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Avatar f tn I fell and hit my head, had a very tiny retinal tear. Had laser in the office and was told it would probably never detatch. 3 weeks later it started to detatch and there was a bleeding vein behind it.(was told i had bad luck) Went for surgery, had re-attachment, gas bubble. Things went well, was seeing 20/40.
Avatar n tn And thought it may have been from this. I recently had laser an vein surgery also.
233488 tn?1310696703 surgical or laser corneal relaxing incisions; toric IOLs or toric mutifocal IOLs; rounding the cornea at time of surgery with brand new (2013) femtosecond laser; post operatively using lasik surgery to remove residual astigmatism. 9. In cases where one eye has a cataract that is symptomatic and causing problems with important functions such as driving, reading, recognizing faces, glare avoidance, etc.
Avatar n tn There is a small varicose vein at the center of the cramp but it may have already been there. Since then my pain has been less intense but more frequent now. I'm going to see a cardiologist on Tuesday to see what they think.
534800 tn?1217170959 of the people I have spoken to, each has or has relatives with pronounced vericose vein and/or spider viens in the legs, are fair-skinned and are of anglo-euro origin (English, Irish, Dutch, Swedes). This isn't science but at least something for me to start working with on the 'ol blog idea... there needs to be some sort of tally or research poll done so I have data to go on beyond the posts here and the vague "medical community" hypotheses that float around the web.
Avatar n tn I've had several testing done, from CT, MRI's, Upper GI and Tilt table test. I've seen doctors from NC, VA and MD. No one seems to know why I have these episodes of stomach cramps and blackouts. These always occurs during mid-morning hours 3-5am. The pain is so severe it wakes me and I rush to the bath room and blackout. I usually stays out for about a 1 or 2 mins and it appears that I am having epillsey, but I was tested for that and the doctors ruled it out.
Avatar n tn I have a physical tolerance to these meds after taking them for so many years. The oxycotins I have reduced from three tabs tid to two a day. Do you have any advise? NC nurse?
Avatar n tn The oxygen resulted in Retinopathy of prematurity, which was treated with laser surgery to both eyes. He was in hospital for 97 days. My son is now 6 YEARS OLD, & very healthy. He wears glasses only for distance and has never required any other surgeries. He is very intelligent showing no side effects from the brain bleeds. His only-on going treatments are physio and occupational therapy for low muscle tone which may/may not be linked to prematurity.