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Avatar f tn Do you know what could possibly cause such discomfort? Also, my left breast is a size larger than my right and has been since I can remember, at least since I was 17 or younger but the pain did not start until after I had my daughter 6 years ago and wasn't often, now it is almost daily, usually off and on but as stated before it has been consistent for two days now. Thank you!
Avatar n tn Over the past 3months I have be feeling some mild discomfort in my left breast and up to about half an hour ago I felt it again . What could be responsible for this?
Avatar f tn Also these days I'm feeling a undefined discomfort on my left breast (It's not pain) ??! I did a self examination on breasts :no bumb, no nipple discharge and retraction, no dimbling , no skin changes ,no redness or heat ,no growing vein,left breast is a little bigger than the right breast BUT I't seems that inframammary ridge is a little bit thicker on the left breast especially when I'm lying down ( Is this something to worry about? Need some guidance and answers.
Avatar n tn For 2 months I have been experiencing breast itching. Particularly in my left breast on the left side from the middle to almost my arm pit. It's not the skin that itches, it feels very deep. Could it be breast cancer or some other breast problem?
Avatar f tn I doubt that from what you describe it has anything to do with breast cancer, especially that the discomfort is bilateral. Breast cancer rarely cause pain,but please pay a visit to your doctor or a dermatologist for an exam to make sure that there is not an underlying problem. All the best...
Avatar f tn hi about 5 weeks ago my left breast doubled in size and was very hard also was warm to the touch. Dr. prescribed 6000mg a day of antibiotics. Was on this treatment for 3 weeks, after this time the breast softened to touch but could feel a thickness to the breast. Have had ultrasound that showed a great deal of fluid in breast and mammo that showed thickened breast tissue. 2 weeks ago a egg size lump appeared in left armpit.
Avatar n tn I had a lumpectomy 11 years ago removed a small cancerous tumor in left breast followed by 30 days of radiation therapy. Have had no problems since, in the last week of two experiencing soreness in left breast in the middle of the scar. Is this normal?
Avatar n tn Several weeks ago I noticed a raised area in my left armpit that was slightly numb and itchy. The sensation then progressed to the side of my left breast and under arm area. The numbness discomfort and itchiness has spread to the underside of my right breast. I am concerned as my Aunt died of breast cancer at 49.
Avatar f tn I'm having uncomfortable pain underneath my left breast where it connects to the body I was told it possibly could be acid reflux and then did a breast exam on myself and felt thickened tissue. were the bread actually connects to my body and was worried that it might be something serious. Also during the same time having a lot of stomach aches after eating.
Avatar n tn Still having great discomfort, with stabbing pains in left breast that burn and itch at same time. Large veins continue to be distended most of the time, only now more that run off off the larger one that run under and around my left nipple are distended as well. The pains I'm getting now in that area sometimes feel like a crooked wire or something is being shoved through my breast.
Avatar n tn Hello For the past several months I have been experiencing an uncomfortable sensation in my left armpit ... upper area toward the breast. Not necessarily what I would desribe as painful... but moreso what one feels if you keep your arm extended upward over your head for too long a time ... that fast warm thick tired feeling in one area. My left breast also has a tendency to leak spontenaeously, from that side only, clear and only a little bit at a time.
Avatar n tn In Dec/Jan began to have extreme itching, and stabbing pains in left breast, swelling, and spots of skin redness that kind of come and go. Swelling in armpit as well. Got so bad, I went to my GYN who examined me and sent for another mammo. (GYN mentioned Pagett's) That mammo showed even more changes, and increased density, so I was referred to a local breast clinic.
Avatar n tn However I still have problems in the upper left side just below the left breast. It's not a pain, it feels like there is something there, I can feel it when something lays against it, when I bend over and its a annoying feeling. I am up for any information that someone can give me.
Avatar m tn I have an indentation starting from under my arm through to my left breast on to the left. It looks like a line about 5cm in lenght with some discomfort and little pain and a warm sensation.
Avatar f tn My friend is 19 she recently started having sex,on the fifth day after her period they had sex but she claimes he never ejaculated.A week after she squeezed her left breast and saw clear liquid coming from it,she kept on doing it until another week she saw a yellowish liquid coming from it, they fell heavier , firmer and a slight discomfort in some areas of the breast;what could it be?
Avatar f tn Breast pain is not a common symptom of breast cancer,especially when the discomfort is bilateral. I don't think that your symptoms are alarming,but I would advise you to see your doctor or preferably a Breast Specialist for a breast exam due to the fact that you had breast cancer in the past and you should be extra vigilant about anything new that you notice in your breasts. All the best ...
Avatar n tn That did help for a while and now pain in chest is worse and now breasts are leaking. Discharge was grey from right breast and yellowish from the left, now both are fairly clear and not leaking till manipulated. I am needing answers to why the pain and why now the leakage when I have never had that before. Could it be Meds for leakage but what about the pain in chest? Help please!
225237 tn?1333142599 Ive been having discomfort, it's in the upper, left side kinda left of my left breast but it feels like it's on the side. Any ideas what it could be??!! I've been painting the past two days so I don't know if that couldbe related.. I am right handed but I do use my left hand too. Thanks for any advice anyone can give me!!
722475 tn?1239135370 Hello, I am 13 (14 in March) and a few weeks ago, I was sore on the bottom part of my left breast. I quit wearing a bra for a couple weeks thinking that was what it was and the pain did eventually go away. But now I just noticed that right around that area I found a sort of oval-y shaped lump at the base of breast.
Avatar f tn my left breast is larger and more firm that the right one like more dense can this be normal or reason for concern. I am 32.
Avatar n tn I’m assuming you are experiencing pain on your left breast and you want to know what it causing it and how to deal with it? Breast pain is a non specific symptom. A variety of conditions (both benign and malignant) can present with breast pain. A beginning mastitis can present with breast pain and tenderness. A presence of lump can cause breast pain. Even a strained muscle of the chest can refer pain to the breast. Treatment varies and depends on the cause.
Avatar n tn Screening mammogram showed up 8mm nodular opacity left breast, may represent intrammary lymph node. F/U with another mammo then an ultrasound. Ultrasound showed at 3 o'clock position hypoechogenic solid mass with a center line of increased echogenicity . It measures .53 x .38 x .56 cm. Most likely represents an intramammary node. Symptoms, burns with some pain discomfort. No suggestion of a repeat in some future time just told it is ok. Two first cousins that I know of had breast cancer.
Avatar f tn i fell over a curb right on my left breast and now it hurts bad when i breath and when i cough and my left arm is feeling heavy
Avatar f tn I had an bilateral u/s on breast 05/21/08 Lt. breast showing an 9.5 mm. complex cyst appearing hypoechoic. U/S report also stated that the architecture has changed to amore hypoechoic soft tissue like density. I am scheduled for an U/S guide needle biospy on July 11, 2008. Very nervous can you please tell what the changes of this being cancer and what to expect during the biopsy. They told me it would be under Mac Anesthesia.
Avatar f tn Im a 25 yr old female and have been suffering with a really painful left breast, it is tender and i get bad stabbing pains in it. I have looked for lumps but both breasts feel quite lumpy anyway so i think that is normal (prob the tissue) i get a really bad shoulder and arm ache and also discomfort under the arm in left side as well. the pain is daily and paracetomal are not helping. some times its like a tingly pain. I have been to refered to the breast clinic but have got to wait for an app.
Avatar f tn Hello, Im a 40 year old female and when ever pressure is applied to my left breast it dripps yellow fluid. I have no pain,itching,lumps(I don't fill any) no kind of discomfort should I be concerned?
Avatar m tn My left breast, mainly the nipple area, has been very tender for the last few weeks. I mostly notice it when I lay down for bed or when my kids bump into me, or going down steps. it isn't a pain, just a soreness that is there...I had an OB appointment a few weeks back when it started and my NP did a breast exam, she didn't feel anything other then my breasts are "cystic" I think she said. I do not have regular periods due to the fact that I have the mirena inserted as birth control.