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Avatar m tn I wish you would appreciate my anxiety, having read about Prostate on Internet,generated psychological impact. If surgery is prolonged without drugs,what worst can happen? Kindly advise,if you are in my place.I do feel cramps & burning sensation on legs and also weakness. I am also NA glaucoma patient but having better vision after Laser/Cataract surgery,without any eye drops.IOP is 14/15mmhg. Do you think PSA/sonography monitoring will be good guide to see any deterioration?
Avatar n tn An alternative would be laser ablation. In laser ablation, a high energy laser is used to remove the obstruction. Treatment and followup should be discussed with your urologist.
Avatar n tn I am a 61 year old male with Interstitial Cystitis with an Enlarged Prostate (45 gram) which needs to have sometime done to it so that I can continue to urinate in the future. Presently I can urinate very slowly at times. I have in pain from the IC much of the time. I do not wish to have additional pain over the long term due to fixing my enlarged prostate problem but something needs to be done. My IC is incurable and will never heal.
Avatar m tn I need Prostate surgery due to enlarged prostate. I am interested in the Green line laser method but my Dr. informs me I am not a canidate due to the size of the prostate (about 3.75cm) he also said my bladder is very poor shape. Do you agreee? My urologist does not use the Green line laser.
Avatar n tn If you had an enlarged prostate surgery to open up your urinary flow and then later after the surgery found that you have prostate cancer the question is: Can you still have your prostate remove via Da Vinci surgery? Both the TURP and GreenLight Laser Surgeries remove a portion of the bladder. Can the doctor reattach the urethra on the penis side to the portion of the bladder that remained after the prostate surgery previously performed. I hope you can follow what I am say here.
Avatar m tn hello, i had prostate surgery about 4 years ago on my enlarged prostate. it was the green light laser. since then my doctor says its enlarged again, no cancer, just enlarged and i am sliding back into my original condition before surgery. he wants me to undergo a test where he uses an endescope to go up thru the penis. i had this before and it was pure torture. he assured me he would put me out for the procedure....i'm really afraid because i refuse to suffer again thru this awful test.
Avatar m tn I had laser surgery with urethal transection in Sept. However, I still have to get up 3 or 4 times a night to urinate. I thought that would stop after the surgery. Also, I wear padded underware to bed as I have leaked urine without evev knowing it at the time. Finally, should to take Uroxatral? Thank you.
Avatar m tn Now, it seems that I have another stone --4.5 cm yet the urologist doesn't seem gung ho about finding the cause.I have BPH and suspect that this is what's causing the urine to crystallize into a stone. The last type of life I want is every 2 years having to get a cystoscopy followed by 3 days of wearing a catheter.
Avatar m tn Would having prostate cancer (early detection very small doing watchful waiting) prevent me from having the Green light laser therapy to help my enlarged prostate? Would the T.U.R.P. surgery be the treatment of choice? I am 69 years old, have had the cancer for three years doing annual biopsies (none of the biopsies have shown cancer) and checking PSA twice a year. Thanks.
Avatar m tn I assume radiation will kill the cancer but what about the enlarged prostate? Will it shrink any? If not would the surgery be the best option? If it's not cancer and they do the laser turp, is it possible the prostate will continue to grow and cause problems in the future? Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Avatar n tn I do not want to come out of the operation with additional pain due the enlarged prostate surgery/treatment. If you or anyone else could give me some insight I would appreciate the information. Maybe the are some urologist out there that have used either of the procedures on patience with IC and share how the operations turned out. I have put information on this web sight before and never received any feedback so I have included my email address is ***@****.
Avatar n tn and feel like my current doctor is too prone to advise a TURP, when I really don't want surgery. I am told my prostate is not that large, and I have difficulty urinating that seems to be getting worse, as I've just last week increased a dosage of Hytrin from 5mg to 10mg, with only marginal benefit (Hytrin used to work great at only 5mg).
Avatar n tn 6 weeks ago, I had laser surgery (HOLAP) using a Holmium 100W laser to vaporize the enlarged area due to BPH. I had considerable improvement the 1st 3 weeks (good stream and need to void every 1.5 - 3 hours). It was necessary to self catherize for the first 4 days until I could void without the catherer. However, the last 3 weeks I've experienced a strong urge to void (even after voiding) almost 24 hours each day. Volume is beween 50 - 125 CC). No bleeding after the 2nd week.
Avatar n tn He said that I need to get Green Light Laser Surgery of the prostate. He said that you would be surprise how much the prostate affects conditions of the bladder. He said there was an 80% change that the Surgery would help my IC. I mention Microwave but did prefer that because of large middle lobe. What are your feeling about Green Light versa Microwave? I've had my IC 1992 before I had an enlarge prostate.
Avatar m tn Risks associated with this are the same with any major surgical procedure. There are some specific risks associated with laser prostate surgery. These include 1) impotence 2) incontinence and 3) constriction of the urethra, whereby a second procedure may be necessary. Thank you for your question.
Avatar m tn Since the combination of meds was no longer helping my symptoms, my urologist recommended laser surgery to reduce the size of my prostate. I had the surgery in October of last year and my recovery was longer than normal. That is probably because my urologist (who performed the surgery) did not take me off the Flomax until about a month after the operation. After stopping the Flomax, my urinary continence improve greatly.
Avatar m tn This condition was caused by an enlarged prostate causing the urine to back up creating several ureter stones and a large bladder stone. I have had the stones removed through three surgeries plus a greenlight laser of the prostate. However my ureters appear to be permanently dilated and twisted. For now I have stents placed between my kidneys and bladder. They need to be replaced every 3 months. Does anybody have any suggestions of an alternate? Thank You.
Avatar m tn I visited a urologist (several times over last 2 years) who confirmed the prostrate enlargement and normal testosterome level. He informed me that I could have a procedure (I think he referred to the surgery as a laser machine procedure!) to correct the enlarged prostrate. I told him I would probably do the procedure. He prescribed Avodart which I have been taking for the last 2 years. I half heartedly asked him if I would be able to get a fiull erection and retain it as I did in the past.
Avatar m tn If a prostate is enlarged could that be a cause of erection disfunction and how could you help this? Is wines and smoking related? Blood pressure pills could that be an issue?
Avatar m tn I take Finasteride for enlarged prostate and he said it wasn't a problem. Other people hve different opinions. I have a torn iris. My eyes no longer accomodate to glare properly and the vision in my formerly great right eye si now not good at all. I have constantly dry eyes and tons of floaters and I just had a bad spike of interocular pressure. All after his assurances that all my problems would be over and the risks were very small.
Avatar m tn If you are referring to Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) , a minimally invasive endoscopic procedure, this is used to treat enlarged prostate BPH that is causing obstruction. Kidney and bladder stones are usually removed through lithotrpsy or litholaplaxy, It is best that you discuss this with your attending physician also for proper management. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn Sometimes procedures like prostatectomy, transurethral incision of the prostate (TUIP), transurethral microwave therapy (TUMT), transurethral needle ablation (TUNA), laser therapy of prostate and transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) may also cause such symptoms. There is no surety as such that these procedures won’t cause any reverse ejaculation as some people never experience it after these treatments.
Avatar n tn leg and foot spasms (I've had them on and off for most of my life) and the urge to urinate frequently while reclining despite a mostly empty bladder? Green Laser surgery a few years ago on my moderately enlarged prostate did not relieve that latter problem. Additionally, a few years back I started having trigeminal neuralgia that has eventually subsided to infrequent acute bouts. At the time the neurolgist noted some brain ventricle abnormalities - could this also be related?
Avatar n tn Hi, If you had a prostate that was enlarged over 200 gm, laser surgery would need to have been performed in two stages. This is because even a highly experienced may not be able to complete the tissue ablation required to provide good results in one procedure. If you have been unable to control the urge to pass urine and also experience overflow or dribbling, there could be a problem with your bladder sphincter.
Avatar m tn But doctors at that time said that it would be fine overtime and it would disappear in due course. Lately ( in later 2010) he also had problem with enlarged prostate and was referred to surgery or Ho laser treatment. Now he has been told that his enlarged prostate cannot be treated till he gets he gets his heart hole is taken care off. 2. Is it true that he has to treat hole in his heart before prostate treatment. And if it is true what are the safe options available for him ( he is 67).
Avatar n tn USA Today reports Urologist in CA was shot on the 28th by patient after he had prostate surgery. Patient's symptoms were worse after surgery. Doctor specialized in Laser surgery. Stanwood Fred Elkus of Lake Elsinore was arrested following the Monday afternoon attack and held on $1 million bail, according to the county jail website. Elkus is suspected of killing Dr. Ronald Franklin Gilbert, 52, of Huntington Beach at the medical office in Orange County.
Avatar n tn Went to the Dr when it really started getting uncomfortable, realizing I had been tolerating the discomfort and shooting pains for some time before I finally broke down.That was a couple years ago. I was diagnosed with an enlarged Prostate, and he put me on antibiotics and suggested I try Saw Pimento based herbs. I never really got much relief from this. As I have gotten older, now 53, and other ailments have started to pop up, I have asked myself, and the Dr.
Avatar m tn have another one this year also on my prostate it's enlarged. Thank you for your time and all the information.