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Avatar f tn There is one private clinic that does femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery. The other one does not, but it is much more convenient. When I asked my RS about the femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery, he basically said that it is the skill of the surgeon that counts in either way of doing cataract surgery. He admitted that it probably is the wave of the future.
Avatar f tn ' The name of the procedure is a bit misleading, as it's not 'laser eye surgery' like LASIK. Rather, the laser is used to perform certain early steps of the cataract surgery, but it can be safer for high myopes and yield better results than the traditional surgery method - in the hands of a doctor who is experienced with the laser method of cataract surgery. The improvement in retina safety derives from the use of laser energy to 'break up' or 'soften' the cataract before it is removed.
Avatar f tn Prior to my second operation, my doctor had mentioned doing a surgery to create decompression due to spinal stenosis. In recent MRI's I've done, I've read that there is severe stenosis and I was wondering if that could be the cause of my constant daily pain. My left upper leg has been numb for several years now with the inner part of it extremely hypersensitive to touch, or cold, clothing or anything. It also recently seems to be moving down...the feeling of weakness and tingling.
Avatar m tn I was hoping someone could help out with a decision I have to make shortly (cataract surgery in less than 3 weeks!) as to whether to go with the monofocal lens vs the Symfony lens. About me: I'm 44 with myobia, presbyopia & a very slight degree of astigmatism (which I've been told probably doesn't need correction) and the ophthalmologist seems to be selling me on the Symfony lens and I really don't know if they're worth the extra expense.
Avatar m tn As much as I hurt, I doubt if I would have another surgery. It is worse after the surgery than before I had the surgery. By the way I am 45 years old. I am from Ohio.
Avatar f tn I'm only 17 and im trying to find out answers. after my 18th birthday i want to go get surgery done because of it . I want to be able to walk around in cute little bikinis like all the other girls. But I can't :( yeah youre right people don't understand lol. it's embarassing. nothing seems to look right. It *****! I want to be able to just walk around in my underwear if i wanted to and not be so self conscious. Urghh. It's terrrible.
Avatar n tn as far as the question for surgery is concerned no i dont think you need surgery and it would probably make things worse... get the book and do all the other stuff i said and get back to me to let me know if anything helped.. supposedly we dont need drugs and we dont need surgery.... it might be a stress induced condition of tense muscles due to stress.... im signing up for yoga going to call around for beginer classes targeted at the pelvic floor muscles.... do you sit a lot?
Avatar n tn the last time I went to my gastro this summer he couldn't get the scope in because I have an anal stricture from surgery 20 yrs. ago. Even know we think some of this is autonomic nervous system dysfunction- I had an auto-immune reaction similiar to this two years ago and they could find no gastro issues wrong. Well- Merry Christmas I get to have my butt hole stretched (anal dilation is the medical term) Friday by a rectal surgeon just so they can look in there.
Avatar n tn I have been having laser treatments from my chiropractor and they seem to be helping. Also taking 2000mg vit C 4x a day and Natrual B along with a good natural multiple vitamin. Resting after work as much as possible. The front area has been very ichy and then painful, the iching just started on the 3rd week. The back area is much better. Hoping it dosen't last much longer. Also I felt like I was coming down with something for about a week before the pain started. Good luck to everyone.