Leaving nuvaring in too long

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Avatar f tn Give yourself 2 solid weeks of rest if you want to really give your body a chance to heal properly. The third and fourth week, keep a low slow agenda or you'll regret it in the years to come. It takes a good 2 -3 months to heal internally, so don't stress your body out during that time.
Avatar n tn I am wondering, do you think the capsule is taking long to dissolve in there? and maybe that's where this discharge is coming from, the capsule still in there?
Avatar f tn I feel like I'm alone in my problem and my doctors are not interested in diagnosing or helping me. I have been dealing with very low back pain on the right side for a year now. I have a history of severe back cramps since I started my period but this is different. I have never been able to handle hormone birth control because it makes me a different person. Very irritable, unable to deal with slight amounts of stress.
Avatar f tn I know I make mistakes but everything I do to resolve problem does not seem to work for too long or not at all. I have been banging my head to figure out why my wife is constantly mad at me and kids. I really glad I found this site but now my challenge is to find a way to make her believe the Nuva Ring is causing her moods swing. Can anybody suggest a manner in which I can get her to read your comments or to believe me in a manner which won’t set her off?
Avatar n tn If it's NOT herpes, is it possible that it would be something like a bacterial or fungal infection that just resolved itself after several days, possibly caused or exacerbated by leaving the ring in too long or by the finger penetration into the vagina? Whatever it was, it seemed to resolve on its own without any medical intervention, (other than the ointment & some extra attention to good female hygiene throughout the day). What are your thoughts about this?
Avatar n tn If it's NOT herpes, could it have been a bacterial or fungal infection that just resolved itself, possibly caused/exacerbated by leaving the ring in too long or by the finger penetration? Of course we hear/see all sorts of things on the Internet & there is a plethora of symptoms that sites list as POSSIBLY being HSV-2 related. Thank you!!
Avatar f tn Tried pain killers-don't help Tried cortisone injections-nothing. My doctor put me on Nuvaring in thinking that if the pain is female organ related the hormones may help. I am also leaving for vacation and she wants to do exploratory surgery but due to time decided to try the hormones. So far-nothing. Have lower back pain as well now. Around my tail bone. I have hypothyroidism and migraines. I am in so much pain-it wakes me up at night.
1399033 tn?1449591379 ParaGard® is more than 99% effective at preventing pregnancy. In fact, it’s one of the most effective forms of birth control available, and it lasts as long as you want: two, five, even up to 10 years.
Avatar f tn I want 5 or 6 kid's too! LOL I must be crazy too, but I love kid's. I am currently pregnant with #4 and was thinking maybe i would just have number 5 right away and be done, but my husband does'nt think he wants them that close! my kid's are currently 6,4, and 2 they will be 7,4, and2 when the new baby gets here! congratulations again and good luck!
7670156 tn?1401990792 I've never been on birth control (and still did very well, baby was planned) what do you ladies suggest worked best for you? I don't want to worry about another baby for a long while at least a few years. And that implant that goes in your arm scares me.
Avatar n tn I am so sorry for your loss. Hope you find strength to get back into the swing of things - I too suffered a miscarriage in 2003 but I really really wanted another baby so I kept trying and got pg again 3 months later. My son will be 2 a week from Friday ;o( As far as the birth control - You can do condoms, the pill, or and IUD - I would probably do the condoms or IUD before the pill that way when you are ready to have a baby again your body should not have to get use to anything.
368690 tn?1284360853 Hey hun :) Im still here , not pregnant either though LOL I cant believe your still nursing thats awesome :) Im proud of you! I wish I could have nursed longer but Rylen gave it up at 4 months :( Im on birth control - ortho tricylen...Ive had to switch my pills 3 times since Rylen though because I was on too high a dose , then too low & now it seems to be a bit better...got my 1st REAL like normal period in almost 15 months...
Avatar f tn After our difficult fertility journey we will be very happy with two little ones, and keeping my organs intact will minimize hormonal imbalances while leaving me the opportunity to consider surrogacy in the future. If you're concerned about breastfeeding make sure that you have contact information for a lactation consultant local to you, as well as breastfeeding classes and support groups - La Leche League being the most common but many birthing centers and hospitals also offer them.
Avatar f tn I came off the nuvaring back in January.. my first cycle off was 35 days in February then it was 35 days for March and now this last one May 11th took 46 days for AF... so now it seems I am back to my crazy irregular cycle I had prior before going on birth control.
Avatar n tn I think you should be safe as long as you hadn't missed any pills. The hormones remain in your system for a while even when you stop taking them if you are TTC.
Avatar f tn Sunday (01/02/2011) was the same as Saturday had been but with the cramps subsiding almost entirely and leaving me with an uneasy stomach feeling in its place. Monday I started out spotting and it increased to a light bleeding that once again did not hit the pad at all, and mid day turning back to spotting. That night is also the beginning of my stomach feeling uneasy a few hours before bed, and u was just not comfortable and made it hard to fall asleep.
603463 tn?1220630455 *Use urine collected first thing in the morning--it is more concentrated. You can collect the urine and save it in a labeled container in the refrigerator if you need to run to the store for the test kit. *Don't drink too much fluid before testing. This will dilute the urine. *If you are testing later in the day, make sure it has been at least four hours since you last emptied your bladder. *Check the expiration date on your test.
Avatar n tn My abnormal pap was done at my 6 weeks checkup after having my fourth child. I was pregnant again with my fifth in less than a year and yeah my discharge was normal. I do want to warn you though that Chryo can cause scar tissue on the cervix which can prevent you from dialating properly during Labor. So if and when you do concieve, make sure the Ob is aware that you had chryo so that you can avoid a troublesome L&D. I was literally in labor with my fifth for a week with only 1 cm dialation.
134578 tn?1517087675 One of the other reasons 'pulling out' used to be disliked, besides the high rate of pregnancy, was that it was difficult for the woman to get an orgasm (often guys get there a little faster than their wives, but even if they have climaxed, they can still push for her to come too they stay in). Also men complained that pulling out just at the moment when their body was telling them most strongly to press in was against their own inclinations.
Avatar n tn I will be 40 next month and I had the NovaSure procedure done in August 2007. I went in on a Thursday. I had cramps for the rest of that day. Friday when I woke up I felt like I had been stood on top of my head when they did the procedure, i was SO sore all over. Saturday I was fine, took my girls school shopping and on Monday my girls started back to school and I went back to work. I have never regreted having this done.
Avatar n tn HI everyone who has had theirs done I had my lap done today and can I tell you what they said its a small nothing majour they are lying its a killer and the pain is terrible stil in hospital leaving in an hour really looking 4ward to just get home.... Did you people c your doc after your opp I havnt seen him don't even knw what he did nurses can't tell me didn't write it on my file so anoyed only.
Avatar n tn I was so surprised but very glad!! I also think though that sugar plays a part in my inflammation too. I've noticed when I have more sugar in my diet there is more inflammation. So to the person who mentioned diet, diet is key. I really have to eliminate unnatural sugar from my diet. I truly think that tampons are the cause of the burning. It causes inflammation of the vaginal wall. I have to ask all of you who posted, how many of you use tampons??
Avatar n tn Its normally (90% of the time) after showering and is not really effected by a long soak in the bath. I always finish with a cold blast from the shower and this doesn't ease it. Putting satin pj pants on quicky seems to help. Shaving my legs used to help, but I'm not convinced anymore that theres a link. Anyway, it's great to know that people are trying to find a solution. Lets keep posting our findings.
Avatar n tn I got minds put in about 3wks ago it wasn't so bad, I cramped a little after which I was told was normal, I started my period 2wks ago with light spooting the first 2 days and then a period(notheavy) now spotting again, I called my Dr and she said that it was normal to bleed a little longer with the IUD in place just as long as it is not heavy bleeding, bad odor and dosn't last longer then 2mth then they will have to give something to stop the bleeding, if this continues spotting are not, I am g
Avatar n tn I am not on any birth control right now, so it can't be from anything to do with not tolerating the estrogen in the pills, I too just got blood work done on my thyroid and a pregnancy test and everything is 100% okay, and I'm not pregnant. So why do I itch so badly!?!?!?! :( I also am experiencing nausea along with the itching, this is just as miserable as the itching! I cant eat much anymore, I take 3 bites of anything and my next bite I have to force down, but yet I feel hungry!
Avatar n tn My doctor wants to put me on those too, but I've been on them in the past and they make my blood pressure to increase so I'd rather not. I don't have anything else significant in my past medical history - I'm 31, 2 kids, no endometriosis etc. I'd be really interested in hearing follow up on your story.
Avatar n tn My son was born in Nov 07 and I've had my Paragard in since Jan 08. Now I don't want to get too personal, but since I've had this IUD in I don't have an ounce of sex drive! I have constant back pain and I'm moody too. My 'normal' periods for as long as I can remember have been everyother month for 3-5 days. Now, I can't remember the last period I had. I don't have insurance to have a dr take it out so I'm dealing with the pain. Hope this has helped! Ashleigh Engaged 3years. 2yr old son.
Avatar n tn I would also suggest getting creative with foreplay, get nice and heated up so that you dont have to penatrate for a real long time b4 you bust. I've had sex for over an hour many times, or 2 or 3 times in a night and that really does a number on the penis, in the heat of battle you dont always feel what your penis is going through.