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Avatar n tn ) to see if I could get it taken care of. I had read online that using laser treatment to remove it was probably the easiest procedure as it keeps the bleeding to a minimum and healing is relatively quick. However, once I saw the doctor she told me that unless it was really large, swollen, painful and otherwise causing additional medical problems it wasn't big enough for her to recommend that it be removed.
Avatar n tn I had spinal fusion on my L5 5 weeks ago, and i am now hurting now more then i ever did before surgery. My Doc said he had the surgery and was back to work in 2 weeks. At 2weeks for me i was hurting so bad i thought i had messed up my fusion. So i went to see my my doc and had an xray and was told it was fine. He gave me a RX and said it was my last one. So i have had nothing for pain since 3 weeks after surgery.
92903 tn?1309908311 I'm diagnosed with 'early cirrhosis'. Six mos post treatment and virus free, my ALT/AST is 31/26. Here's what my docs says in response to my inquiry: <i>I'm happy with the current enzyme levels. Teens would be ideal but 20's is fine as well. I think you have a good chance of reversal of damage as I don't think your liver has passed "the point of no return". Time, of course, will tell.
Avatar n tn WHO GIVES THE BEST EYE CARE IN THE WORLD by John C Hagan III, MD, FACS Add as Friend John C Hagan III, MD, FACS Male Kansas City - MO Member since May 2007 Journal Entry: "One of the greatest threats to your eyes ..." [Read] , Oct 28, 2008 08:34PM Tags: Best Eye Centers There are many questions posted here by people with very complex eye problems or things that are very difficult to diagnose.
Avatar n tn I went to google, under images, and typed in (lipodissolve before after Photo. If I can locate the sites again, i'll post them on here. Good luck.
Avatar n tn I have 3 medium to large size skin tags that I am having removed on Monday. I saw someone else's post for the Center of Colorectal Health in Chicago. I go to the office in SF. I too highly recommend them. I feel comfortable and have been well informed of what to expect which knowing is half the battle. The tag removal itself I am told is not expected to be uncomfortable but rather afterwards the possibility of some "mild" discomfort for which pain medication is prescribed.
Avatar f tn I don't know if this is exactly what I have, but it seems at least similar to the original post if I'm not proactive. To be proactive, I have used lotion to take care of this. Every day in the shower after I wash my face and hair, I lather lotion all over my face and let it sit for a few minutes. Then, I just rub little circles all over my face, and the little plugs come out of my pores. It seems like the lotion bonds with the little plugs.
Avatar n tn 10 cm x 5 cm (almost 4 inches x 2 inches) deltoid cyst and one smaller cyst on the other ovary removed on Feb. 20, 2009 through laparoscopic surgery (about 1 week and 2 days ago) ---- IT WAS MY FIRST SURGERY EVER - I am 52 years old . . . 4 small (1-1.5 inch each) incisions: one for the camera above public bone, two near each of the ovaries for the tools and one through the navel to drag out the ovaries/gunk.
Avatar n tn One full week without any symptoms!!!!! Come on, we're gonna make it, all of us! I had the shot on the 9th of November - two weeks before I had the shot for the normal flu and that gave me no problem. The same in the past years, I have never had problems with any vaccines. My H1N1 shot was taken from a vial with more doses: yes Shelley, what you have read about this subject is correct, the vials were made to save money and of course they contained more adjunctives.
Avatar n tn testicular atrophy, sluggishness and low sex drive) but he said my testicles were a normal size and the other symptoms were too general, that i should check with my primary care physician. the point he kept dwelling on was the ab pain, and he suggested it might be interstitial cystitis. i declined any "surgery" or whatever you would call it to see if i had it, because it did not seem to match up. So what do you think?
534800 tn?1217170959 Like everyone else I know who gets this, it's always been limited to golf, so we blamed chemicals on the golf course. I thought I'd post a picture of mine since it's not nearly as red as the other picture posted. It's a little hard to see on my photo because the entire back of my calf is covered. If you look down towards the ankle, though, you'll see it's a little splotchy there and you can see my normal skin color.
Avatar f tn I was referred to A PLASTIC SURGEON by my primary care physician. The plastic surgeon told me the medical term (of which I can not recall at this time) and continued to tell me what the procedure entails. There will be two small scars not under the arm, but a little in front (where it creases). It is actually liposuctioned out. The nurse called it a breast reduction, but that was not the technical term.
Avatar n tn The first time I was aware of it was when I jumped down from a low wall as in the original post. I think I might have jumped down from something once since but have avoinded doing so thereafter as the pain was so excruciating on each occasion albeit short lived. I occasionally experience nearly as intense pain randomly every once in while for a few seconds whilst urinating during which I can barely remain standing which has caused several misses I'm afraid to report!
Avatar n tn I'm told the cough is particularly piercing over the phone, so I've gotten in the habit of covering the mouthpiece and moving it away. I hope if any of us find a cure, they post! Thank you all for your post and letting me know that at least I'm not alone in this.
Avatar f tn my husband and I were looking at it a few nights ago, and he was like, BUY IT! I don't care if it's $50...etc, but I was suspect and looked further only to find the same exact people in the testimonials. I hope she is found out--we are all so desperate to find a cure that we could be vulnerable to such a scam. PLUS, if ANYONE found a cure for this, who has also suffered from it, I'd hope they'd give up all the solutions/relief/cure/info for free, just b/c they'd know how awful it is.
Avatar n tn Hello, please look into Post ligation post ablation syndrome. There is also Post tubal ligation syndrome. These conditions and symptoms of each one may give you some insight. Please google or internet seach. There is not a lot of information out there but enough to educate you. If you see one Doctor and he or she disregards you see another. The 3rd one for me was a specialist that I drove a few hours to see.
1462588 tn?1345065395 Hi Juana LOL youre so funny! I enjoy reading your post :0 I read your post about the maternity clothes, you are so correct! Besides, after all the meds, I'm so...... bloated, I have to wear bigger clothes at least 1 mo post transfer.
Avatar n tn I had always taken ON 7/7/7 but my gyn wanted to switch me because I was having some post-menstruation problems, like feeling pretty blue for a few days and I was getting headaches. So when I first started taking it, no problems but the last month I have just not felt like myself.
Avatar n tn But I tried really hard and stopped myself... No, I didn't post this so someone could give me a cookie or a golden star! Just thought I should share... let it out.