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Avatar m tn Nerve pain is also normal in herpes simplex or only herpes zoster? My doctor diagnosed me as having genital herpes.
1907326 tn?1323898389 So, I'd have to look at my test results, I know they said I have herpes, but I don't know if its herpes I, II, or herpes zoster. The pain on the back of my leg tends to go away in a matter of a few days. I know herpes are attached to nerve endings in the body, so it makes sense when you are stressed these symptoms can arise, because when you are stressed your immune system weakens, preventing the herpes virus from remaining suppressed.
Avatar f tn can herpes be cause leg pain This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/245394'>Herpes and Leg Pain</a>.
Avatar n tn We get many questions about the association of pain in relationship to possible herpes. While herpes does occasionally cause pain at the location where outbreaks occur in the absence of lesions, for it to cause pain of the sort you describe is unheard of. The varicella zoster virus (the member of the herpes virus family that causes chicken pox) can cause nerve pain; it does no only on one side however.
Avatar n tn I had Cytomegalovirus when I was in Jr high and when I was 16 I started having severe leg pain with a painful tingling in my toes. Shortly after the pain stopped I would have a blistering rash always on the same side of my leg midway up my calf. It came and went all the time until about a year ago 10 yrs later. I've never experienced any other outbreaks other than this. Could this be Genital Herpes and I've had it all along? Did the Cytomegalovirus have anything to do with this?
19892408 tn?1502692887 Did stretching help your leg pain?
Avatar m tn I have never been tested for the herpes virus but I am pretty sure I have had it for many years but I have never taken any medication. Usually about three times a year I will first have a terrible night's sleep tossing and turning. That will usually be followed by a few days of strange pain in the back of my thigh or testicles. Sometimes an itchy red spot will appear on the shaft of my penis near the tip which often turns into a small blister or series of a few small blisters.
Avatar f tn I went to the doctor Monday, we are still waiting on the results from the culture he did but he is pretty positive I have genital herpes. I'm having some pretty weird leg pain it pretty much feels like my legs are sunburned my skin all over my legs is very tender. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it related to gh?
Avatar n tn Hi if your wondering are these symptoms of a recent herpes infection, no they would not be. When a person does have them it would be more of body aches and a fever as the body is mounting a defense building antibodies. Of couse only testing would confirm if you have herpes but it would appear its from the bike ride and not symptoms of herpes.
Avatar n tn For over a week I have had the following symtoms: leg pain, grion pain, small cuts in thigh grion area ( healed in 4 days), a bumps on the back side of my scrotom. Is this herpes? I am married but during a seperation 4 months ago I had an enounter, no intercouse but some oral and body play.
Avatar n tn he said i should not worry about my leg pain and the area might not be herpes. i dont feel pain when i urinate and it does not hurt to touch the "effected area". i will find out if the area is herpes in about 3 weeks, but i am wondering if i should be concerned with both my legs feeling sore and a few very small bumps on my penis. like i said no other symptoms such as headache or painful urination has occurred. is this something i should be worried about? is leg pain a symptom?
Avatar n tn you tried to post on someone else's post on the std expert forum so it was bumped over here. continue to follow up on your post you have going on the herpes forum with any further questions - thanks!
Avatar m tn If its not herpes, then what is it? The bumps i got don't point to herpes but all the nerve pain and constant non-stop muscle twitching mainly in my legs seems to say that it may be nerve damage from herpes. I have done tons of searching on the web and I have seen ppl saying they got leg twitchings from herpes but all the experts don't seem to think its related. I take all sorts of vitamins so, i can't have any deficiencies. And i had an xray of my back to rule out spinal abnormalities.
Avatar m tn Very doubtful the pain described is related to Herpes, but it is possible. Herpes can and does cause leg pain of varying degrees. It does not always coincide with an "outbreak" of blisters on the genitals, and if one knows they have Herpes and they are experiencing leg, buttocks, calf or foot pain, it usually means the virus is active and they may be able to easily pass the virus if they engage in sexual activity.
Avatar n tn I also experienced some lower back pain, leg pain, tightness below the buttocks and in back of the knee as well as some groin pain/tightness. Again, all of these symptoms move throughout the day and I should note I had back surgery and I usually have back and leg pain daily. I also occasionally get a random anus itch. I have convinced myself I have herpes and have become very depressed and prone to anxiety.
Avatar m tn I know Slacker101 said it wasn't herpes however herpes effects the nervous system. Your leg pain could be related to this. Not everyone has the same symptons.
Avatar m tn No lesions or bumps during or after Also, I've been having leg pain and buttock pain for 2 weeks, also no bumps or lesions. Should I accept the results I posted earlier? Thank you.
Avatar m tn Hi my brother was complaining of muscle spasms/ tingling in his left leg, and the tingling feeling worsens when he sits down. He said there is no pain when he urinates, but there is a burn with his urethra. He had unprotected sex with a female almost a month ago and was scared he may have contracted herpes. Can someone offer some insight?
Avatar m tn hello i had sex with a one night stand, and about two days later i had a tingel in the tip of my penis and hurt to pee about 75% of the time that is all gone now, then a buring/itch started in my groin/thigh for about two days, went to the docs they said that it was not a sing of herpes but the more i read online tells me that it is and the day after i went to the docs i started having pian in my leg come and gose, i have pain in my back evernow and then but i think thats just from sitting/layin
Avatar m tn About 5-6 days later I started feeling a pain in my left butt cheek and a little bit in my left leg. This pain felt like nerve pain except there was no sharp shooting pain or pain/tingling/burning of the skin when I touched it. It felt like the soreness you get after working out. Anyways it was difficult sitting down for long periods of time and the pain lasted for about 1 week after that it disappeared.
Avatar f tn I had unprotected sex back in Dec. I've been getting red pimples on me groin. No pain or itching at all! They started where I shave. They would look like an infected hair kinda of or just stay a red bump. Then I noticed a few that had white heads. The become hard and have stayed that way for 2 months? No pain just a hard white looking pimple? A handful in my my hair region two on my thighs and the rest where my sac touches my leg?
Avatar f tn I just went to the OB/GYN today about some bumps along the crease where my leg meets my vulva area between my legs. She told me that those were just ingrown hairs so I was immediately relieved, but she said along the same crease of my leg (which has been very tender, but burning only in areas where she diagnosed an ingrown hair) there are 2 flat circles of skin with a pink/shiny texture, that look like they could be healed herpes ulcers.
Avatar m tn None of this would be caused by herpes. Herpes wouldn't give you spots on your arms, cause arm pain, or weight loss (if only). While herpes can give you leg pains, it wouldn't coincide with arm pains, dizziness, worsening muscle pain with exertion, etc. Clearly you have something going on, and it doesn't sound STD-related. I'd ask for an MRI of your back, and if that's ok, see a neurologist. Even if you for sure got herpes (which I don't think you did), I'd still suggest this.
Avatar f tn I got all symptoms regarding herpes like little fever it comes nd goes nd body heating nd leg pain . Nd also have fishy odour like smell while my foreskin is removed in penis . What should i do ??