Left breast produces more milk

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1209036 tn?1299182257 However, you should continue to try to latch you baby on every 2 to 3 hours and nurse him as long as you can, if he's still hungry afterwards give him a bottle and pump whatever is left on the breast. You need to pump at least 15 min on each breast every time you pump, that will stimulate your breasts enough. herbal supplements will not work unless you empty out your breasts every time your child is supossed to eat.
492921 tn?1321293496 I also use a Medela PIS and I get at least 2 ounces more from my right breast. It's normal to have a breast that produces more. The reason why my right produces more is because my daughter prefers to nurse from that one. She has problems latching onto my left breast because my left nipple is flat so from birth she's always nursed better on the right side which is why I think it produces much more than the left. She's almost 5 months old and she still nurses every 2-3 hours.
736293 tn?1316521442 Lately i have been pumping once a day and giving her a bottle to get her ready for when i go back to work. I noticed when pumping that on my right breast i am getting 3 oz, but on the left side i am only getting 1 oz. My daughter nevers seems to go hungry and i know that i am going to produce milk based on demand, but is there a way to up my supply on the side that isn't producing as well?
483853 tn?1208541979 I also had the same problem that I was not making enough milk and my doctor suggested that I use the breast pump when Archie wasnt eating even when there wasn´t anything in the breast, that way the body thinks the baby wants more milk and so produces it. It worked for me, I was making more than I needed after a while, I did feel like I was a cow being milked for a while because I always had the baby or the pump on the breast, it is very time consuming too!
Avatar n tn It is only fulller, since it produces more milk. Start letting her nurse longer on the small side, even when it is empty. It will stimulate more production, and as a result, things will 'even out'.
689528 tn?1364139441 As for the different amounts, one side typically produces more milk than the other. For me I get more output on my left side.
Avatar f tn well i can breastfeed with both breasts, but i do find that my left breast produces slightly more. i wouldnt worry about it tho. it might be that way with breasts.
1657254 tn?1327101655 I have read somewhere and discussed also with a friend that the left breast produces more milk. Has anyone else heard of that??
4715985 tn?1371586597 my son is three weeks tomorrow and the first week or so i had to pump at least once a day since my son didnt drink enough and my breasts hurt a lot. Now my milk has settled down abd i dont need to pump but i would like to freeze more. How should i pump? Im worried my son wont have enough milk on his feeding if i pump now. But i really want to have some in tge freezer since winter is coming and i usually get sick easily then my baby can drink without veing exposed and all.
Avatar n tn Sometimes on breast produces more. Try feed first in the side with less milk, them go to the one with more and then back to the first. The break will give your breast a chance to refill.
Avatar f tn I gave birth to a baby (my first) in may, 2005 through caesarean section, two weeks after I stated bleeding that I almost lost my life - in other to save me, hysterectomy was performed on me - though my ovaries were left, for sometime now, I have been noticing discharges of milk from my breast, also as at yesterday, I was having feelings as if my breasts were engouched too, I've checked for lumps and any unusual but none too, I am worried, I hope everything is alright or...? please advice me.
Avatar n tn I've been having discharge from my left breast for over a year now. I am 23 married no kids... The discharge color is blackish grey..And I don't have to squeeze hard at all for it to come out.. My mother and husband thinks it's milk... But I think other wise.. It doesn't hurt and there's not swelling or rash... I am deeply concern and I've never had a breast examination before.. And the way things are around my area I really don't trust these doctors..
Avatar n tn What it does is it causes the Pituitary Gland to produce excessive amounts of Prolactin, the hormone which produces breast milk. As well, it can cause you to stop ovulating and hence, your period to become irregular, or stop all together. I have lived with this for 15 years. I take a drug called Bromocriptine which keeps the tumor from growing.
Avatar f tn This is completely normal and happens to most women who breastfeed. My left breast is always fuller and produces more milk (almost three times as much as my right). It does not affect the baby at all.
Avatar n tn Even if I put a clean bra, in a few hours it will be smelling strong. Sometimes the smell reminds me of dry breast milk. Like the smell of your bra when you are breastfiding and some milk drips and you do not have a chance to change it within the next few hours. This smell started about 5 yearws ago, probably in the beginging of my pre-menopause.
480331 tn?1310407129 My left breast can't compare, but I nurse my baby from my left breast. When I try to pump from my left breast I never seem to get more than 2oz at a time. Does anyone else share this experience?
Avatar f tn Is it ok for him? Will it confuse him? Q #2 My left breast is firmer than my right one. So I assumed my left breast was just producing more milk causing it to be more engorged than my right. But upon breastfeeding I found out that my right is actually producing more. Is it normal for one to be firmer and produce less?
Avatar n tn Several years ago, I had a slight bloody discharge from the left breast. After two weeks, I had a ductogram performed, which was inconclusive. I underwent an excisional biopsy which came back ductal carcinoma in situ. I was fortunate that this had given me a signal that something might have been wrong. I underwent radiation, and have been fine since then. If it persists, I would see a breast specialist to rule out DCIS.
189192 tn?1261345228 It was only needed temp until my milk came in. Breast feeding has been so much more difficult than I thought it would be. Everything seems to be perfect except for all the anxienty around bf. Part of me just wants to give up and go to formula but the other loves the experience even with ALL its challenges so I keep trying. Here is my latest dilema. My milk has come in so I am not using the formula to supplement. Jacob has started to only want to feed off of one breast (the left one).
1936550 tn?1348363808 You’re still in the beginning stage, parenting in general is a lot of work, and even more so if you’re formula feeding since babies cry more (formula is hard on their little gut & has other risks/downfalls) Breastfeeding is a lot easier than formula feeding once you get your milk and baby established. We just need to get you through this time of barriers and trials. We are here on the sidelines cheering you on sister and here to offer you support, advice, and share our experiences.
1158221 tn?1327976203 My left breast made more milk and now I only BF with the left breast, my daughter knows it has more milk (she's 19 months old). I had alot of let-down too and expressed sometimes, but my daughter did end up getting enough milk, it's normal to worry :-) I avoided alot of gassy foods and if there i a history of allergies in your or your partners families then it is recommended to avoid them.
Avatar f tn My right breast produces more milk than the left, and It always builds up pressure. so when I go to feed Jordana on the right, It flows way to fast for her to suck, so she pulls off because it is pouring out of her little mouth, and then ends up spraying her little face! I have to stop for 30 seconds or more just to let the pressure off and I have to let the milk literally spray onto a spit up rag until it doesn't flow to fast.
Avatar n tn You can try having the baby suck more on the breast that produces less milk, or to suck on that breast first when the baby is most hungry, to stimulate the flow on that side.
1278876 tn?1304911919 I've read that it doesnt have the same amount of glands as my other one and therefor likely to produce less, thats definitely been the case, DD will only eat off that breast for maybe five minutes before she is just su.cking, if i unlatch her and try to hand express milk its dry. does anyone else have this problem and if so were you able to exclusively breast feed or did you have to supplement?
Avatar f tn Im 25 weeks pregnant, my nipples have been itching really bad for the last few weeks and leaking little bits of water hear and there. However today i gripped my left breast and loads of yellow water started pouring out, at least 3 tablespoons worth . Is this normal?
Avatar f tn Paragraph 1 above merely states what we all know already...once you have one autoimmune disease, you are more likely than the general population to develop another...that's a given. Do you have a link to the original text of this study? On what do they base their belief that undiagnosed celiac can cause other disorders? I see no reference to how this conclusion was drawn. Likewise, paragraph 2 above...I'd have to see the study...how many subjects (the same 172?
Avatar n tn It happens about 2x a day, lasts a few seconds and it has moved around my body. Started in the left wrist, went to the left knee, then ankle, and the over to the right knee. Now it's been happening behind my right thigh for about 2 weeks. Very strange.
8762956 tn?1406308357 even tho am breastfeeding but the right breast is always. Full of breast milk always. Bigger.
4682212 tn?1357926298 Also it does happen that one breast takes to being pumped better. My right always gives more when pumping then my left but my left seems to produce more. It is fine to wear underwire bras while nursing. I even have underwire nursing bras.