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Avatar n tn Hi. Iam 8 weeks pregnant and I'm having this weird left hip pain. Is this normal???
Avatar f tn I been having left hip pain for about two months and the urgent care I went to prescribed me tylenol with codiene and I couldn't take it. I was wondering if I should go to labor and delivery or the er and get it checked out and I'm 24 weeks and 5 days. It is hard for to get up from a sitting position or even if I'm walking around it hurts and regular tylenol won't help take the pain away.
Avatar f tn My left hip is killing me. I cant sleep on my left side cuz the pain is so bad. the only way I can sleep is holding my left leg in a birthing position while the other is stretched. Sigh just wanted to know if anyone is having this issue. And I have a very active 15 months old that ii chase everywhere puck up toys etc...not to mention back is killung me.
1348303 tn?1276628341 I've been having this left hip pain and i think its because I've been sleeping on the left side of my body.
Avatar f tn Is there a reason why I am having pains in my left hip?? It's only on my left side though. Has anyone else experienced this??
Avatar f tn Hey- Anyone experiencing hip pain at all? My left hip hurts so bad all of a sudden. When I try to put my left leg onto my right leg. Its a shooting pain. Not sure if the neuro needs to know this or my regular dr?
Avatar f tn I have pain in lower back and pelvic area, left hip pain, and pain on the back side of left leg. I went to an orthopedic surgeon and they did an MRI on my back and left leg. The MRI s have been inconclusive. Xrays were taken of left leg, left hip and back. He said everything looked ok. I have been to physical therapy several times over the past few years which helps for awhile but the pain has gotten worse. I am 51 years old. I have lost 25 lbs in the last 3 months.
Avatar f tn My new pain mgmt doc ordered a bi-lateral hip MRI and it showed that I have a tear and a small cyst in the cartiledge lining of my left hip and a tear at the hip bone (greater trochanter) of the gluteus medius in my right hip.I had associated bi-lateral bursitis which was taken care of with oral steroids and PT. I am scheduled with a specialist to deal with the continuing right hip issue. My left hip seems to be ok for the moment.
Avatar n tn I'm 26 weeks and have terrible hip pain in my left hip and slightly in my right and can barely sleep at night from tossing and turning. Anyone have this same problem and any solutions?
Avatar f tn No other symptoms besides pain? Does the pain come after meals? Is it relieved by BMs? Do you get relief from pressing your back against a wall? I'm thinking gallbladder. If an ultasound doesn't reveal stones, they could do a HIDA scan.
Avatar f tn I have pain when I do certain movements on left side of my hip and lower back.
8564878 tn?1405305244 14 weeks tomorrow the past week I've had like a pain in my left leg / hip why is my leg feel like it might pop out
653798 tn?1224523344 And if I hit any part of my left leg I always fell the pain in my left hip. This pain is like someone is reapin my leg off. But my pain was like that all the time before my surgery and the Dr did tell me that my pain was only going to get 50% better and it did because I can walk and I thank GOD and the Dr. very much for that.
Avatar m tn I have had pain on my left hip for 2yrs. Have gone to the orthopedic and all x-rays, mri and blood work show that I am normal, nothing wrong. I hurt when I get up from sitting, touching and sleeping on left side. In addition my calf hurts on the left side. Had a nerve conductivity test done, came back normal. Orthopedic gave up on me and now not sure what to do. Took anti-inflamation pills and underwent physical therapy...nothing works.
Avatar f tn Is there any way to relieve this terrible pain I'm having in my left hip? Sometimes after work I can't even walk, and I'm only 5.5 months.
11294269 tn?1422402907 ve had hip pain only in my left hip. At first I thought i slept wrong but it hasnt gone away. Theres a very good change it is hip related because i am overweight, however I've gained only a couple of pounds and never had this before the pregnancy. Is a heatpack safe to apply to my hip? Any other suggestions?
Avatar f tn 7 days ago now I have had a catch and sharp pain in the right hip when bending over. The left leg pain has also gotten worse when sitting and laying. Is it just coincidence that the pain got worse after the injection? What other tests can be done to get to the source of the left leg pain? Right now I am looking at possible hip replacement, but I don't want to go ahead with that without knowing for sure that is the source of the pain.
Avatar f tn I'm 21 weeks. Who else has hip pain, my right hip is always hurting me.. Anyone else ?
Avatar f tn I have the exact the same problem! Constant pain on my left hip! Especially in the mornings it's really painful. I find that the cycling helped! I go to gym and cycle on a low level for 15-30mins and it helped me to ease the pain. I never had any hip pain before pregnancy! I am 12weeks now and it started when I was only 7weeks pregnant.
Avatar f tn Hip pain is usually all caused by the baby. Stretching as well. If it hurts to lay on both sides try propping some pillows up behind you and than out some under your knees to prop them up a little and take deep breaths.
Avatar n tn My left hip is killing me. It hurts to move or walk. If I move the pain shoots up my back. I have honestly never felt this kind of pain before and my right hip always pops itself out. Anyone know how I can help the pain?
Avatar f tn thank you for the reply to my hip pain concern, so could this be part of the pinching sensation i get on my right toes since it is my left hip bone that gives me pain and you know what when i walk a long distance i feel more pain, so i should continue with the exercise
676912 tn?1332812551 About two and a half years ago I was told I had an inflamed hip, left side. Since then it's bugged me on and off and it's been becoming more painful over the last few weeks. Tomorrow I start week 20 of this pregnancy, and I really don't know how in the heck I'll survive the pain the next 20 weeks.