulation? Are you inactive? Have you used cool or warm packs? have you had any injuries lately? Go see your Dr. for a plan to control the pain. Good luck.
Avatar n tn from my kneecap down to my feet, it feels as if there is poor circulation. i dont know how to explain it. my legs and feet feel heavy, tired and sometimes a lil tingle. When i exercise on the eliptical machine my feet tend to get numb after 10 minutes. i mentioned it to my primary doc once and she didnt seem concerned. Is there someone that can help me?
Avatar f tn In the past 5 years I have experienced a substantial amount of hair loss and poor circulation in my fingers and toes. I have had blood test done several times and all levels are always normal. Any suggestions as to the cause of this or prevention?
Avatar m tn So I went to the dermotologist and he says that I have Cutis Marmorata (or marble skin) which is from poor circulation and blood flow which may be cause by a blood disorder, vitamin deficiency or lyme lupus etc. He is running every blood test under the sun. I definitely have been noticing tingling and swelling in hands and feet. I'm really nervous about what this could mean! Any idea or experience with this diagnosis.
Avatar f tn Hi, I had a mystery virus 3 years ago that was very intense with high fever, chills, tonsil stuff, etc...then had tingling and burning feelings in my feet and hands along with weakness...it all went away after a few weeks...it wasn't strep, mono or the flu...now the tingling, buzzing feelings, burning feelings, weakness, etc...are back!!! they've been back for like 3-4 weeks now and not to mention I'm always tired throughout the day...
Avatar f tn I would like to know if pain and burning in the calves is related to hypertension or poor circulation. Sometimes its difficult to walk because it feels as thought my legs are going to give out; my feet and ankles also do a lot of cramping. Also, my ankles swell, and my legs feel like trying to lift something heavy and I can't left them up. They are sometimes stiff upon waking up in the morning, and as I keep using them, the pain and sensations get better.
463595 tn?1333997222 Hi, this is something you really will want to ask your Doc about. For a few reasons, burning in a limb can sometimes indicate poor circulation. Another reason, your nerve endings could potentially be misfiring. Also, if the pain is close to your ovary, blood circulation may not be flowing correctly to that area of the body. Less serious matter...the burning could really be in your lower back, but you are just feeling it in your leg. This is called referred pain. Try taking a warm bath.
Avatar f tn Cramps in legs and other muscles can be due to overextension of the muscles,overweight,prolonged standing during the day,dehydration, alterations in the balance of salts in the bloodstream (such as a high or low sodium,calcium or potassium level),neuropathy(esp in diabetes),hypothyroidism,peripheral vascular disease(narrowing of the leg arteries which causes poor circulation),sarcoidosis,excess alcohol,nerve compression, and sometimes liver disease.
Avatar n tn It sounds like poor blood circulation, you can try prenatal stretching/yoga exercises to help :)
Avatar n tn Check your mattress. It's very possible a poor or hard mattress is cutting off your circulation. Also helps to fold and pillow and put it between your knees while sleeping, so that undue stress isn't put on your hips/knees, which can cut off circulation. Sounds to me like this is a circulation issue. Definitely look into a better mattress (I had same problem, new mattress fixed it!
Avatar n tn Most of these individuals did not have leg cramps until after a heart attack. Is it the stents that are causing poor circulation in the legs? Is it the standard medications taken after a heart attack (blood thinners, cholesterol lowering drugs, etc? What are your thoughts?
Avatar n tn I am 62 but I am pretty healthy but lately I get lower leg pain and it's pretty bad at night time and as result I wake up. I try to massage and take sometimes pain killers-panadol. Some days it's perfect. Why does this happen? Please help.
Avatar m tn Your father may be experiencing pain from poor circulation to his leg called PVD (peripheral vascular disease). This is not uncommon in diabetes and/or those ppl with hypertension(elevated blood pressure) problems. Again I am not a physician. This is just my personal opinion. Your father may benefit from seeing a endocrinologist. At the very least he should consult with his PCP. Best of luck to you both.
Avatar n tn Have they done MRI of your brain?