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Avatar n tn dont get easily stressed. pain is on right side, below ribcage, but on left side of right ribcage mostly. dr thinks its gallbladder, i'm not sure. no change in my bowel movements, eat as i usually do but now i have heartburn which i've never had, and feel sometims like throwing up. any ideas?
Avatar f tn No .. I am sorry, I missed "left" part from your note; Gall bladder pain is mainly on the right side (very rarely going to left) but its lump/ mucocele is always on the right side.
Avatar f tn Not only that, when i touch my left side, the pain is stil there. When i jog, sharp pain will arise after a few minutes.
Avatar f tn Much worse than a little lower than that or on the left side? Right upper quadrant pain is characteristic of a gall bladder problem. Everyone's symptoms are different, but pain in that area really helps narrow it down. I wouldn't wait much longer to get checked out. Gall bladder problems can lead to pancreatitis and other things when not taken care of timely! Good luck.
Avatar n tn Left-sided pain can be due to an ulcer, inflammation of the upper digestive tract, or spleen disorders. Atypically, gallbladder pain can present on the left side. 4) Post-surgery, you should be able to lead a normal life and diet. The recovery time can vary from patient to patient. A low-fat diet is normally recommended if there are continued loose bowel movements from the surgery. These questions can be discussed with your personal physician or surgeon.
Avatar n tn I have now developed mid to lower back pain - mostly on my left side (back) to go along with my upper abdominal (right side) and nausea. I really would like to meet with the doctor before the 10th of March. I just don't know if I can stand all this for 2 more weeks! It is beginning to wear on my nerves. I can't sleep all night unless I take a "knock out" pill. I am so afraid something is really wrong and time is wasting - I know fear can make you go nuts.
Avatar f tn 6 months ago I started having pain in my right upper side of stomach. Since then I have had muscle spasms all through my stomach and up my right and left side. I have spasms in arms, legs feet and hands also. My stomach also burns at times, tingling at times and cramps up. I had a stent put in two years ago which a doctor just removed on friday. I had hoped that would take care of my problem. It didn't.
Avatar n tn He found crystals in the bile. my question can you have pain from this that radiates to the right side up the back and proceeds to have pain all along the diaphragm area and appears intermittent. I get this pain and it starts on the right and then lingers to the left side a while. my doctor suggest to take out the bladder. what do you think. I have a lot of pain. scale 1-10 it rates a 7 to 8. very painful.
Avatar n tn With a severe gallbladder attack the pain is very intense and is on the right side under and near the ribs generating to the middle. I don't recall if I had a full feeling, but I do know that eating affected it. Eventually I was living on Carnation Inst. Break. drink before the surgery. Mine was caused by gallstones. I would ask to be retested or see a different dr. I know when I was having attacks during my 3rd trimester, the dr.
Avatar n tn stabbing pain in right upper flank also radiating around to just below the rib cage in the back. Pain lasted about half an hour to 45min. After that felt like somebody had beaten me up. Whole back, left and right side, very sore and tender. Right flank remained tender for a few days. After that "colic" started to develop dizziness on and of which is still present. Over last 2 months noticed lots of indigestion, i.e. gas, burping, a bit of reflux.
Avatar n tn I have noticed that most of the time when people have gallbladder trouble they say they have pain on the right side. My doctor sent me for a emptying scan because he thinks my gallbladder is not contracting right. My question is if its my gallbladder how come I only have pain in the middle of my upper stomach, between my ribcage. I also have bloating,my stomach swells out bad! I used to be able to take Gas-X and it would help, but not anymore.
Avatar n tn Can your gallbladder be on the left side? I have all the symptoms of gallbladder attack, but it's on the left side. I just came from having an ultrasound, chest x-ray and blood work, they found nothing. But I swear, it's the same symptoms I read and talked to others about the gallbladder, just it's on the left, upper back, under shoulder blade, continuing around to the front and closing in on my chest. Can't take deep breaths, lift my arms above my head or reach down.
Avatar n tn hi i recently had my gall bladder taken out and got immediate relief for about 1 month of symptoms but now i have pain in my upper left side radiating down to my left side and i have indegestion and some nausea again. it is almost like my gall bladder was never taken out. i had the light ran down my throat and into my stomach at the time of surgery with no ulcers or sign of any problems. what could this be now? what is the sign of appendicits?
Avatar f tn for about a week now I have had pain on the left side right below my left breast ( a nagging pain) and also on the left side lower back by my kidney it sometimes feels like a burning sinsation along with sharp stomach cramps right below my rib cage. I have been to the doctor several times and they said that I have GERD do you think it could be my gull bladder?
Avatar f tn I am a 31 year old female with moderate and sometimes severe pain in my left side that radiates up to my shoulder. My recent lab report revealed high liver enzymes. But my doctor didn't seem very concerned and didn't think that it was indicative of the pain on my left side. My doctor said my pain was due to colic and prescribed bentyl but I haven't seen any improvement and it has been almost two weeks.
Avatar n tn Hi, It is unlikely to be gallstone. Because gallstone pain is usually felt on the right upper quadrant. The pain on the left side could be due to peptic ulcer disease, pancreatitis or diverticulitis.
Avatar f tn can you have pain from the lefthand side if its gallbladder related the pain radiates from under my left breast around into my back and up to shoulder and also arm. all on the lefthand side. theres is also a large history of gallbladder removal in my family. and ive suffred with my stomach for many years thinking it was gallbladder related, but this pain didnt make me feel like i needed to vomit..
Avatar f tn hi i have had 2 ultrasounds on y left breast i am 20.. i have pain in the left side under my breast heart area underarm and ribcage doctrs dont know what is rong i get scared because of the pain. nothing has shown up in blood tests and ultrasounds.. im young and still growing mybe a needle biopcye? im relly over this pain it stops me doing heaps of stuff..could it be gallblader? an ukcer somewhere???
Avatar n tn Im 28 year old I have been having pressure like pain on the upper left side of my ribs.. the first Doctor said it was the Acid Reflux thing then i started to vomit after eating. Second Doctor did a upper GI nothing there for Reflux went to another doctor he really had nothing to say he gave me delay pills.. I took 4 different types before we found the right one the..
Avatar n tn Now over the past two months the pain has spread to my lower back I can not even sleep on my left side. There is a bulge at the top of my buttocks.. Can anyone help me pleaase!??!!??!!?!?
Avatar n tn I agree with the upper GI series and Protonix. Typically gallbladder pain causes right-sided pain, and it would be atypical for the left-sided pain to be cased by the gallbladder. The pancreas or spleen should be evaluated. A CT scan can be done to exclude problems here. Further evaluation of the upper digestive tract can be done with an upper endoscopy. These options should be discussed with your personal physician. Followup with your personal physician is essential.
Avatar f tn I have periodic intestinal cramping with a dull to acute pain in my left side. I've been through all the tests for gallbladder, kidney, and pancrease and have tested out okay. I have a gastroenterologist and he is baffled so has anyone ever had these symptoms without finding the cause? Shirley This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/234699'>First Time Experience w/Pancreatitus??</a>.
4339971 tn?1353047088 Im having pain on my left side when i lay down..this is the first time this has happened...I have gallstones that have not been removed yet...can this have anything to do with it??? I get real light headed alot to the point where i about fall over...everything goes black and i get kinda dizzy....is this something to worry about? o and the pain on my left side hurts worse when i lay down it doesn't hurt as bad when i sit up or stand?
Avatar f tn I have recently stopped taking all pain medication and I feel everything. The lower left quadrant pain, upped left quadrant pain, and the upper right quadrant pain from the removal of my gallbladder. I experienced hot flashes and cold chills last night. This morning I had cold chills so bad that I had three blankets on, a hat, hoodie, and winter jacket on inside my house with the thermostat at 73 degrees. It took me over 4 hours to warm up.
Avatar n tn Someone suggested that it could be a problem with the gallbladder even though the gallbladder isn't on the left the pain apparently can radiate to the left. Is your diet high in fat or do you drink a lot of alcohol? Everytime i eat healthier the pain seems to go away.
Avatar n tn I have a persistent pain in the upper left region of my abdomen which seems to radiate down the left side to the small colon region (around my belt line, although the more intense pain is always in the upper part of the left side). I have had just about every test possible (Ultrasound, CAT Scan, HIDA scan, endoscope, blood work, etc.) to determine the source of the pain.
Avatar m tn It is more under the nipple to left side of my chest and left arm sometimes. I also get pain in my back sort of between shoulder blades when it is really bad. I have had ekg, reads normal ,BP 123/87 no shortness of breath. My cholesterol levels, bad cholesterol was below slightly do not remember exact number. Good cholesterol was slightly higher than normal but was told that helps to fight coronery disease.I do not have insurance and both my wife and I recently lost our jobs.
Avatar m tn My symptoms are pain under left ribcage which now is also on right side. Started suddenly 2 wks ago. I am Diabetic controlled without insulin since 4/2010. ER ruled out heart problems. Had a ulta sound of my gallbladder-normal. Had Hida scan-77% function. Belching often(new) feels like there is something in my abdomen. Waiting for ct scan of abdomen results.Do you think this could be pancreatic cancer or know what else I could be tested for.. 47 year old white male-otherwise healthy.