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1500525 tn?1458529998 For the past day ive been having bad intermittent pain under my left rib cage my left shoulder, left arm down to the fingers & my left leg, and foot. I have heart failure with an ef of 15 so Im worried that its connected.
Avatar n tn I have pain under my left side rib area and numbness on left side abdominal area whats going on with me it hurts to lay on my side and when I get up it hurts so bad at times i cry! What are these pains symptoms of?
Avatar n tn I have pain from sternum, into ribs just under left breast. Feels bruised to touch but haven't done anything to cause it. Hurts to wear bra and hurts to lay on left side. What could be causing this?
Avatar n tn Sometimes I jerk back upright the pain is that bad and its still there. Right under my ribs on the left side. I feel a lump there and if I push on it it goes away a short while later. I've been wondering if I could have a hernia that high up.
4658567 tn?1364142123 I'm only 24+3 and for the last week and half I can't sit or lay on either side without this horrible pressure of pain under my left ribs.. It doesn't feel like his foot stuck up under there but I can't do anything bout it. Mom said it could be my organs needing a place to go and they chose there... Anyone else have this?? How far along were/are you? And how did you make it go away?!?!?!?
Avatar f tn Tags: Pain, left, ribs, left ribs, years, muscles, sores, pancreas. I too have suffered with symptoms identical to yourself and have in the past had a similar lifestyle.
1122883 tn?1259513959 i dont know if the fact that the phlem is hard to cough up matters but i have now had for the last week a pain under my left brest. like underneath it in the muscles by my ribs. i dont know if i srained it coughing too much or what but its unpleasent, i cant breath deep or stand straight, cough or really tweak that side of my body too much without it sending shooting pain. if it helps, i have been describing it to people as it feels like a rib is poking my lungs or something.
Avatar f tn I have a pain in my left side under my ribs. It hurts if I palpate that area and if i bend to pick up something to close to the ground, or if I turn my waist sharply. What can it be?
3162153 tn?1343744621 i have a pain in left rib at front feels like baby foot under there like when i was pregnant had my child over year ago the pain comes if driving or sitting awkward too long goes after couple seconds of standing
Avatar n tn hi ive had pain under both my ribcages seems like a heavy feeling, its worse on the right side and when i breathe in deep my left side feels weird almost as if something is stretching, im getting an upper GI endoscopy soon but all my blood work has turned up normal, ive also been very constipated lately for about 3 wks and my symptoms all started with mild heartburn that went away and is now mainly the ribcage pain and the constipation, i also belch all the time...any ideas on what it might be?
Avatar f tn Im 20 weeks pregnant. From today morning onwards im feeling pain under my left breast. Im disturbed and a bit worried about it. Could anyone tell me why it happens so..
Avatar f tn A few days ago, I had an extremely sharp pain right under my left ribs. The pain would go away if I laid down but when I was standing, walking or sitting it would begin to work again. What could this be?
Avatar n tn I keep getting a sharp stabbing pain in my left side under my ribs. it only been happening today but now its happening bout every half hour. its making me feel dizzy its that bad. what could it be????
Avatar f tn I am a 41 year old female. I got large exernal piles suddenly at the end of June. I had a hemmoidectomy to have them removed. A routine colonoscopy 3 weeks ago revelead non specifc inflamation of colon, but bloods were fine as was biopsy. Over past two weeks, I have continuous, low grade 'hot' pain under my ribs on the left hand side. I also have painful bowel movements with some blood. I was told to come back for an abdominal ct scan.
Avatar f tn How far along are you? It could be baby.
Avatar f tn Im having pain under both ribs . Could this be the baby ? I'm 25&5 and he is very active ..
Avatar n tn I have a pain located in between my breasts but closer to my right side just under my ribs. I though it was my ribs at first but I don't think so. Do you have any ideas of what it could be?
Avatar f tn I have 37 days to go and I feel your pain. My son has been kicking my upper ribs so often that the nerves there now feel like a huge burning tearing feeling.
94902 tn?1330479667 OK - i know I may be a hypochondriac, but every day for the last 2 weeks I have had this feeling of something kind of poking at me under my left rib - if feels like something kind of pushing against me. Changing positions doesn't really help, but eventually the sensation will just go away. But it comes back everyday. I have an appt tomorrow and I'm gonna ask about it, but I'm worried. What if its like a tumor or something!?!?!?