Left breast bleeding

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Avatar n tn i have a newborn and before i left the hospital they worned me that newborns can have a baby menstrual cycle, discharge, milk in breast (even in boys). i would just call your doc. but probabally nothing to worry about.
Avatar n tn When a lemon-sized hematoma was left in my breast after a biopsy that revealed I had breast cancer, the radiation oncologist was very concerned about how long it was left there. Can hematomas encourage cancer growth if left in the breast.? Do the enzymes that come to break down the hematoma have carcinogenic properties?
Avatar n tn I have been going for follow up mamograms and ulstrasounds on my left breast every six months for over two years. At each appointment, it is discovered that the calcifications in my left breast continue to increase and there is one area of concern that is always circled on my films. I now have an appointment for a surgicial consultation as a 2nd set of hands, eyes and opinion. What can I expect and if this doctor is not worried, should I be?
Avatar m tn I have a left breast mass mid way to the coller bone. some time there is dry crusted on the nipple arear. I had a mammogram and ultrasound done. My left breast has increase in three cup sizes and seemed to swollen all the time. Here lately I have been experinceing light flashes constantly from both letf and right eye. I have had a eye examine and the doctors think its neurological. Five years ago I had right breast cancer insitu. I am also having a lot of rectal bleeding.
Avatar f tn I remember that after my hand touched her breast and body,my hands used paper to wipe the bleeding wound when it was bleeding (the wound was scratched broken before touched her), i am afraid that the paper had the vrius or fluid left by my hands(Nothing almost invisible on hands to the eye).so i am very scared. Dear friend, is it risk for HIV?
Avatar f tn Since your friend has just found out she has breast cancer, she must be under the care of a surgeon and/or oncologist. They woold be in the best position to evaluate and explain to her the bleeding from her breast, since they would have available to them all of her medical hx, as well as the results of all of her tests and physical examination. Please convey our best wishes to her, and for the baby she is carrying....
1544682 tn?1294286541 My Aunt had a large mass and some lympnodes removed from her right breast,That resulted in her having Cancer,The breast is swollen and turned Black in color,Went to Dr.They have never seen anything like this,Took a needle drawed blood out of the breast,Two weeks later,Starting to Swall more and very painful...What do you think is wrong?
Avatar n tn i have recently discovered a bruise on my left breast i discovered 3 days ago its now yellow round the outside and purple in the middle, seems to be getting worse.
Avatar f tn I'm having uncomfortable pain underneath my left breast where it connects to the body I was told it possibly could be acid reflux and then did a breast exam on myself and felt thickened tissue. were the bread actually connects to my body and was worried that it might be something serious. Also during the same time having a lot of stomach aches after eating.
Avatar m tn I do not have any advice. All I can tell you is your not alone. I am scheduled for my second ultasound in 2 weeks. I too have had fibroids most of my life, The good news is they shrink after menopause. I have pelvic and cronic lower back pain. The doctor found a cyst on my ovary. She is taking a "watchful waiting" approach which I think is the normal course of action. If the cyst continues to grow or causes pain I think the doctor will recommend surgery.
188756 tn?1220250457 Six weeks ago I had a mastectomy on my right breast. My left breast has a sore spot exactly the same as the right one did, but also my left nipple is so itchy it drives me crazy till i do scratch it. I was very disappointed about the right breast as I was attending a doctor because the nipple was bleeding, every day for months. It wasn't until I went to a different doctor that this was diagnosed.
Avatar f tn For my procedure I chose the mastectomy on my left breast and reconstruct after the surgery and breast reduction on my right breast because I was getting a reduction anyway. I am so scared because the doctor said, they have to look at my lymph nodes and make sure it haven't spread and if so it will require chemo, but if not, I would be ok. He said, some patients may even require radiation after a mastectomy.
Avatar f tn Has anyone ever expierenced this type of discharge / bleeding ? I am worried i may be misscarrying. My breast stopped hurting. Which also makes me think i could have misscarried.. HELP ?
Avatar m tn Dear soccermom2008, Left untreated breast cancer can continue to grow and spread. Where it spreads and how quickly it spreads varies. Some pieces of information can give us clues about how the cancer might act in an individual. These clues are obtained from information from the biopsy, what the cells look like under the microscope (are they more or less aggressive cells), what are the characteristics of the cells.
Avatar f tn a couple of weeks ago i was losing spots of blood when i went to the loo whick lasted about 3 days, i was also having cramps on and off for a few days, i took a pregnancy test and it came back negative, ive had nothing since 4 days ago when i had a cramp right across my abdomen and today ive started losing spots of blood again when i go the loo, i took another pregnancy test and it came back negative, this has never happened before, also my nipples are tender, the top of my left breast and the s
550546 tn?1249410039 I know the one night I started pumping in the dark, and when my hubby opened the bathroom door and let light in the room, I noticed there was blood in the bottle from my left breast. I completely freaked out! But that was partially my fault b/c my breast wasn't in the suction cup right, so it bled some. I hadn't pumped much, so I dumped it out thinking it wasn't good for the baby. I think I'll pump for a day or so and let my nipples heal up some.
Avatar n tn i want to know what is happening for the menstral cycle during pregnancy. does the body produces ovum during pregnancy?why there is no monthly cycle during pregnancy?and is that the bleeding soon after delivery for a round 10-30days is related to menstruation?and what happens for menstruation while breast feeding?and if there's no production of egg during breast feed then why some people concieve during that peroid?please explain these things to me.
Avatar f tn I'm 37 female 4 amazing kiddos. Breast feed all of them. Never had any breast or gynecological issues till last year. Apr 25th they found small cyst on right ovary about the size of an almond. Nine days later it was the size of a grapefruit and solid hemorrhagic mass. Had emergency removal on 5/1/16. Removed mass R ovary and Fallopian tubes. Fast forward to March of 2017 another mass and issue with my uterus.
Avatar n tn Breast discomfort is rarely associated with breast cancer but can be due to many causes. I don't know of any breast concern that has anything to do with the size of your breast ... large or small. My best advice would be to see a Dr. for a clinical breast exam and perhaps some type of imagery (Ultrasound or Mammogram) to determine the cause of this discomfort.
Avatar f tn Secondly, I am breastfeeding and noticed one was bleeding today.. how do I care for it and can I still feed or pump this breast? Help me out mamas!!
Avatar n tn What did your doctor say the bleeding was from? Other than that (and the lump), it sounds like we're in the same boat...... Thanks again for listening.
Avatar f tn About three days after my period I noticed a distinct difference in my left breast and armpit. It was very lumpy and is now slightly bigger than my right breast. When I was in high school I had some "lumpy" breasts during menstruation but since then I have never had dense breasts. My Gyno sent me to have a mammogram and ultrasound. The mammogram came back negative and the ultrasound tech briefly looked at my left breast during the examination and decided it was dense tissue.
Avatar n tn Now after the bleeding has stopped I still have the pains in my left ovary only and some in my left breast. The doctor told me everything was normal and that I just needed to come back for my check up in 12 months. I have never had an abnormal pap smear, I am just so confused and need answers.