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Avatar f tn So they scheduled a laser surgery for me. I had spotting from it from where the scars were coming out for about 5 days. Then a week after the surgery my husband and I had sex. About 3 days later I started mt perios, and had cramps. And have been on for over a week. I have an iud. And my normal period would be every 4 months for about 3-4 days. Is this normal after surgery?
Avatar f tn Laser surgery (or cryo- freezing) surgery to close retinal holes or tears does NOT treat the floaters. That is not the purpose of the operation. The laser or cryo- seal the hole/tear shut to prevent a retinal detachment. The floaters may or may not go away. As we age the number of people with floaters increases by about 10% per decade of life after age 10. Floaters as a rule do not cause reduced vision. Retinal tears, especially those treated with laser, do not cause reduced vision.
Avatar m tn However, my surgeon told me that he does not recommend a laser surgery. In his opinion, a laser surgery may hinder subsequent operations on the retina if need arises. Is this really the case? What is the latest research/experience in this respect? Thanks very much. Thanks very much.
Avatar f tn We have spent literally thousands of dollars on vet procedures and home supplies. He has had surgery, stitches, staples, acupuncture, laser, blood tests, etc. Yes, he has an e-collar, 3 in fact that I have purchased for his comfort. I should own stock in the Vet wrap companies! I have just ordered the antibiotic powder that you mentioned, more bandages and vet wrap. I will not give up! Thanks again!
Avatar m tn Hello, I just had emergency laser eye surgery for a torn retina. (Sunday, June 21st). I have a schedule vacation for July 5th and will be flying (7 hour flight). Will this be possible? I do have a follow with my surgeon, however if the common census is " no way", then I will want to cancel and break the news to the grandchildren now rather than wait to the appointment.
Avatar n tn Dear Baileycan, To my knowledge, tricyclen should not interfere with the healing of LASIK. Dr. Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
Avatar f tn with PRK -after the surgery ,steroids used for coupe of weeks for healing ..Does it retain in the body for longtime.Is it safe to conceive soon after the use of steroids...any known risk.??? Please reply............
Avatar n tn Hi, I had laser surgery this past Wednesday to repair a minor retinal detachment (in the periphery of one eye). It's my understanding that the surgery needs 2 weeks to be effective (time for the laser burns to scar). I am terrified that I will have a full detachment or something in the next 2 weeks.
Avatar n tn I recently had the Laser eye surgery because of Lattice Degeneration on the peripheral of my eye and some small tears that were starting to from in my left eye. I'm young, only 28, and have pretty bad vision, -10.5 in my left eye. Ten days after my surgery I started seeing flashes in my left eye in my peripheral vision. The lights start on the bottom part of my vision and arch and move upward.
Avatar m tn Just under a month ago I had a very slightly raised mole about the same diameter as a pencil eraser removed from my cheek via radio surgery. It scabbed up within a few days and finally fell of about 8 days ago. Currently it is bright pink and there is a fairly good sized divot where the mole used to be. Will that eventually fill in some or will it be like that permanently? I am currently keeping it covered during the day and applying moisturizer at night and exposing it to open air.
494623 tn?1278282952 Hello, From the symptoms the possibility of keloid forming is high. The other possibility is of a hypertrophic scar. Hypertrophic scars are not dangerous and improve with age but keloid scars can itch or become irritated if they grown in size and show some rubbing with the clothes. I suggest you to consult a dermatologist and take a second opinion to confirm the diagnosis.
587306 tn?1218529734 com/ Home » Spine Procedures » Spinal Fusion Alternative Spinal Fusion Alternative Laser surgery medical procedures offer a gentle endoscopic alternative to spinal fusions to help alleviate pain to the lower back (lumbar), upper back (thoracic) and neck (cervical). Answer The endoscope and arthroscope are the exact same instrument. They are small tubes through which surgery is performed. When the tube is placed into a joint, it is referred to as an arthroscopic procedure (arthro meaning joint).
Avatar f tn Has anyone had experience with low level laser therapy to help with healing after surgery, or in the case of a pseudo?
1778927 tn?1381882347 Things are still wavy and I see a purple/red hue off to the left of my eye. My question is that since the laser surgery it appears almost that there are 2 spots now so is it typical for the bubble (mine was oblong) to heal in different sections creating the illusion of 2 spots? I am worried that a new spot may be appearing or is this a normal part of the healing process? Thank you for any info. I have a recheck on Dec 15th.
Avatar f tn The buckle makes the eye longer and thus more nearsighted. Cataract surgery is not that much more difficult after your surgery but it makes picking the IOL power more difficult and all cataract surgery increases the risk of a retinal detachment so I share their "wait longer" attitude.
Avatar f tn and YES I have had my opthamologist check my eyes (twice) and he sees no clinical reason for this and says my laser site is healing properly. He also says that CONSTANT strobe effect is not consistent with the traction on my retina - that it would be intermittent. He mentioned the Opthalmic Migraines but even he said (and I know) that Opthalmic Migraines end -they do not continue constant...I am on day ten now and it NEVER stops.... any thoughts are greatly appreciated.
203342 tn?1328740807 They look pretty bad so I took her to the dermatolagist and they said we could try laser treatments. We've now done about 5 laser treatments and I don't see any real difference. Parts of the scar seemed to smooth out but the rest is raised/puffy and still pretty red. I kept asking him if surgery could be an option and he said that it would make a worse scar if we tried surgery. I don't think it could look much worse than they way it looks now.
Avatar m tn any cream or something to remove the burn scar?
Avatar m tn I've also seen it done on dogs for hip dysplasia and arthritis, epilepsy, other allergy dogs, and on dogs post surgery to speed up healing. On every other dog that I either witnessed personally or read the testimonies of (which were about 20 in all) it worked moderate to very well. In my dog, it did not work. She had 4 weeks of treatment. I felt the laser myself and it feels like nothing at all.
Avatar f tn Laser surgery: A technique that involves using a beam of high-energy light to cut away the upper surface of the skin. The procedure is very precise, although the laser focus can be adjusted to resurface larger areas. It also stimulates both blood supply and collagen production - the support network for skin tissue. Just be aware that it can take about 10 months for collagen to regenerate, so don't expect to see the finished results until then.
Avatar n tn Saturday morning to the optometrist then retina specialist who injected a gas bubble to push the retina back into place (it was 'dangling' in front of the macula). Wednesday I had the laser part of the surgery and was told everything went 'great'. He said I could resume contact lens wear as soon as I cared to, and I could drive as long as I was aware that I would be seeing reflections off the gas bubble for a while...
Avatar f tn I have not have laser surgery, but have had both cyrotherapy and electrosurgery. From everything I've read, laser surgery is much less painful during and post healing than other more invasive surgeries. Please post your experience here, after you have your surgery!