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Avatar n tn With CIN 2 or moderate dysplasia I have hear of doctors often recommending a LEEP (or LLETZ) or sometimes laser therapy or cryotherapy If the dysplasia was found to be higher up in the cervix, including the transformation zone or the endocervix, sometimes they might try a cone biosy as well. There are different methods of treatment. Be very leary of any doctor immediately recommending a hysterectomy - especially (!) for only moderate dysplasia.
131073 tn?1252454452 My girlfriend has been dx a second time with HIGH GRADE CERVICAL DYSPLASIA. The first time was about 2 years ago and she had surgery, and had the abnormal cells removed. This is as close as you can get to cervical cancer without it being cancer. She now has to have the same surgical procedure done to remove the abnormal cells. She is scared to death she is never going to be able to have kids. The more times she gets the surgery, her chances of carring full term decrease significantly.
1949518 tn?1326613044 Hello, I can understand your concern but surgical removal of abnormal tissue is the most common method of treating cervical dysplasia. Ninety percent of these procedures can be done in an outpatient setting. This is done by cryosurgery, cervical conization, LEEP procedure or laser therapy. You should not worry and go ahead with this procedure.
Avatar f tn she said the dysplasia is mild and might go away on its own and expects biopsies to come back mild. If that is the case, i go back in 6 months for pap, if not she said whatever it is can be taken care of in the office. I am 50 years old, have been married 27 years, divorced and had 2 partners the current one for the last 8 months. i am very scared about this. any words of encouragement?
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with moderate cervical dysplasia and just recently got over a surgery I had for invasive endometriosis. I also have PCOS and am 28 years old. I am considering a hysterectomy...any thoughts? I am really scared.
Avatar n tn 1, 2005 had cervical laser surgery, with repeat pap in Feb.2006. Pap Smear came back normal! I now have missed my last two periods and have had a scant amount of brownish discharge two times within the past two weeks. I feel like I'm going to start my period (bloating, cramps, grumpy), but have not. I have scheduled an appt with gyn. but am very worried. Any suggestions as to what may be going on would be appreciated. Thank you!
Avatar f tn It puzzles me, how long it took for htem to consider the possibility of cervical stenosis. Im baffled. However, they said the surgery went well and fingers crossed, cervix will stay open.
Avatar n tn This is ovarian cancer forum and I entered it because of my current testing and surgery. Last year my daughter was diagnosed with CIN II that is Moderate/Severe Cervical Dysplasia due to HPV. She is bleeding during intercourse and during pelvic examinations she left work today with severe pain in the lower back to see gyn. I talked with him they are operating on her August 25th to test the deeper cells of the cervix and the uterus for cancer.
Avatar n tn We often times see dysplasias during pregnancy. The decision to do a cone biopsy or laser surgery...or even cryo...a freezing technique should be done with the advice of your gynecologist. Our experience in my lab has been that often times the dysplasias will "disappear" with the birthing process. If however your Dr doesn't feel like that is a chance he/she wants to take then you would probably need to consider the surgical (done in the office) options I stated above.
Avatar m tn Hi, I was diagnosed with HPV with severe cervical dysplasia when I was 19 (I am now 34). My gyno followed the usual treatment (I believe it was laser surgery, I can't remember what it was called). He had a really hard time getting rid of it and I was sent to an oncologist/gynocologist where I was treated with laser surgeries, acid washes, cone biopsy until finally at 26 I had a normal pap. I have been relatively normal since.
Avatar f tn Stage 2 is moderate to marked dysplasia. Treatment options are cryotherapy, LEEP, laser therapy, surgery or hysterectomy depending on the severity of the disease. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
377493 tn?1356505749 I will absolutely ask about the margins and the vaginal/cervical dysplasia. Interesting comment as I did ask about cervical dysplasia and was told there is no relationship. It does make me wonder if my gyn oncologist is up to date with her information. I do make sure I have my pap annually, and so far haven't had an abnormal one. Would cervical dysplasia show up on a pap? Anyway, I will bring it up, and as always I truly appreciate the info. Have a wonderful day!!
Avatar f tn I had to have the hysterectomy due to dysplasia and pre cancerous cells. After my surgery, I had to go in for several laser of the vaginal cuff surgeries, because the cancerous cells kept coming back. The dr. I have now is referring me to gyn oncology dr. What should I expect from this visit.
Avatar n tn although some docs just wait it out with no surgery because often the body develops anti-bodies against the HPV virus and cures itself. i recently had cervical laser surgery and it went fine but i would imagine cervical surgery would not be an option considering she's 5 months pregnant..FYI, some 80% of the population has HPV (human papilloma virus that causes genital warts) men are asymptomatic and are usually not treated unless they develop the warts..
Avatar f tn There are some treatment for precancerous cells (dysplasia- CINI-CINII-CINII) which i am going to explain. Treatment of cervical dysplasia depends on the severity, the presence of HPV, risk factors, and patient's preference. For ASCUS and mild dysplasia (low-grade SIL/CIN I), the physician may perform HPV typing. If no virus or a low-risk strain is present, Pap smears may be repeated at 4- to 6-month intervals because ASCUS and mild dysplasia often resolve without intervention.
Avatar f tn I suspect you had an abnormal pap smear and evaluation showed you to have cervical dysplasia which is also called cervical intraepithelial neoplasia.CIN. This is considered a premalignant condition which means that if left untreated over many years, it will progress to cancer. some CIN is so mild that it is just watched without any therapy. For some CIN, the treatment is local excision , freezing, or laser. Whatever the case, it is not cancer and not life threatening.
Avatar n tn they had me come in and they did a biopsy. It came back saying that I had moderate displaysia. They done laser surgery and removed the pre-cancerous cells. 3 months later went in for another pap and it came back the same. The ob doctor looked at it with some kind of scope and said it measured a larger area than the first time. He had a cancer specialist come in and look at it. The specialist said he wanted me to wait 6 months to see if it would take care of itself.
Avatar f tn I need to get an mri and biopsy done. I have had prior dysplasia of the cervix with cryosurgery and laser surgery so biopsies or pre-cancerous cells are nothing new to me but I am still concerned since my mother passed away at 54 of cervical cancer. Has anyone have any input for me? I'd greatly appreciate it!
Avatar n tn Hello, I am 47, no kids, kidney transplant recipient who has a grapefruit sized ovarian cyst sitting on my left ovary & squishing my bladder. Cyst appears benign and they also saw some endometriosis & fibriods. I have a history of abnormal pap smears, 2 LEEPs, laser surgery, cervical dysplasia... Met today with gyno/onc who is recommending removal of the cyst & ovary using DaVinci surgery, laparoscopy with possible hysterectomy (vaginal.
172826 tn?1423426556 i dont think she has taken a pg test since the last time...ajnyways im wondering..she has hpv and got laser surgery about 5-8 months ago for cervical dysplasia...could it be that sumin more happened like endometriosis or asherman syndrome or something like that..hence why she has noperiod????
Avatar n tn Hi Sally, I am guessing that moderate discariosis is the same as moderate cervical dysplasia. I did a quick google search and came up with that. I had severe cervical dysplasia in fall of 96 and was diagnosed with ovarian cancer (very very early...malignant cells in one cyst only) in the summer of 2000. I asked if there might be a connection between the two and was told "no." Sounds like you are a good advocate for your own health.
Avatar n tn Any women that he treats for dysplasia will at some point in their life have had an active strain of high risk HPV because HPV is the causitive factor for 99.8% of ALL cervical cancers and dysplasia. It only takes 1 person to contract HPV. You do not need to be promiscuous or have needed to start having sex at an early age. Condoms are only 70% effective. You could have only ever had 1 partner in your entire life and still have contracted HPV.
Avatar n tn I suppose I should start by saying that I briefly dated a girl who has had moderate/severe cervical dysplasia. We were intimate with each other just once. We engaged in both vaginal and oral sex. I, of course, did wear a condom. This same girl has only recently gone back for a follow-up, so I'm still waiting to hear what her current status is. I know she had this when I dated her six months ago because she hasn't dated anyone since me (and vice versa).
Avatar n tn For 2 years I have had hpv and have had many biopsies and even the laser surgery. My pap smears came up normal sometimes but mostly ABNORMAL. I am losing my mind I am 23 years old and if this continues I dont see how I WONT get cervical cancer or other cancers. Please help me. There are HPV cures out there because my sister cured hers with natural remedies like apple cider vinegar. I need to know what you did to start getting normal pap smears again.
Avatar f tn My new obgyn said she saw a lot of inflammation during my exam and mentioned cervical dysplasia- the results came back as positive for HPV and high risk cervical cells. Since I was bleeding a lot during this first pap, they re-did it a week later and everything came back negative!! She then ordered a transvaginal ultrasound- they couldn't find my ovaries but that apparently was of no concern. The obgyn called and told me everything was normal and that's it.
Avatar n tn because if I had let it go and not had a cone biopsy surgery (where they go in, under general anesthesia, and laser off the bad cervical cells on the inside and outside of the cervix), it most certainly would have led to cervical cancer. "Almost" means that my condition was progressing and I was already at Stage III (which they refer to, I think, as a pre-cancer stage - but NOT cancer). I also think I know what you mean by painful "pap smears" every three months.
Avatar n tn I have HPV that comes along with genital warts and cervical dysplasia. I had major laser surgery yesturday to correct the problem. They practically took a laser and burned all of my cervix and labia. And NO everything is not fine for your girlfriend, the warts can come back within 3 months even of treated. And if she does develop cervical dysplasia (Abnormal cells in the cervix) then that can lead to CERVICAL CANCER, if not treated. HPV is a cruel and unforgiving disease.
Avatar n tn But, it is sometimes hard to convince doctors to do these unless there is a consistent pattern of pap smears that show cervical dysplasia when checked every three months. Many times cervical dysplasia clears up on its own. There is controversy regarding this, though, as in my case when I asked for a coposcopy the very first time I had a bad pap age 45 (and the year before things were fine). Mine turned out to be severe cervical dysplasia and so I had the LEEP procedure.
Avatar f tn I need to get an mri and biopsy done. I have had prior dysplasia of the cervix with cryosurgery and laser surgery so biopsies or pre-cancerous cells are nothing new to me but I am still concerned since my mother passed away at 54 of cervical cancer. Has anyone have any input for me? I'd greatly appreciate it!