Left breast and armpit pain

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Avatar n tn I do have a boyfriend, who touched my left breast and realsied tht I have a sever pain in my left breast near amrpit. Can you let me know if I had to really be concerned.
Avatar f tn hi im becoming a little worried for a while i have had dull aching pains in my left armpit, in my left breast, and leadin down my left arm i have had examinations at the doctors and i also try to examin myself best i can but it doesnt seem to put my mind at rest, just thought i would ask you for advice. thanks jen.
Avatar f tn I have had this pain in my left breast and armpit and it has got worse it is now constant I gave an appointment to see a breast specialist next week but am worried it is something sinister.
Avatar n tn I have been having a dull pain in my left armpit for a few months, and aches in my left breast. On occassions, I would feel pain in my right breast. I saw my PCP in November, and she suggested that I cut down on caffiene. I saw my gyn today and described my symptoms, after a breast exam, she though she felt a thickening in both breasts, but a little more in my left. The thickening is between the right and the left breast, and was tender to touch. I go for my mammogram and ultrasound on 1/23.
Avatar m tn Since last year I have had pain in my left armpit and side of left breast. The pain will travel around my back and down my arm, left side as well. Last year mammo was fine. I had ACDF surgery on 2 discs in my neck 4-5 and 5-6 in April...helped with some arm numbness but armpit pain remains. Nerve series normal and latest MRI of cervical area normal. According to dr. surgery was successful. If clothing rubs against my armpit it will trigger this pain. If I push on it, it will trigger it as well.
Avatar n tn I found a lump in my left breast, have had a diagnostic mammogram and an ultra sound resulting that everything is fine. As a precaution, my Dr. wants me to be examined by a general surgeon, which is scheduled. I have slight breast pain, an ache in that particular area extending to my armpit and into my arm. Sometimes my arm aches so greatly, I use a heating pad. Should I be concerned? Is any of this related and if so, what might it be called? Is this normal?
Avatar n tn Dear Scooby, Breast pain is a common breast symptom. The reason for breast pain is not clearly understood, and is not usually associated with breast cancer. Sometimes it is associated with hormonal variations and is called cyclical breast pain. A history and physical exam will be important to thoroughly evaluate the pain.
Avatar f tn I'm 5 wks & 5 d pregnant & I have a horrible pain between my breast and left armpit. Has anyone else had this?
Avatar f tn Bone pain isn't a symptom of Breast Cancer ... I would tend to think that the pain you describe has nothing to do with your breast condition but possibly some type of nerve damage. You might consider seeing a Neurologist for some testing to discover the cause of your discomfort. Regards ....
Avatar n tn Is is normal to have an ache that comes and goes for a couple of months in the armpit / breast area AND what does an enlarged lymph node feel like? How big are they (size of pea or do they need to be larger to be enlarged?
Avatar n tn I have had off and on for months now some pain in my left armpit. I had a cyst a month or so ago and they did a mammo with a repeat ultrasound and then a breast specialist looked also. Everything looked good and they said to resume my annual screening. My question is, should they have looked at my armpit area too? The pain mostly has been just to the outside of the armpit in the front. Past several days it seems to go from there to inside the armpit. AS I said it comes and goes.
Avatar n tn I saw my breast specialist in Jan'06 and explained the pain, he checked both breasts and confirmed the same benign lump in my left breast and explained the armpit pain is due to hormones and the 2nd half of my cycle the progesterone causes the pain. I'm worried because I have never had this pain previously and am trying to rule out what it could be and how I can stop the pain.
Avatar n tn For about a week I have had a dull, uncomfortable pain in my left armpit. I have not been to a doctor yet, I wanted to know if there should be anything for me to worry about first. I haven't anything in my breast and I feel no lump in my armpit either.
Avatar f tn The actual pain in the spot went away after a good 10 days, but then I started to feel pain on the side of my left breast and in armpit. It was mostly tender and sore, no lumps. But worrisome. My period came went and came again...and the tenderness never left. I am also 39, and thinking I am going thru perimenopause...and just about any ache or weird thing I was checking out. I started to notice I had a kind of tingling down my arm. Felt somewhat numb, but not really---down to my hand.
Avatar f tn Anyways it just made me break into a panic attack and I got chest pain on my left side under my breast but I think that might have just been the panic attack? Right? Hopefully Anyways it's a weird sensation. Any reason why? Will sinusitis cause inflammation there?
Avatar f tn I have been having pain on the left shoulder and radiates on the upper left breast and sometimes back on the upper shoulder and armpit breast for a year and half . They did multiples ekgs, was normal Ex rays of shoulder , heart catherization ( no blockage) stress test normal , Dimer test no block clots. Chest X-rays everything is normal they did menopause test is normal blood work was normal . I have heart burn and I take Nexium 20 mg and don't know what to do.
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Avatar m tn but after going through dis website i was wrong and came to know about axillary breast tissue.m not soo sure dat it is axillary breast tissue which is under my armpit and also it is a bit painfull when i press it hard.so i would like to knw if there is any problem with this,nd should i consult a doctor and have surgery if necessary and also it would be very helpfull for me if anyone can tell how much it costs for surgery??
Avatar f tn I am not taking hormone replacement of any kind. About a week ago, I developed a burning, deep achy pain under my left armpit and left breast and sometimes my left shoulder. I have done several self-breast exams and have found nothing to be concerned about. My breast and armpit are not tender to the touch and are not swollen. The pain comes and goes.
Avatar f tn the pain was gone after a week or so and for the next couple of months i feel the swell and little pain around ovulation and 1 week before period What could this be ???
Avatar f tn I woke up Friday night with a sharp and aching pain in the top of my left breast. I rubbed it and felt what I thought was a lump. My breast has been hurting ever since, getting worse. Today it feels like a heaviness, fullness. It feels like it hurts behind my breast, into my armpit, on top and below my breast. Hurts to rub it. Feel a lump every once in a while in top area of breast.
Avatar n tn It feel like I pulled a muscle in my left shoulder and there is a pinching pain under my left arm. If you could advise me in anyway it would be appreciated. Thank you.
Avatar n tn i am 22 years old for the past month i have been feeling a really bad pain that starts in my left armpit all the way to my breast it hurts alot i want to know if it is cancer does cancer cause pain or not