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Avatar f tn It went overt shoulder down the back of my arm. At the same time it shot up my neck on left side wrapped around the back on my neck and settled in my upper jaw joint in front of my right ear. That hurt! The spot by my ear in the jaw joint was horrible. I did have mild sweating. Odd thing was I was talking when it happened stopped mid sentence and my husband said I was pale I sat in chair with a thud. I looked stunned he said. I tried to get my husband to take me to ER or call 911.
Avatar m tn I have chest,neck,jaw and head pain on the left side also the top side of left shoulder. I have 4 stents in my heart and I had two mini stokes in 2007. Right now my blood presure on the left side is 106/59 and pulse of 46 Could someone tell me what is going on?
Avatar n tn I'm having occasional trouble with pain on the left side of my neck, jaw and arm. It comes and goes. I've had a CT of my head done (clean) as well as an MRI of my brain area and neck (both clean). The doctor who ordered the MRI gave me another doctor's name if the problems continued. I don't know whether I've pinched a nerve somewhere or having some sort of circulatory problems.
Avatar f tn shoulder pain (left) tingliness in fingers pain on the bottom of my left forearm pain on the bottom side of my left upper arm jaw pain (this I think may have been due to anxiety mixed with my thyroid, I was clenching my jaw quite a bit) weakness in hands feeling my heart beating in my neck literally seeing the blood vessel in my eyeballs pulsing after getting my heart pumping (like going up a flight of stairs) feeling my heart beating below my sternum, above my belly button I've never had any
Avatar m tn ok so i have a pain in my back upper left side, and sometimes pain in my chest on the same side. im 22 years old and have no prior health problems. whenever i lay on my side i feel like a burning sensation and almost a faint kind of feeling. same when i lay on my stomach , right or left sides. i also eperience pain in the back and random pains in the chest.. some times left arm pains.. i dont really have an overall sense of well being and this really freaks me out.
Avatar n tn The odd headache in the temple region that is sharp and pusle's in and out( as if being hit ) that runs through to my eyeballs. Get pain in my neck that runs up the left side just under my jaw (where you feel your pulse). Also get that feeling of impending doom (ie I'm gonna drop dead or die). Both my doctors say my heart is fine, but why do I still get these physical symptoms, is there something they are missing or should be checking for. Should I be seeing a physcologist?
Avatar f tn Starting about 4 days ago though, the pain is in the left side of my neck right above my collar bone. I get sharp pains in this spot whenever I extend my left arm. There has also been some pain off and on on the inside of my arm where my forearm meets my bicep. It's been really painful and has made it difficult to sleep. What could be causeing this? One other question, can neck related problems cause chest pain and breathing difficulty? I've been experiencing that as well.
659608 tn?1318292966 If you are having any other cardiac symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest pain, nausea, pain radiating down the left arm or anything like that go to the Emergancy department. It is however more than possible that you could have an infection in your jaw, say, from an impacted or infected wisdom tooth. Tooth pain can often make the ear and neck hurt as well (just as an ear infection can make the teeth hurt...).
Avatar f tn Anyways, I have been experiencing chronic left sided pain (arm,shoulder, and neck) along with back pain in the middle since February. I have had this on and off for about 2 years, but it has been chronic for almost 3 months. I wake up with it in the morning and go to bed with it at night. It ranges from a dull ache (almost like the area is weak) to a sharp pain. I have had so much testing done in the past 3 months that I don't know where to turn.
Avatar f tn I have been in the ER multiple times from pain in my clavicle that goes up the side of my neck (mainly the front) goes behind my left ear and into my left temple/eye causing the migraines. I also get pain in my left ear and jaw. and a feeling when I move my head on the left side that sounds and feels almost like a pinching. Now, I have seen a pretty highly regarded surgeon in my area, the same one since the mass was found.
Avatar n tn When I try to massage the pain away it gives me all these symptoms plus a headache in my left temple and aches up the left side of my neck into my jaw. I have tried taking anti-inflammatories but the seemed to have little effect. Do you have any advice for me, I do suffer from stress and I am on herbal meds to sort this out but they are not having any effect on the pains/nausea.
Avatar n tn Some time I fell pain in one line starting from my teeth in left side of mouth then in jaw, neck chest and back side of shoulder. I feel that I have a pain in a vessel. I can't tell you exactly from when it started(may be from last 6 months). But it comes within 2 months for once. Often I skip my breakfast.I am software professional so i sit in my seat and work , no physical activities are involved. Some times I use to smoke(Once or twice in a week, earlier I used to smoke one cigarette daily).
Avatar m tn For two weeks now I have been having chest,neck,jaw and side of head which is only happening on the left side I also get pain going to theleft shoulder. In the five years they put four stents in my hart and two mini stokes in 2007. Could someone tell me what is going on with me?
Avatar n tn Pain runs from upper left chest (collar bone/shoulder area), up through left side of neck and sometimes all the way up past left jaw and around to head behind left ear and up. Sensation is brought on exertion, standing from a sitting position & standing after bending. Also occurs when laying in bed on side (supporting body with left arm).
Avatar f tn While the clicking sensation in the ear is commonly related to issues with TMJ (Temporo-mandibular Joint/ Jaw Joint); the pain on the left side of the neck region could be related to spinal postural defects, injuries/ trauma, degenerations, growths/ masses, inflammations, neuro-muscular issues, issues with any of the internal neck structures such as the food pipe/ wind pipe etc, referred pain from other organs located in the chest.
Avatar f tn Hi all A question for your knowledgable selves I have had this a few times now Sometimes in the bath Sometimes in the night when sleeping , I was fast asleep last night and woke with the most painful chest pain left side , and going into my left shoulder and down left arm it is gripping I couldn't lay back down it eased slightly when I sat up It's now mid afternoon and I've still got it but in my back (shoulder ) I'm still undiagnosed , had an episode last Monday of double vision and p
Avatar f tn * neck pain * Shoulder pain mostly on left * Jaw pain on left * headache on left side * Arm pain both hands, esp finger pain * leg pain near calves * Ear pain slightly painful when it occurs. * Slight Stomach pain and also at abdomen sometimes Even thought ECG was taken, I am somewhat feeling insecure.
Avatar f tn Now last wednesday evening after having a bad few days with the pain, which was also radiating in the left hand side of my neck and jaw/teeth i got scared and went to the A+E. The doctor there ran an ECG, chest x ray and blood tests. Im not sure what all the tests were but i know he did d dimer test and he said there was no infection in my body and they also took blood from my wrist i think he said to check oxygen or gas levels?
Avatar f tn it could be something not as sinister, in a heart attack there is chest pain, lower jaw pain, dizziness, pain radiating down the armmainly left side, sometimes with heart disease there is a mucasey cough that lasts for months, are you healthy? have you checked your cholesterol? and bp?
4250330 tn?1388624779 its like a neddle pain i guess but i get it on the left side towards my arm and sometimes its under my left breast and on top of it do u know what it could be ?
Avatar f tn they did ekg and xray. all fine. after 6 month it spread to my left side. i had pain all over my front chest. then it moved to my back. i went to the emergency and went home with pain killer which doesn;t lower my pain at all. i went to a doctor, they gave me naproxin-thinking it could be an infection in my lung. that didn;t help too. now i am taking gabapentin- they are guessing nerve problem.
Avatar f tn HI, Jaw pain and numbness in the left arm are some of the signs of impending heart problems. Jaw pain can be one of the most excruciating pain known to man. oir woman!! You must determine the source of the pain, what is causing it. Something is putting pressure on the trgeminal nerve, it could be putting your hands in hot water, the tissue swells a little, putting pressure onthe nerve causing the pain. Are you unconsously clenching your teeth when running?
Avatar f tn That was my 8th neck nurgery and am fused from C3 thru T2, now that my neck is totaly fused my pain is pretty much gone after 25 years, so it can still be fixed don't give up. Keep me posted, been there done that.
Avatar m tn I still feel the pain in my left chest, it is sometimes kind of a sharp pain and mild pain, Iam also going through pain on my left hand and sometimes on my neck and jaw. I dont have problem in breating or sweating. Please let me know what could be the reason for the pain.
1560356 tn?1294838700 The pain is around the top of my left chest and it goes to the side of my chest near my breast, today I also got the pain under my breast very sharp, but i then felt it down my left side of my stomach, it is really strange. I do however suffer from IBS. It feels like i have 2 different problems, the rest of the pain is the back of my neck down my arm and this feels like pressure pushing on me, it is like someone squeezing me all the time.
Avatar n tn This includes muscle spasms in the left scapular area radiating up into the left side of neck, jaw and face, then down the left arm and into my little finger and ring finger. In these areas I also have sensations of burning, coldness, tingling, sharp piercing shocks, and sensations of needles. I also have weakness in my left arm when I try to lift objects such as a book or coffee cup. The symptoms range in severity and come and go depending on what I'm doing.
5897684 tn?1376332978 i have such intense left side pain its under my left breast like in my ribs gos around to the center of my chest . i take a RX but sometimes its not enough. i do NOT have burning and that seems strange to me, this pain will last up to 10 hours and always at night. i dont eat before bed so i dont know what brings this on. i thought it was my heart did all the tests and $8000 later my heart is good... but this pain is SO INTENSE .
424634 tn?1277861128 I've noticed that when it's cold, and I'm jogging, or hiking at a quick pace or up a tough slope, I get a pain in my neck, mostly on one side, located just below the left ear, just behind and under the jaw bone. Sometimes it travels into the lower jaw and into my teeth. (It's the same sensation I get when I strain to blow up a balloon.) But when I stop or slow down to an easy walk, the pain dissipates.