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Avatar m tn Hello, my 16 year old daughter who is very active and athletic, has been complaining of left breast pain/tenderness to touch on left side and underneath the breast for about a week now. No lumps no redness, very sensitive to touch or when raising arm above head. What can it be?? Muscle strain??
Avatar f tn OMG! My breast are hurting me so bad, to the touch, with no bra, everything. I can't go without my bra and my sports bra on. Any advice on with can doth them. I'm only 10 weeks and got a long time left.
Avatar f tn This condition is called meralgia paraesthetica which manifests itself as pain, tingling or burning sensation of outer thigh. It may occur due to injury to nerve either due to spinal deformity or along its path to thigh by any ligament or tendon stretch, excessive tight clothing (therefore it is also called "jeans disease"), diabetic neuropathy or damage to nerve after surgery etc. Another nerve which may cause pain in legs is sciatic nerve compression.
Avatar m tn oh and im 14...so is this normal...?
Avatar f tn Yes i only have one sore nipple and one breast that is more sensitive to the touch while the other is fine...
Avatar f tn I notice the same!!! My left breast is bigger since pregnancy and my nipples been painful for about 2 months now.
1431138 tn?1294566894 Just today my left breast has been hurting nonstop. its an intense pain and sensitive to the touch. its not hard or red so im a little lost as to what it could be and how to help it. i pumped and that hurt really bad and didnt really relieve the pain, neither did having my son nurse. if anyone konws whats causing it or how to get some relief PLEASE let me know!!
Avatar n tn i have an area on and inside my left nostril that has been sore for a few weeks. painful to touch. what could it be?
Avatar f tn I noticed today that my left breast above the nipple closer to my arm pit, and sore down my side was sore today I touch it and it hurts not oh my god hurts but its sore my daughter lays her head on e and it hurts I don't feel a lump. I am 34 I just finished my menstrual cycle but have never had this feeling before what can it be from? should I be worried? its not red or swollen either.
Avatar f tn bump* lol my boobs are killing me too.
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm 15 and a couple of days ago in the shower I noticed that on my left breast close to the nipple there was a slightly red hard and sore spot, it was a small spot at first and I didn't think to much of it, but now it seems as though the spot is moving around the outside of the nipple and it's slightly warm to the touch. I haven't asked my mom or sisters about this yet, I wanted to first get a little feedback.
Avatar f tn Thanks for your reply. I do have some small lumps along the outside, actually from like 12 o'clock to 6 o'clock and they are sore to touch, some larger lumps at like 9 o'clock that aren't as painful to the touch, no discharge that I have noticed, and what type of skin changes should I look for? I have not had any trauma or injuries that I can think of.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am 22 and I have started getting sore boobs the last few weeks, I have never had this problem am not pregnant as I have done loads of tests, bu I woke up today an I have swollen boobs they are really big bu my right boob is well bigger than the other ands it's also gone higher than my left boob it's really lumpy and really sore and the nipple is sore to the touch that I have to wear a bra in bed, if anyone can help please do xxx
Avatar n tn the location is the left side above my ear.. I wear glasses and the area that is sore to the touch is right above where the ear piece rests and seems to be about a 2 x 1 inch area. It is sore to a gentle touch, but if i push hard on the same area, it doesn't hurt. Ideas?
Avatar f tn My boobs are always really hot to the touch to though :/
Avatar m tn touching the area to see if it is less hard or less painful to touch. This may take some time as the blood needs to be reabsorbed into the surrounding tissue. Just like a surface bruise ... it takes time. Regards ....
Avatar f tn since 2 yrs or so this has been happening. my left nipple starts to itch suddenly.Both my breasts are hard. they have pigments around the nipples! Im worried! wat can the cause br. n what is the remidie?
Avatar f tn Now the hole is larger and drainging serosanguinous drainage and the darkened tissue looks either bruised or black, it is a hard area to look at. The entire underside of my left breast (where the sore is) is painful and it is very painful to touch or clean the actual open area. I was wondering what this might be. I tried to get into see my MD today but he is out of town, so I tried all other MD offices in my area and no one had any openings.
Avatar f tn So my left breast has been having like shooting pains for the past 3 days and it hurts to touch. It's waking me up throughout the night. Anyone else have this? I'm 14 w 4d. It feels like when I used to nurse and my boobs were full and needed released. I don't go to the doctor for 2 more weeks.
Avatar n tn i have a sore left breast now for three weeks and it hurts a lot to still have been having my girlie thing and have had four children but am only 29 what would it be
358971 tn?1330888975 That's ben happening to me for the past two cycles, my left breast gets sore a week before my period, the right breast doesn't hurt at all. I have no idea why it happens...sorry I've been wondering the same thing.
947967 tn?1325346253 Im on week 5 of treatment and for the last 2 weeks I have had soreness on my outer hip to the touch. Also tenderness of the abdomen to the touch near my injection sites. Is this normal? My outer hips feel as though they are bruised but there is no signs of bruising.
Avatar f tn A week ago, I had some pain in the lower part of my breast and thought it was bruising from the surgery. When i felt it, however, it felt like a swollen vein and was very painful to touch. My scar is horizontal and the vein runs vertical starting at the scar and extending down about four inches. It feels like a small rope or cord. It is big enough that if I lift up my breast and look in the mirror the vein is visible. My nipple is also extremely sensitive and somewhat painful. Any ideas?