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Avatar m tn Today my left breast became really sore this afternoon and now on one side of the breast feels swollen and painful to the touch. I haven't done anything and wondering whether to go to the doctor or wait and see.
893889 tn?1294276977 My left breast is way more swollen and sore then my right one. My period is due in about 6 days... I dont always have sore breast before my period... sometimes I do and sometimes I dont. However, this month both breast started to become sore about 7dpo and now the left one is wayyyy worse than the right. It is noticable how much bigger it is when my shirt is off. I tested today which I know is probably too early. I figured I was out this month because the bf and I were both sick during o days.
Avatar f tn I noticed today that my left breast above the nipple closer to my arm pit, and sore down my side was sore today I touch it and it hurts not oh my god hurts but its sore my daughter lays her head on e and it hurts I don't feel a lump. I am 34 I just finished my menstrual cycle but have never had this feeling before what can it be from? should I be worried? its not red or swollen either.
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm 19 years old and about a year ago i noticed a little bump above my left nipple, i procrastinated on going to see a doctor. A couple months later it grew and covered the whole top of my left breast, then it started on my right one. Now, it spread through out both my breasts. So, now, the only time that they are not sore or swollen is when i am on my period, then about 3 days after my period they swell up again until my next cycle.
Avatar f tn ve been exclusively breast feeding my daughter, anyways, she does great on my right breast but my left nipple is swollen and it hurts so bad to nurse on it. For those of you who pumped, how soon did you introduce a bottle and were there any difficulties with nipple confusion? I was thinking about pumping my left to keep the milk supple up but I'm worried about giving her a bottle too soon?? Any help would be great! Also any thoughts on the swollen nipple?
Avatar n tn Yes I completely removed it and for the period I just meant I still have the symptoms, ie irritable, sore and swollen breasts......I just don't get the messy part. I don't think the symptoms would be lasting that long if that was the reason. I went to the Docs today I have to see an ob/gyn and get a mammogram a.s.a.p.
Avatar f tn It has stared in the last two weeks to shoot pain in/around my back left shoulder blade, and when I lay on left side for very long it feels like something is squeezing my breath away. My husband threw his arm over me one night and it hurt so bad I sat up. If I lay on my back, I can still feel the pain but not as bad, right side eases most of the pain, but my right arm goes to sleep. I breast fed my children, have had a hysterectomy, and am otherwise very healthy.
Avatar n tn And it feels like i have something that is swollen inside my breast. It feels like a lump right behind my nipple and the entire left breast seems to feel tight with soreness sensation. I don't have any discharge, i am on a birth control (for about 12 years-never had a problem) and i just finished my period (about a week ago). So it's not hormonal and i didn't do anything abnormal. Should i be worried?
Avatar f tn A hot shower will ease the swelling. I'm only pregnant right now but my boobs have been so swollen and sore I cry. The only thing that helps is a hot shower. I come out feeling soooo much better.
Avatar f tn Hi, im amy, im 16 years of ago, i last had unprotected sex 2 weeks and a half ago, but for the past 9 weeks i've had swollen and sore breasts, i was pregnant earlier this year but unfortunatley had a miscarriage, i lost all the weight i gained and lost a breast size, in the past 9 weeks i have gained this weight back and also gained a breast size, what does this indicate? is there a possiblity of me being pregnant again?
Avatar n tn Hi. How old are you? Do you have other signs and symptoms? Can you feel any lumps in the breast? A swollen lymph node in the axilla can be caused by several conditions. Breast cancer is just one of them. Infection near the site of the lymph node can also cause enlargement. Lymphomas can also present with enlarged lymph nodes. It would be best to have yourself seen and examined by your doctor. Good luck.
Avatar f tn They found something, so they did an ultrasound. They said i had a swollen lymph node about 3cm above my nipple on the left breast. They did not seem concerned. They said they were sure it was not cancer. I have worried every day since then. Wondering if they were correct, hoping they were not wrong. I dont know what caused it to be swollen, will it ever go down? I have felt it maybe twice, and i seem to not be able to find it anymore. But at times, the area feels sore, does not hurt.
Avatar f tn I have what appears to be a red pimple or sore that won't heal on my left breast. no pain, no heat, no itching, no swollen breast, nipple is normal. it just appeared 2 weeks ago and seems to be staying the name. Now it looks like another one is starting just above this one. I have an apt with my dr in 1 week. Should I do something sooner? I'm trying not to worry. Thanks!
Avatar m tn underneath my nipple directly and either side of my nipple in the flesh, they almost feel connected but I am not sure. I'm not sure if related, but I was getting some ball pain too, and when I felt the area it is located like 'underneath' my testical sort of behind it (practically the epididymus). These also was changing in feeling, sometimes it felt like a lump, othertimes not. The pain acompanied by light left abdominal pain.
Avatar n tn When I asked what the lump was he said calcification. This started because of a breast infection 3 weeks ago. My breast was swollen, red, and very sore with a spontanious bloody discharge. I finished the antibotics and the soreness and swelling went away. A few days later there was spontanious discharge again and I felt the lump. The lump did not hurt. Can this be something other than cancer?
Avatar n tn i am a 23 year old female who has developed breast tenderness on/off for the past fe months as well as a slightly swollen and paifull right armpit- worried that i may have cancer- pls help! This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/408734'>swollen armpit nodes/breast issue?</a>.
1090423 tn?1286287650 hi , can anyone help...
Avatar f tn Not sure what this could be, also since yesterday, my left breast under the arm and near breast on left side is quite sore and tender. I have also experienced too much saliva about the same time the itch started, not sure if its related but I feel my tongues swollen and burnt trying to constantly swallow excessive saliva. Anyone have any ideas or similar experience as to what these issues may be. Thank you.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am 22 and I have started getting sore boobs the last few weeks, I have never had this problem am not pregnant as I have done loads of tests, bu I woke up today an I have swollen boobs they are really big bu my right boob is well bigger than the other ands it's also gone higher than my left boob it's really lumpy and really sore and the nipple is sore to the touch that I have to wear a bra in bed, if anyone can help please do xxx
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Avatar f tn Hi I am 18 years old and my left breast has been hurting for a week or so now. It only hurts when I press on it. But it's really bothering me! I had my period October 5-10. Then on tuesday the 18th I took the plan B pill. (we had a little accident and I didn't want to chance it) is there anyway that the pill is still causing this!? The pain started the day after I took the pill! Please! Any suggestions on what is going on! Thanks!
Avatar f tn I stayed naked all day bcuz every time they got swollen I was n bathroom...But I did breast feed but the pain of swollen breast is the worse felt like they were gonna burst!! Smh! Try the hot cloth n see if it works for U.
Avatar n tn I have been going for follow up mamograms and ulstrasounds on my left breast every six months for over two years. At each appointment, it is discovered that the calcifications in my left breast continue to increase and there is one area of concern that is always circled on my films. I now have an appointment for a surgicial consultation as a 2nd set of hands, eyes and opinion. What can I expect and if this doctor is not worried, should I be?
Avatar f tn Hey Gidget844, I too have had this problem. I had two lumps removed from my right breast. They were Fibroadamonas and one was directly under my nipple ... can't see a scar there anymore becausse the surgeon did such a great job and the other is vertical on the right side of my breast. I'm small 34a and have a scar maybe 3-4 inches. and after I had my surgery (8/2007) I also saw a large vein plus very swollen and tender to the touch. It did go away.
Avatar m tn hey guys I just got over a sore throat which i think was the result of a swollen lymph node and now I have this slight pain under my left armpit but above the breast, pretty much on my left side. I'm scared this could be another swollen lymph node and that I could possibly have a virus I don't want. Anyone that is able to put my mind at ease would do me a huge favor..
Avatar f tn My armpit and underarm fold is tender and there is pain above the collarbone, and left shoulder. There is also a swollen lymph node under my chin on the left side and I complain from shortness of breath lately. However, the breast looks normal and there is no obvious changes compared to right breast. I saw the doctor on Wednesday 13, 2010 and she examined my breast, and noticed that the underarm lymph nodes are swollen but she could not feel any lymph nodes above the collarbone.
Avatar n tn because breast pain isnt normally in ur armpit because the lymph nodes are usually only on the edge of the armpit and if it was a breast related problem that was giving u armpit pain then ur lymph nodes would probably be swollen. has ur actual breast been hurting? if it has regularly, then go back to the docs and say your still worried. but at ur age breasts may get more tender at certain times of the month etc, usually before periods. it may be muscular, certain sports can cause muscular pain.
1142320 tn?1261359451 My sore throat was very severe for about a week in May and then it stopped hurting but my left tonsil has remained swollen. The lymph nodes in the left side of my neck have been swollen this whole time too, and I have armpit pain on the left side. I recently developed some sort of illness with coughing, severe sore throat, and sneezing AGAIN... I went to the doctor and they have no idea what it is! I have been tested for everything under the sun... all normal. Hope you get yours figured out!