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5415890 tn?1367620489 My upper back aches my neck my left breast hurts awful and my left arm. 2 months ago i went to get it checked out and they did xrays, blood work, and found nothing. My left breast is a little smaller than my right, but it has always been like that. I do self breast exams and havent felt any lumps, but i dont know if im sure what i'm feeling for? I suffer from severe anxiety and depression.
Avatar f tn I'm having uncomfortable pain underneath my left breast where it connects to the body I was told it possibly could be acid reflux and then did a breast exam on myself and felt thickened tissue. were the bread actually connects to my body and was worried that it might be something serious. Also during the same time having a lot of stomach aches after eating.
Avatar m tn - until the end of the year i dont feel anything. but when February (2013 ) comes. my left breast. aches a bit (until now) but not that often. and then this october. i had cough. which is i feel heavyness in my chest. but i dont feel any difficulty in breathing. but when i add a little force to cough. theres a little blood? :( thats what i am scared most about. is that a symptoms of HIV?
Avatar f tn My left shoulder, shoulder blade aches, sometimes i feel swollen in my back and my side . I have 2 lumps on my left breast. Is this the reason why I feel aches? I also feel pain on my right shoulder blades. I was scheduled for lumpectomy tomorrow. Is this a symptom of something to worry?
533063 tn?1262366101 Hello all! I'm hypo/hashi - have been taking levothyroxine (25 mcg, 1st month; 50 mcg, next two months) in the morning, as I wake up with water. About 15 - 20 minutes after taking my meds, I've started noticing (within the last month & a half) that I get a dull pain in the area of my left breast - it feels like it's almost IN my breast, or just below it.
Avatar n tn I have a nodule that I believe is compressing a nerve(s). One nerve runs up to my larynx and the other runs down to my left breast. It tingles and I get a dull ache, creepy feeling, on the breast and to the nipple. The nerve is near the surface, below my collarbone, as I can press on it sometimes and duplicate the sensation. It could be a nerve causing you those symptoms.
Avatar m tn Im 22 and I have a lump in my left breast. It moves and it seems like it shrinks @ times. It kind of aches from time to and time and aches more so when my period is about to start. Also my left leg has been stiff for the past couple of months does this have anything to do with my lump or is this a different issue such as anxiety...I keep going to the doctor about my leg and they take blood and said its nothing wrong and dont do anything about my leg..
Avatar f tn Last night I got a sharp pain in my left breast I tried letting her breastfeed and still pain I massaged it and it seemed to help for a few mins it only hurts when it gets touched wrong breastfeeding doesn't hurt it what could be wrong
Avatar n tn Completely normal. Mine has ached since day one and Im 21 weeks now and it still aches.
Avatar n tn I found a lump in my left breast, have had a diagnostic mammogram and an ultra sound resulting that everything is fine. As a precaution, my Dr. wants me to be examined by a general surgeon, which is scheduled. I have slight breast pain, an ache in that particular area extending to my armpit and into my arm. Sometimes my arm aches so greatly, I use a heating pad. Should I be concerned? Is any of this related and if so, what might it be called? Is this normal?
Avatar m tn Hi i am 25 and my left ball aches every once and awhile. Its nothing too painful just a dull ache and more annoying than anything. I will usually take some ibrophen(i think thats how its spelt?) and that does help, i also find a small ice pack helps or a warm bath. It also sometimes bothers me when i sit a long time. I did notice its hurt ever since i was playing soccer with my brother and went to stretch out for the ball... its almost like a pulled a muscle in that area?
4934872 tn?1361231055 what could this be ...movements all the time belly very swollen ,tired all the time ..breast enlarged.....i weighed 9st 3 months ago im now 11 stone ..
Avatar f tn I felt sting on my left breast including my shoulder/back! I feel much pain when its ache, I don't know why? I just turned 21 this June and I now facing this. I've never consult any specialist or check - ups. I'm really afraid of what would be the result! Hope that someone could give me advice or any information about having a CYSTS or BC! Thank You!
Avatar n tn I believe that it is completely normal. I had cramping, feeling extremely tired, and spotting....this could be a sign of implantation. Good luck to you and Keep us posted!
Avatar n tn m not the only one with this weird ache..Mine is just under my left breast, and it also aches directly behind it in my back. I had bloodwork, all is well..I had an upper GI with Barium, all was well..had a CT about 3 years ago..I do have a hiatal hernia. it isnt there constant, it comes and goes..sometimes for a while..But I do notice when I get upset and stressed out, its right there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any suggestions???
Avatar f tn not een really a scare just very paranoid to the point where i was checking for symptoms left and right. I took a blood test and it came back negatibe but my thoughts are still there... Now i have been experiencing minor on and off muscle aches in my legs for about 2-3 weeks ... they arnt really painful but defintly can feel them and its just aggravating.
Avatar f tn Has anyone experiened side aches and thru out the day after gall bladder removal?? It's been 3 months since my surgery. I also have stomach pains that shifts (mostly side aches) and just over all unbalanced. A lot of tightness as well.
Avatar n tn I have all over aches when I am lying down.Mostly lying on my side. When I lay on my back it subsides. Go to chiropractor often.Pain shoots down left side to the top of my foot on occasion.
Avatar n tn I am concerned as to why the left breast aches more than the right and it worsens when my bra is off and lessens with it on. I am going for a stress test my Dr wants me to do and looks like I am going toget an apt with a breast specialist in a week or so if the pain doesn't pass soon .
Avatar f tn I have recently been put on LoEstrin for Endometriosis, and as I was advised have been doing the self breast exams. I have noticed that my left breast has become so tender that I can barely complete the self exam. There is one area in particular that feels more sensitive than the rest of the breast, but I can't really press on it, and can't really feel around to tell if there is a lump because it hurts too much.
763734 tn?1249384736 I had a mammogram recently. It revealed a complex cyst in my left breast. My doctor is taking a conservative approach and is rescheduled a follow-up appt. for a diagonistic mammogram and ultrasound again in 6 months. Before all this happened and of course I did not tell the doctor... I have little "pains" under my left arm. I know lymph nodes are located in that area. The pains are nothing really...just my lymph "talking" to me.
Avatar n tn Around Christmas time I started have shooting pains in my left arm. It would extend to my shoulder, lower back and even down to my legs. I also have heart palpitations but the cardiologist said my heart is just fine and that they are caused my thyroid issues. Anyway, since then I get cramps, tingling, cold feelings, dull pains and such on the left side of my body, mostly in the arm and shoulder area and sometimes my heart. I get headaches on that side too.
Avatar f tn Well, it's best if you don't stay at one position for too long. Try to lay down on your left and right side equally as well as laying straight. It's probably because of the weight of the baby. Other possible reason might be your baby is hitting your spinal cord (if he/she usually faces your back). Try piling up 2 or 3 pillows and put your feet up high. It may probably help as well.
Avatar n tn I get lots of dull aches and cramps in my arm, shoulder, ribs, back, neck an even my left jaw and left side of my head. It often runs down the back of my leg too. The lump made me immediately think of breast cancer but now I am wondering if all these pains are not common with breast cancer, then perhaps that not it. I feel so tired all the time and just sick in general although I have no fever, sore throat or stuffiness at all.
Avatar f tn I have a swollen gland just under my chin, and a lump on my ribs on the left side, about an inch ot two below my breast. For the last month I have also had some pain in the side of my left breast and into my armpit. There is also a swollen painful spot there,and my left arm constantly aches. I am also loosing probably triple the normal amount of strands per day your hair usually looses...
Avatar m tn Not typical cardiac pains, but more like fleeting aches in the general vicinity of where there would be cardiac pains. Quick aches in the breast bone, or small aches in the left wrist, etc. It makes me want to get an angiogram or a calcium score test, however, deep down I know that would only be feeding my cardiophobia. A temporary relief, but a few days later, I'm sure something they missed would've come up. After I go biking, same thing.
Avatar f tn I have swollen glands, ear aches, head aches and back pain, the doctors give me codiene which hardly helpbut it returns again 1-3 months later. what could this be?
494669 tn?1275362475 The most common sign of breast cancer is a lump or thickening in the breast. Other potential signs of breast cancer include: a spontaneous clear or bloody discharge from the nipple, retraction or indentation of your nipple, a change in the size or contours of the breast, flattening or indentation of the skin over the breast or redness or pitting of the skin over your breast.
Avatar f tn iam breast feeding my baby, since i was really young i started having this slight pain in my left breast with left breast slightly larger than the right one. and over the years it started to get stronger but in very distance periods. around my second trimester i started to feel the pain more sharper and experianced lymph nodes pain under armpit,under breast and at the sides of it.then around the 3rd trimester it came back much stronger and including pain at the neck,back and sholder..