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Avatar f tn http://www.imaginis.com/breast-health/breast-pain. I think you'll find it helpful. I would still recommend getting it checked out by a doctor, however, just to be sure. It's what I'd do with my daughter. Better to be safe than sorry, I think.
Avatar f tn my left breast started hurting me 5 days ago and i didnt bother as much but now its scaring me i felt both my breast and feel something lumpy underneath my left breast it also feels bruised when i touch it and hurts when i wear a bra so i stoped wearing one. does anyone think its serious could it be breast cancer im really scared.
Avatar n tn Dr told me that water is in the lump in my left breast. What is the best way to correct this ?? Thanks This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/260958'>Lump in breast</a>.
Avatar n tn hi please can you help i am 30 years old i have never had no problems with my breasts,5 days ago i noticed there was a lump at the top of my left breast just above the nipple then i noticed there was also a bruize in the colour yellow i can not recall banging it or hurting myself in that area it seems that the lump has got slightly bigger over the past few days i am to worried to go to the doctors.
Avatar n tn I am a 62 year old male with a slightly painful small hard lump on my left breast, very close to the nipple. No other symptoms exist. Is this just a benign cyst? What should I do?
Avatar f tn thanks for your time also I do get breast pain alot in left breast through out my whole breast. How can there be a lump but not seen.
Avatar f tn hi im a mother of three boys n i have been having pain in my left breast 4 a while. i havent realy worri bout it but now im staRTING TO WORRY????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Avatar n tn i have a lump in my left breast since 9 months. Now i am pregnant with 7 months. I am worried about the lump what it might be. I dont have any pain or any other symptoms.
Avatar n tn For the past week and a half I've had pain off and on in my left breast and armpit. I had this pain before, about 6 months ago and had a mammogram and was told everything was ok. I haven't had it since and then it has come back and this time it hurts even worse what can and should I do?
Avatar m tn hello forum members, I have a friend who is 48 year old, she complained of redness and pain in the left side of her left breast 3 days ago and when she touched her breast she found a lump, now after 3 days the redness has subsided and still there is a minimal pain on touching and the lump is still there, she is expecting to have her period these days what it could be?? do u think it is not a serious condition bcoz it is a painful lump??
Avatar m tn I have developed a mass near areola of my right breast in last few days. I has an intense pain and I am not able to understand what it is. I an 37 year old normal lean male with some hypothyroidism from last few years. Can any body help what it is. The lump is very painful. It should not be an infection as I a have no fever like symptoms.
Avatar f tn I saw my primary earlier this week for abnormal vaginal discharge/blood, severe pelvic pain, nausea, and breast pain. She did an exam (not cool at all), and felt a lump on the outside of my left breast, and ordered a bilateral breast U/S "just to be sure it is just a cyst". Also, the pain and discharge are due to a yeast infection, which I am on antibiotics for. I am a 29, almost 30 (eww) year old woman. No children. Not ever sexually active.
Avatar f tn Hi there im experiencing pain in my left breast and felt a lump close to the breast bone, im quite concerned, i keep feeling sick with the pain. Have seen a consultant about the breast pain previously told it was due to a rib virus. It scares me to think at my age i could have breast cancer and not see my daughter grow up.
Avatar n tn I went to my ob/gyn for an exam following over a year of pain in my left breast. The pain has been increasing and spread to my underarm. She found a lump. I had an US and Mammogram which showed "nothing of concern". I am waiting to meet with the surgeon. I cannot find any information on negative Mammo/Us with a lump evident on physical exam! What should I expect when I meet with the surgeon? I know pain is not usually associated with breast cancer....
Avatar m tn I went to see my doctor because I have pain in my left breast , my doctor felt a lump so he schedule a sonogram and mamogram they can back negative so my doctor did another check and he felt the lump so he is refering me to a breast specialist, my question is why the lump no show in sonogram and the area is tender and i feel an hiching sensaction on my breast
Avatar f tn Hi, Kindly relax yourself. Some input from your side --- 1. pea size lump in the breast on the left side 2. situated in the 3'0 clock position 3. painless 4. smooth and firm in feel 5. not mobile 6. can slide fingers over it. This information points towards a benign pathology - fibroadenoma, but malignancy should be ruled out. You may not come in the high risk group. Definitely hormone replacement therapy has not put you on increased risk.
Avatar n tn I have a lump in the left breast, no test can see or explain why. Now this area is accompanied by pain under arm in the armpit area.
Avatar f tn just been to doc yesterday for check up have painful cyclial left breast pain she checked breasts and said i have a mobile solid lump...i'm booked in for triple assesment on wednesday...mammogram, ultrasound , consultant and possibly biopsy....has anyone been told they have mobile solid lump and what is that......
Avatar n tn Hi, I am so worry. I have a shrap pain on my left breast, found a lump, and feel my breast really warm. I am worry, nervous...I have two kids, I do not want to have cancer.. I feel sad :( This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/260769'>Painful Lump In Left Breast</a>.
Avatar n tn I am 27 and have found a breast lump in my upper left breast close to armpit area, I had a mamogram and ultrasound but they said it is hard to tell because I have VERY dense breast tissue. My breast feels very heavy and my nipple burns and redish/purple color(not the same color as my right breast) Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn My husband has a lump in his left breast tip(nipple area). There's pain when pressed too.. It's been a month now.. The lump is not growing but remains in the same size. what is the real reason? Is it serious?