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Avatar n tn I knocked my head pretty good and the swelling was so sever it busted my optic nerve in the left eye. I had head surgery and a bone graph done. At the time the loss of my eye was not that big of a deal to me but now that I'm 35 the eye has gone lazy. I hate this more than anything! I hate taking pictures and looking people in the eye. Is there any procedure to do that can fix the muscle in the eye? I don't think the optic nerve can be repaired but what about the movement of the eye? Thank you.
Avatar m tn Hi there, well when I was 8 months old I was diagonosed with catract in Lagos, Nigeria. So was operated for the same in London at the age of 8 months back in the year 1981. After the operation, I had to wear spectacles & it started with a very high number of +22 which has come down to +11.5 now over the years. I also have a lazy eye in my left eye at the momen & very less vison in the left eye.
1206087 tn?1265757674 Is it possible to get a lazy eye after an eye operation? (vitrectomy) can the eye heal itself, is a lazy eye just part of the healing process?
Avatar m tn My vision out of my right eye (one that had the detached Retina) is weaker than my left eye which is causing Double Vision and the apperance of a lazy eye. I have two main questions. First, would Eye Muscle Surgery be an wise option for someone with my eye history? I would be very happy if this surgery would fix simply to cosmetic apperance of my eyes (both eyes looking in the same direction). But of course I have my dream of someday having both eyes work together.
Avatar n tn I've read that post-op complications of the buckle include double vision and/or lazy eye. I had a 'lazy' right eye as a small child, which was corrected surgically at age 2 or so. Is it going to come back or get worse as a result of the buckle? I'm scared.
Avatar m tn We tried various non-surgical treatments when she was small but none of them worked. Is there anything that can be done at this point? She is 22. Someone had told me that because her eye muscles were never used, that they would not work at this point even if she had laser surgery. Is this true?
Avatar m tn Muscle surgery (strabismus) is done on the outside of the eye where the muscles attach to the globe (eye ball). Dr. O.
Avatar f tn I was thinking it would be time for me to have a laser surgery on my lazy eye but I am affraid even if it will have better vision my brain will not adapt to the new vision and it will be a vaste of money and procedure. Would you recomment this step or I must just try to adapt to my reading glasses.....this is so hard! Thank you for your answer.
Avatar n tn Two years ago I had cataract surgery in that same eye. It's been giving me troublt ever since. I had a laser capsulectomy about a month ago. My eye is getting smaller and smaller and others tell me it looks lazy. Help! This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/582290'>Results of Cataract Surgery on Scleral Buckled Eye</a>.
Avatar n tn I have not been diagnosed with strabismus but my father has a lazy eye. My eyes have been misaligned since I can remember. My problem is more cosmetic than functional. My question is : "Can I improve the appearance of misaligned eyes with laser surgery?
Avatar f tn I'm extremely nervous about letting anyone do surgery on them again. What are the possible cons of having the laser surgery? I was told it could stop the damage but not repair damage already done. That sounds good. But what possible negative affect could the surgery do? I have known two people close to me that had these surgeries and truly didn't benefit from them that I could tell. I'm truly perplexed about it all. I have severe dry eye that is causing severe sensitivity to light.
Avatar n tn Hello im 24 years old and I had surgery on my right eye over 5 years ago due to a forming cataract by impact to the eye. My doctor performed the surgery and inserted a lens to make me see better. Frankly after the surgery my vision never got better, just worse. Year after Year my vision gets worse and im scared I will lose it soon. And in picture I seem to have a lazy eye. Please can u help me with the steps to take,as if you were in my shoes.
Avatar f tn Since the issue you had occurred in one eye, it does sound as if the imbalance even with treatment caused a lazy eye. I would seek the care of an eyeMD and undergo a complete eye examination to answer your questions as well as examine the health of your other eye. Dr. Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
Avatar m tn he did a VEP and he said i passed with flying colors but still blurred left eye. (right eye has lazy) my opt says there is nothing wrong with you eyes.. how could that be?? i then went to the Shiley eye center in Calif they did tests etc they found a GLARE Problem. The doc said I did not have O.N. sure felt like it. he said i described all the symptoms but dont have it. Said the glare problem was due to Astigmastism.. could that be true??
Avatar f tn I had 3 different Doctors look behind my left eye and they all agreed that I have a cyst behind my left eye they say that they are not sure how long I have had this there. My Dr from 1993 did an eye surgery on me just to take my Left Muscle and tie it to my Right side so that my left eye would not be lazy anymore. this Doctor is now Retired I have my Records but it does not state that there was any cyst behind my left eye at that time.
284078 tn?1282620298 In my practice, I find out the main priority and shoot for that first and if I can achieve it in the first eye then the second eye has some wiggle room for me to add some near or distance vision as desired. It is more of a DISTANCE plus some near added in or NEAR with a little distance added in.
Avatar n tn Dear Jains, Has you son been examined by an eyeMD. What is his vision in each eye? Does he have a lazy eye due to the difference in prescription between the two eyes. I would recommend that you seek the care of a pediatric eyeMD to determine the best treatment. Dr. Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
Avatar m tn Respected Doctors Sir, I am recently noticed that some floaters are seen in my right eye for last month. I am very upset because I am one eyed person my second eye is vision less due to cataract caused by a tiny wood in childhood stage. I consulted with eye doctor but he not suggested any thing to solve the problem. He said it is normal aging process. But I have fears to loss my vision totally and temperamentally. is any remedy or latest research is available now? please suggest me.
Avatar m tn There are some people that can wear glasses for myopia in one eye and hyperopia in the other eye sometimes even huge amounts. As a generalization anytime there is over 1.50 diopters difference between the two eyes most people have problems. You have about 3 diopters difference between the two eyes. You mentioned earlier that with the glasses RX you could see 20/20 that's great.
Avatar n tn Hello I'm a 32 year old woman an I had strabismus surgery 18 days ago I was not born with a crossed eye but a slightly lazy eye after the birth of my second child at age 24 my right eye began to turn outward I hated it so I had this surgery an it looks to me that my eye probably was overcorrected its now turned inward I'm still red in my eye an I'm very unhappy with the out come u was just praying for things to go well for me really don't care to go threw this again so hopefully time gives me be
964075 tn?1390451878 I've had intermittent lazy eye ( right eye veered outward ) for 38 yrs, underwent muscle surgery on 5-26-06, this resulted in right eye aiming to my left, tried several prism glasses, went to many eye care professionals, As it stands now 3 years later right eye remains veered inward, primary eye soc/surgeon basically gave up on me.... I tried CVS/Walgreen eye patches, they're hot, they irritate my skin, and they're uncomfortable!!!!!!
Avatar n tn I had an AcrySof lens implant in my left "good eye" which was extremely farsighted, 5 days ago. I am scheduled for surgery on the right eye, for the same lense>my right eye is my lazy eye since I was a child and has a slight +1.50 astigmitism, and also extreme farsightedness. My post surgery medication is: Vigamox 4x for 10 days, Omnipred, 4x for 6 weeks; Nevanac 3x a day for 4 weeks.
Avatar m tn I tried all the Laser clinics but was refused because I had one Lazy eye. So had Mplus surgery in the good eye 18 months ago and can only say "Wonderful"!! Can read papers easily and read licence plates at required distance. I am 68 and needed glasses from my early Forties.
Avatar n tn I'm guessing that your double vision is binocular, since your doctor suspects a lazy eye. (Does the second image disappear when you close one eye?) I think that most cases of double vision can be treated with prisms and/or surgery. Your eyes have experienced a lot of recent trauma and multiple procedures, so it's very likely that your vision will improve from its current state. What I can't understand is why you were given a ReStor lens.
Avatar n tn What do you mean when you say your eye has shrunk ? 3 weeks post DR surgery, my surgery eye is 2/3 the size of the 'good' eye. See the Scleral buckle or Vitrectomy? forum. I don't see the hour glass thing. Rather, I have double vision on the sides and when I look up. Time will tell if that diminishes. I'll ask my Dr. tomorrow about my eye size. BTW, I'll trade my double vision for your hour glass :-). Might as well joke about it.
233488 tn?1310696703 When groups of people that have had cataract surgery get together and talk about their results the variation in the final results are usually not due to complications but that those with poor vision post operatively have other problems in their eye that the cataract surgery did not, as was not expected to help.
Avatar f tn You should certainly be able to wear a contact lens in the unoperated eye, the image sizing problem is only caused by the glasses in the operated eye vs the unoperated eye focusing away from the eye causing a magnification, because the contact lens sits on the eye there is no magnification to worry about. Another optoin is the have laser eye surgery in the unoperated eye, if you have no cataract in this eye you should get some eye balance this way.
Avatar m tn I am planning to have a cataract surgery on my left eye which has a RD surgery last year. My right eye is -1.75 and has quite a good vision (20/15). My doc expect my left eye to recover to 20/25 or better after the cataract surgery. I am still making decision of alcon-arcysoft as I had some astigmatism or Crystalens. I just found baggyrinkle mentioned that has both eyes done for plano but his vision can cover from 20" to infinity.
Avatar m tn I am now 1 week after the surgery in my right eye (Symfony). Left eye clear from cataract - so untouched (myopic: -4.25) - I use a contact lens in this eye. My results - good distant vision (with good contrast - also at night), intermediate - quite good - I can read a computer screen quite well, near - needs to improve - I can not read a newspaper with my right eye. Flickering - I also have it sometimes, most of the time not disturbing.