Left breast and armpit pain

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Avatar m tn Since last year I have had pain in my left armpit and side of left breast. The pain will travel around my back and down my arm, left side as well. Last year mammo was fine. I had ACDF surgery on 2 discs in my neck 4-5 and 5-6 in April...helped with some arm numbness but armpit pain remains. Nerve series normal and latest MRI of cervical area normal. According to dr. surgery was successful. If clothing rubs against my armpit it will trigger this pain. If I push on it, it will trigger it as well.
Avatar f tn My recent problem is that I have been feeling extreme discomfort and radiating pain in my LEFT armpit. I felt around and discovered a lump larger than the one on the right side and more in my armpit area. I am experiencing this radiating shooting and burning pain that shoots through my left breast and up into my arm. I am a little bit worried about this because the pain in getting worse and my GP did not feel this lump.
Avatar f tn I am 24 years old, and have been having pain in my left armpit and left breast for about 4 months now. The left armpit is also swollen. I use certain dri prescription strength deodorant and when i put it on it burns and itches. Could it have somehow gotten in through the pores in my armpit and be whats causing the pain? I feel no lumps in my breast but it is extremely tender. Thank you!
Avatar n tn I have had shoulder pain arm and armpit pain and left sided breast pain for weeks had mammagram last year was ok does any body else suffer with the same symptoms Help This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/227337'>Neck, Shoulder, Armpit and Breast Pain on Left Side</a>.
Avatar n tn I do have a boyfriend, who touched my left breast and realsied tht I have a sever pain in my left breast near amrpit. Can you let me know if I had to really be concerned.
Avatar f tn I started getting health anxiety, checking my breast all the time and lo and behold my breast are lumpy, the left one seemed a little bit lumpier than the right, however, most lumps were still bilateral. My mind raced, lumps in the breast, thickened armpit, shoulder soreness...yup, I bet I have cancer. Over a course of a month, the shoulder pain subsided and besides the lumpy armpit and breasts, I didn't have any other breast cancer symptoms.
Avatar f tn Now my main concern is that today I noticed my left breast larger than my right, I feel burning pain and it also feels heavy. When I touch my left breast it feels hard and i might have a lump. I am about to start my period next week or so. I noticed mild breast pain yesterday but didn’t feel my breast heavy, I usually get tender breast before my period so It didn’t concern me that my left breast felt in pain.
Avatar f tn I feel very unwell and have left work due to my armpit pain.I cant wear a bra anymore coz my breast itches like mad where the lump is. There is also a discharge. My family is worried that it may be cancer. Trying to find out about getting an ultrasound asap but things are slow here and im deteriorating. Mother is serious about sending me back to England to so a specialist? What do I do? Are they exaggerating or is this a serious matter?
1090423 tn?1286287650 for about 2yrs i have had breast pain , i had a mammogram last year and the specialist found a ridge in the side of my left breast , but he said it was nothing to worry about it was just normal skin tissue , ,about once a month my breast swells and i have a permanant tender left nipple and pain in my armpit , i am 51yrs old and not had a period since january this year, could it be caused by the menopause , i also have anxiety
Avatar f tn I have been experiencing nonstop pain in my left armpit not sure why I am also 28weeks pregnant
Avatar f tn I ask how that can be since I had a hysterectomy about 13 years ago, just to be told that, ladies with dense breast just have pain and a mammogram only looks for lumps. I left every upset and confused. I am having itchness in my left armpit now and my nipple really hurts. I have made an appointment to see a Dr that deals with breast issues. Am I upset over nothing? Please give me some info that could help me understand what is going on, or questions I should ask.
Avatar m tn t know, anyway ive been prescribed these tablets for the gastro problem and they seemed to be working but over the last few days ive been having pain once more in the breast, armpit and occasionally on the inside of the arm, but this time i seem to be having a lot of gas, and i'm sorry to say but out of both ends, and everytime the gas passes the pain stops for a little bit. I'm just confused and really woried about having a heart attack i'm having sleepless nights worrying about it.
Avatar f tn Thank you, I have only had one mammogram done so I wasn't sure. I did how ever find another lump or small mass in my right breast. I don't have any inflammation or pain. Just a prickly sensation in my armpit. I go Monday for my Mammogram. Also I have a ICD device in my chesr ( left side ) will this be a problem?
201897 tn?1245842334 During that time, I had pain in that arm (inside of the upper arm and armpit), but was assured by my doctor and the nurses that it was first from the insertion and then from overuse and to rest it. The pain ranged from a dull ache to a sharp pain (particularly in the armpit area) and would occasionally radiate down into my chest. Since the picc has been removed, the pain has continued to occur, more so when I use the arm but also for no particular reason whatsoever.
Avatar f tn then around the 3rd trimester it came back much stronger and including pain at the neck,back and sholder..now and i have this pain all over my left side from head to toe(head,behind ear,neck,shoulder,arm,joints,knees,chest,abdomen,back) i had an ultra sound but the doctor told me i have normal breast tissue and no lumps even under the arm..could this be an advanced breast cancer? iam so concerned that it could be spreaded to lymph nodes,brain and bone..
Avatar f tn (I do realize there is breast tissue in the armpit) But I have no pain or anything in my actually breasts. Only during the time of my period they get tender, but I believe this to be a common symptom of your period. I don't know if I should be more worried about this or not. I can kinda grab the area where the lump is, it is hard and not movable. I mean I guess this could be a swollen lymph node, but wouldn't that go away after a bit of time?
Avatar f tn I'm 5 wks & 5 d pregnant & I have a horrible pain between my breast and left armpit. Has anyone else had this?
Avatar f tn The pain sometimes affect my left breast and heart area and my left arm feels heavy and uncomfortable .. In addition to dizziness and a whole host of other symptoms ( will list it if u think this is necessary ) Two EKG were normal and I did mammogram thinking of breast cancer and was normal a year ago( will repeat it again soon ) My question is: did u experience such strange feeling in your left armpit area and heart area ?
Avatar n tn I have a pain under my left armpit and shoulder when used , i also have slight breast pain in the left breast and my nipple is somewhat tender, i have had a hysterrectomy .
1629118 tn?1299613130 Approximately a month ago, I had a lump about the size of a half dollar and swelling in my left armpit with alot of pain. I went into ER and that doc said she felt a mass under the areola and scheduled an ultrasound. Of course I panicked. The ultrasound found nothing though and the pain and swelling were gone after a day or two. I dismissed the "mass" the doc found because I had breast reduction in 1996 and I know there is scar tissue in that area.
Avatar f tn Finally I find someone that has similiar symptoms that I'm having. So far I have a lump in my breast and in my armpit. But i do feel my neck and my groin area sore. My lump feels hard to and its really deep in the armpit. i cant really tell if the lump in the armpit is smooth but the one in my breast is. Lets see what they tell me when i go on wed.
Avatar f tn Any mass or lump in the breast can cause breast pain as it impinges on the normal breast structure. A breast ultrasound can differentiate between a cystic and a solid mass. Since the lump on your breast has increased in size with associated tenderness, further examinations may be needed. You need to go back to your doctor or a breast specialist. You can have a needle biopsy done and the specimen is sent for histopathological evaluation.
1560356 tn?1294835100 I have breast pain. Burning,aching, and soreness. The Dr. said I have fibromyalgia.
Avatar m tn t let stress controll you. Stress enhance back pain and it may cause breast pain n any uncomfort in your armpit, or breast.
Avatar n tn I found a lump in my left breast, have had a diagnostic mammogram and an ultra sound resulting that everything is fine. As a precaution, my Dr. wants me to be examined by a general surgeon, which is scheduled. I have slight breast pain, an ache in that particular area extending to my armpit and into my arm. Sometimes my arm aches so greatly, I use a heating pad. Should I be concerned? Is any of this related and if so, what might it be called? Is this normal?