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Avatar n tn At first i went to the gyno and she treated the only one i had with medicine that burned, sorry i dont know what it was, then i got an outbreak worse three weeks later. I just recently went back and she scheduled me for laser surgery. I really just want to get rid of them. Is laser surgery just a quick fix? or should i be using something different before i have laser surgery.
Avatar m tn - pretty straightforward *Most HPV infections are cleared by the immune system, and surgery for HPV problems also helps clear it and reduces transmission risk. Someone who had HPV 11 years previously, and had surgery, is unlikely to still be infected now. *Almost all HPV infections clear up on their own, and that certainly would include any infection your husband acquired from you. Penile cancer is very rare, even with HPV, and almost always easily curable without drastic treatment.
Avatar n tn Hi, It had been 5 weeks since my laser ablation surgery. They initially told me i had VIN but after surgery, they said they only saw condyloma. The doc told me they got all obvious lesions and also the ones that hadn't popped up yet. She said they were very through and didn't expect recurrence for a long time if ever because it takes a long time for new lesions to pop up. I check myself daily and haven't seen any new lesions when prior to surgery, there were new ones each week.
Avatar n tn Its been 17 weeks since my laser ablation surgery for hpv warts. Surgery was painful, they lasered several areas in my inner labia, outer, and Annnd vaginal opening. So far there hasn't been recurrence. Once i rushed to the doc but she said i wad imagining things because my anxiety is so high. At what point can i stop checking myself for recurrences? At what point can i have unprotected sex without fear of transmission?
Avatar n tn My laser treatment - surgery - is planned for January. Has anyone had laser surgery for genital warts removal before? I am worried about the scarring and the recovery part of the surgery. My Dr. said I would be in bed for about 15 days following the surgery, and that it would take about 1 month to heal completely. I've heard about horror stories... bad scarring... tissue sticking together... skin not being the same afterwards, and complicated intercourse following the surgery.
1535353 tn?1292712686 my doctor said if there has been any change in the cell count or anything like that, he wants to go in and do laser surgery on my cervex to burn off the cells. my question is, has anyone else gone through this type or surgery and if so what should i expect if i do have to undergo this laser surgery? thank you in advance for any and all help.
Avatar n tn my ex girlfriend i dated had hpv 3 years ago. She got treated for it by laser removal in her cervix, and said that i cannot catch it from her now. We have had unprotected sex. She recently got a pap that showed what looked like pre cancerous cells. All her other paps until now since she was treated for hpv were fine.
Avatar n tn There are creams like Aldara which are good for mild cases. There are also things like surgery, burning, laser, acid treatment which are good for stubborn warts. All will have to be prescribed by a doctor because the doctor has to make sure they are warts (so many genital bumps turn out to be nothing) and because each individual case is different so different treatments would be more suitable for different people.
Avatar n tn The symptoms continued periodically and got so bad that i went to a General surgeon the other day, he first looked at my penis which had one or two growths and said they may not necassarily be genital warts, but then looked in my anus and said it was condyloma and recommended laser surgery. i can not afford the surgery so i have recently started a course of aldara, tea tree oil echanacea etc.
1111601 tn?1258686272 So I found i had HPV a few months ago and it was a pretty ad case so my doctor decided to do the laser surgery and remove a large area of cells from my cervix. Has anyone else ever went through this? I keep having people tell me that it will lower my chances of becoming pregnant again. And I really want another kid so this is making me really sad and I don't know what to think??
Avatar f tn There are several methods available to remove the abnormal tissue, including electrocauterization, cryosurgery, laser vaporization, and surgery. Electrocauterization Loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP) emits low-voltage, high-frequency radio waves through a thin loop of wire. Electrical current quickly and safely cuts away abnormal tissue. The procedure takes about 10 to 30 minutes and is performed in the doctor's office or as an outpatient in the hospital.
Avatar n tn He looked at my penis where there were one or two growths and said they are not necassarily HPV but then looked at my anus and said it was condyloma and recommnded laser surgery straight away, being a general surgeon and all. i can not afford the surgery so i have just started a course of Aldara and using tee tree oil echanacea etc.
Avatar n tn My laser treatment - surgery - is planned for January. Has anyone had laser surgery for genital warts removal before? I am worried about the scarring and the recovery part of the surgery. My Dr. said I would be in bed for about 15 days following the surgery, and that it would take about 1 month to heal completely. I've heard about horror stories... bad scarring... tissue sticking together... skin not being the same afterwards, and complicated intercourse following the surgery.
Avatar f tn Im a male 21yo i had anal warts and i treated them by surgery no they came back inside my anus .. Before they were outside and the doc didnt check the inside of the anus .. Now ive started a treatment for those warts and the treatment is with another doctor a private one he took me a lots of money something like 5000 dollars he said the treatment will take about 10 months and i cant like be sexually active event not kissing because he want to assure i wont be infected ..
Avatar m tn I'm a gay male who is self conscious about the scarring in both of these areas and I was wondering if there is anything to about it. I would mind laser surgery or a type of microdermabrasion, but it's not something I can do at home and it seems kind of awkward to ask a dermatologist about this. Are there doctors who specialize in this kind of thing. Has anyone else dealt with this or know of any solutions.
Avatar n tn I had an appointment for laser surgery, but they disappeared on their own (a couple of months). I had precancerous cervical cells a couple of years later (removed by LEEP surgery), so I'm checked 2x a year, and was always clear for warts and abnormal cells. In January of this year I had a miscarriage, and the change in hormones retriggered the warts. I has been 11 years since I had it, and it's back (exact same spots it was in before). My partner and I have been together for a long time.
Avatar f tn Despite this fact, only a tiny minority of persons with HPV get the consequences of infection (primarily women and primarily cancer and pre-cancerous lesions). HPV is the most commonly acquired STD. Over 85% of sexually active women will have HPV infection at some time in their lives. The figure for men is less well studied but similar. In some HPV will cause genital warts, in others it will not cause warts but may lead to changes in PAP smears.
Avatar n tn Any women that he treats for dysplasia will at some point in their life have had an active strain of high risk HPV because HPV is the causitive factor for 99.8% of ALL cervical cancers and dysplasia. It only takes 1 person to contract HPV. You do not need to be promiscuous or have needed to start having sex at an early age. Condoms are only 70% effective. You could have only ever had 1 partner in your entire life and still have contracted HPV.
Avatar f tn After attempting treatment with Aldara for about 8 weeks I underwent Laser Surgery and had probably around 30 warts removed in October of 2006. The pain was hurrendous for the first day or two and then for another week every time I had to urinate. It did get rid of all the warts though. Six months later I broke out again and again had about 10-15 warts removed.
Avatar n tn If not responding to, say, Condylox or Aldara, trying the other makes sense; or see a provider skilled in freezing or laser surgery (e.g., most dermatologists). Any particular treatment should start to show clear benefit within 2 weeks (longer for Aldara, up to 4 weeks); otherwise tell your provider you want to try something else.
Avatar n tn if so what is the percentage of this happening and is there medication for this or does surgery need to be done...It looks like i may have them but i'm not sure if it is a wart or not??? Thanks....
Avatar f tn I got HPV recently and doctors in China made a laser surgery directly. now it's coming back more and more warts and i don't know what to do. the treatment was really terrible and harmful here and obviously doesn't work. What else could I do, as i cannot travel abroad now and cannot wait either as it's growing very quickly ? I have only one sexual partner now. He has it too of course.
Avatar f tn Podophyllotoxin solution and Podophyllotoxin cream, Podophyllin Solution, TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid), Cryotherapy, Cauterizing, Laser Treatment, Surgery.
Avatar f tn My niece was born to my sister in law who was infected with HPV and the baby consequently developed warts in the throat. She requires frequent laser surgery to prevent blocking of the airways, and has the surgery every 3 months approx. She is 9 now. My question is this - how easy is it for my niece who is infected with the disease to pas it to my daughter? I do not usually allow them to drink from the same cup etc. just to be on the safe side.
1386249 tn?1303095696 Did anyone ever hear that HPV related laser tx and colposcopy biopsies make it more difficult to conceive or lessens the chance of pregnancy? Has anyone had this treatment done and conceived?