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Avatar m tn Did you have the flu and then get a dry cough with stabbing pain after or just stabbing pain or what type of pain is it. Does it hurt when you breathe in or out? Do you have a low grade fever? How pain is the pain and do you nausea or other symptoms with it? Anything bring it on?
Avatar f tn burning pain in back between left shoulder and spine.
1773669 tn?1314200298 Hi, I am Angie 42 years old I have terrible pain in my back on left side, left pelvic pain and pain down the left leg . It comes and goes. Gets real bad,whenever I put weight on the leg. It is so bad that I am afraid to stand. I have to be taking pain killer everyday. Help please what could this be?
Avatar n tn Hi, I have been having pain in my upper left back and left neck....I'm 25 male and have been working out almost for the past 2 yrs....i might have hurt myself during workout ?...about 10 months ago, I visited a doctor about pain that i was getting in the middle of my chest and I was told it was just an inflammation 'costochondritis' and i took some anti inflammatory drugs which seemed to have eased the pain.
Avatar f tn Earlier tonight, I kept getting this pain in my back like by my spine, it kept coming and going for like an hour or so, almost like someone was stabbing me and then jiggling the knife in my back.. I didn't bring me to tears, but it about took my breath away every time... Is this normal?? I'm 18+4..
Avatar f tn Hi, theres no pain, it just feels like it gets tight right there by my left shoulder blade in my back. I have been sitting at the computer a lot. I have been smoking for about 15 years and am 28 years old. Just wondering if the tightening is a symptom and do you think if I quit smoking soon I will be ok? Thanks.
Avatar f tn i have this back pain and its a little in the front lower abdomen area,, just on the left side of my body,,, its doesn't hurt when i walk but i can feel it when i sit i worry about this cause when i miscarried last year , the first sign was the back pain,,,,but the pain also went into my left leg the last time,,, nothing like that happening now, is this something i should worry about ???
2200368 tn?1345848512 I also had back pain before that. Than again a month ago I started to feel a bit pain in the lower side of back then the left side started to hurt from the mid of the back to somewhere above the knee.It turned out it was sciatica.But when I'm lying down I have a feeling like the right side of my back is above the left side,and when I'm doin some exercise I feel like left side doesn't participate at all.
Avatar n tn the pain is in my left side, not all the time only sometimes..also sometimes when i breath heavy or take a deep breath..the pain is anywhere from right below my rib cage to the shoulder blade on my left side back!! Im only 17 and i had went to the dr and i had UTI took all my meds but im still having the problem..I sleep only on my left side so i thought it could be sleeping on it wrong..or just the anxiety that i suffer from..or maybe nerves considering i have been under alot of stress..
Avatar f tn I am 38+6 weeks i have really bad pain, i lay down on my left side and i put a big pillow in my back and make pressure with it, it helps me a little bit
Avatar m tn s getting severe left side disc pain and even calf pain. Could you please give on comments on the same.
Avatar f tn I'm 11 weeks and experiencing back pain. It almost feels like a cramp but it's only on the back left side of my lower back. I've been doing a lot of painting to get my new house ready, but has anyone else gotten pain like this? If so what have you done to relieve it?
Avatar n tn I am having back pain as well on left side, more near the same point as front, but also left side lower back. I have been to doctor and they say I have IBS and mechanical back pain. Somehow I feel there is something else. Can you please guide?
Avatar n tn t have any health problems, except that I get from time to time really bad lower back pain. I always tend to have pain just in one particular are of my back, which is the lower left part. It feels like a sharp pain and sometimes will "lock" my back, making it hurt really badly if i move to quickly or move in a certain position.
Avatar f tn I have had very severe back pain for about 7 months now ..Since seeing a pysiotheropist 3 months ago there has been tremendous improvement..I would recommend that you read the book ...7 steps to a pain free life ..by ROBIN MCENZIE as well as seeking a thereapist..regards Brenda ..
Avatar f tn You have nothing to loose, decompression can relieve a protrusion, but not always. You should be having left arm symptoms, pain, numbness, tingling. With the decompression therapy don't let a Chiro talk you into some long term plan, if it is going to work you should see improvement quickly. There is no cure for degeneration of the discs, Dr's. need to be careful if using the word cure.
231903 tn?1281482584 last night and ALL day today ive had a horrible dull pain in my lower left back, slightly above my bottom. It hurts real bad to even bend forward the slightlest bit. I have had this exact pain come and go for years. when it comes it lasts about a week.. then goes away.. but it comes back over and over again after so many weeks/months at a time. I will also randomly get numbness/tingling sensations in my whole lower body, basically from my lower back/lower abdomen, all the way down to my feet.
Avatar n tn Are the muscles in that area tight or swollen? Does it hurt worse when you lift or do something that pulls on those muscles?If that is what the doctor said, did he give you any type of muscle relaxer to help it? He didn't recommend any therapy, either? I would have to question him about that. If pain goes up the left shoulder blade, I don't know about constant pain, but I do know that back pain that runs up the left side of the back can be a symptom of problems with the gall bladder.
Avatar f tn I had the epidural on August 22nd, during the procedure which I was laying stomach down, my left leg involuntarily kicked up and I had excruciating pain in my left leg. The dr said I needed to relax and he was going to give me more numbing meds. The next morning I felt ok, but the night of the 23rd I went to put my recliner down and felt a pop in my back. Searing pain brought tears to my eyes.
Avatar f tn Small bilateral parcentral L3 disc herniation has developed since previous study with prominent left lateral annular tear. Left lateral disc bulge and spurring with moderate foraminal stenosis but without intraforminal left L4 neural compression. I hope to hear from you. Thank you soooooooooooooo much.
7170830 tn?1388805687 I am having discomfort in back - sort of upper left side, could be lung area. Has been bothering me for 2 months and yes I am a smoker, when taking deep breath does not bother me that much, it more my movements which I grown at times. I am abit nervous to find out what this problem maybe.