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Avatar n tn I was curious to know if cancerous cells can reappear on your cervix after having the laser surgery to get them off? i had the laser surgery in sept of 2005 and now i am having all the symptoms of cervical cancer. Would it be possible for it to come back?
Avatar m tn I have heard of laser treatment for cervical cancer but I doubt it is possible to reach an ovarian cyst this way.
Avatar n tn I'm a 34 year old heterosexual male and I was recently informed that my previous girlfriend of 3 years ago had recently come down with cervical cancer, she also recently informed me that she had an abnormal PAP test 10+ years prior to meeting me which lead to her Doctor performing a slight "scrapping" of her cervix over a decade ago.
Avatar n tn This is ovarian cancer forum and I entered it because of my current testing and surgery. Last year my daughter was diagnosed with CIN II that is Moderate/Severe Cervical Dysplasia due to HPV. She is bleeding during intercourse and during pelvic examinations she left work today with severe pain in the lower back to see gyn. I talked with him they are operating on her August 25th to test the deeper cells of the cervix and the uterus for cancer.
Avatar n tn I had a hysterectomy about twenty years ago for Endometreosis and the Dr left one overary but said eventually it would shut down,I had a Pap done a few days ago and have a yeast infection,I also had Laser Surgery was in the 3rd stages before pre-cervical cancer,I am sexually inactive and have been for quite some time I havent recieved the results yet,and he has me on Monistat 7 for 10 weeks could you tell me is there something I should bI can be whatever i want to be in life ,but the best thing
Avatar n tn although some docs just wait it out with no surgery because often the body develops anti-bodies against the HPV virus and cures itself. i recently had cervical laser surgery and it went fine but i would imagine cervical surgery would not be an option considering she's 5 months pregnant..FYI, some 80% of the population has HPV (human papilloma virus that causes genital warts) men are asymptomatic and are usually not treated unless they develop the warts..
Avatar f tn Okay so I'm currently 34w 5d pregnant with a little boy and I was told about a year and a half before becoming pregnant I couldn't get pregnant due to cancer cells/or cervical cancer.. Could this be my only child (miracle baby)? & what are the risks for cancer with him? I have a continuous pattern of cancer in my family history! Please help, Very worried!
Avatar n tn Tampa Girl, Interestingly enough, I am learning of laser surgery myself. I sure wish I had looked into this before I had my spinal fusion, as it seems laser surgery would have addressed the same issues without the accompanying trauma. I am very interested in getting more information from you on your experiences. My email is ***@****, if you care to make a contact.
Avatar f tn It puzzles me, how long it took for htem to consider the possibility of cervical stenosis. Im baffled. However, they said the surgery went well and fingers crossed, cervix will stay open.
Avatar n tn ) As for the pre-cancerous cervical cells, I've been battling dysplasia for over two years and this past February was diagnosed with carcinoma in situ, cancer which hasn't yet spread. I had to have laser surgery for it in May, and just had my 6-month checkup, which was normal. In additon, I have a 4-cm complex, solid ovarian cyst and am having both ovaries removed Dec. 19. When it rains, it pours! Hang in there, okay?
Avatar f tn The lumbar stenosis may have contributed to my near inability to walk prior to my neck fusion. Even so, the cervical fusion surgery immediately improved my walking ability and greatly reduced my leg pain. All in all, I consider my cervical fusion surgery a success and hope my lumbar fusion is an equal success. Realistically, I don’t expect the surgery to rid me of all pain.
Avatar f tn Today I am infection free but still have the abundant discharge. The last obgyn I saw said that it was because I had cervical ectropion. And that sometimes cauterizing may help. So I did my research and have a few questions for those of you who have experienced ectropion (I believe it is also called "cervical erosion"). Me: I am 31 years old, no children, had been on the pill (Apri) for years and just stopped 3 months ago, w/ thryroid disorder 1.
686473 tn?1227021174 As I mentioned above, for most (90-95%) women a LEEP or cone biopsy can be completely curative, if there is a recurrence it can still be treated with another LEEP, cone biopsy or possibly laser or cyrotherapy, etc. - even with early stage cervical cancer (stage 1A, 1B) women can sometimes choose a trachelectomy over a hysterectomy. A hysterectomy is MAJOR surgery (even LAVH - laparocsopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy) and with it comes very real risks and possible complications.
Avatar n tn I am very scared and the doctor said I may need surgery and cancer runs heavily in my family. She said she might try and put me on birth control to shrink it but would I just be better off having it removed? It mean, its HUGE, right? I tried taking yaz when she first found it but that made me unbelievably sick and I had to stop taking it. But she said a low dosage of something else may work. I am really scared.
Avatar n tn Yet she would rather me avoid the surgery given my age. Other people say that surgery is extensive and is very long to recover from and has some risks. What surgery did your mom have and how quickly was she able to recover? Walking? Workout? And etc.? I will probably start PT next week, but honestly, I don't hope for nor expect any improvement.
Avatar n tn I had spinal fusion on my L5 5 weeks ago, and i am now hurting now more then i ever did before surgery. My Doc said he had the surgery and was back to work in 2 weeks. At 2weeks for me i was hurting so bad i thought i had messed up my fusion. So i went to see my my doc and had an xray and was told it was fine. He gave me a RX and said it was my last one. So i have had nothing for pain since 3 weeks after surgery.
552681 tn?1215136132 At 36 I was diagnosed with HPV and cervical cancer. My hysterectomy almost killed me when I developed a blood clot in my belly and had to be rushed in for a second surgery, and transfusion. 24 hrs later I had a pulmonary embolism.And then I developed another clot in my belly that we just left there. A few days later a friend had called for a ride after she had been drinking. I went and picked her up, and on the way home fell asleep, hit a pole and killed my best friend of 22 yrs.
158939 tn?1274918797 diagnosed, laser surgery, one radiation treatment, done. Thyroid cancer: two surgeries, hypo hell before RAI, three days in the hospital with a deck of cards(still hypo hell), some medicine (still hypo hell), two months later a dose adjustment (still hypo hell), two months later another dose adjustment (still hypo hell)......LOL!
Avatar m tn org/posts/STDs/Oral-HPV-Cancer-Risk/show/1512873 With or without a known oral HPV exposure, nobody should go around worrying about throat cancer as a result. If you die of cancer someday, the odds are hundreds of times greater it will be one of the common ones, like colon, prostate, lymphoma, lung, etc, etc -- and not one of the very rare ones like HPV related throat cancer. So my advice is to keep things in perspective.
Avatar f tn At the age of 18, i was diagnosed with hpv (cervical Cancer Strain) I had laser surgery done to remove the cancerous cells. after the laser surgery, i developed the warts, could the laser have something to do with that, also my husband and i have had unprotected sex since we started having sex, could i have infected him? My doctor said that they will not be able to see in in men..i dont understand?
783761 tn?1236220048 And my friend went for pap smear and a few other tests before she planned for her baby because her mother is a cervical cancer survivor and her grandfather had some other cancer. I think such people should get regular medical check ups done. You have not mentioned it in your post as to why you need a pap smear. I think it is good if they find out detect early so that you get medical help asap.
Avatar f tn Breast cancer is not associated with HPV or other viruses but women with a family history of breast cancer may be more at risk for cervical cancer. The breast lumps can be breast cysts. Stage 2 is moderate to marked dysplasia. Treatment options are cryotherapy, LEEP, laser therapy, surgery or hysterectomy depending on the severity of the disease.
Avatar f tn I wish she had refered me to a specialist in laser instead of doing the procedure herself (she had no faith in laser when she scheduled the surgery due to some comments/ I think it could have not worked due to skill level - which I should have asked about - I was being an patient who was 'not thinking'....very worried at the time) Any advice or suggestions on what path is a good path in this individual situation.
Avatar f tn Thanks a lot! I started wondering if that was the reason I am not pregnant as yet.
Avatar f tn I need to get an mri and biopsy done. I have had prior dysplasia of the cervix with cryosurgery and laser surgery so biopsies or pre-cancerous cells are nothing new to me but I am still concerned since my mother passed away at 54 of cervical cancer. Has anyone have any input for me? I'd greatly appreciate it!
377493 tn?1356505749 You were so positive and so helpful. I have a brand new concern. When my son was a year old, I had laser surgery for VIN 4. I was assured at the time that is was only precancerous, and my GYN Oncologist joked that if you had to pick a precancerous (or even cancer) below the waist, this was the one to get. She said it was very low risk for developing further, and highly treatable even if it did. I had the laser surgery (without a doubt the most painful experience of my entire life).
Avatar m tn Ive been dating this girl and she told me that her family has a history of cervical cancer and that she had to have laser surgery awhile ago in her vagina to burn off lumps before. (or something like that im not to sure i just no she had a laser sugery down there) Well i was reading up on cervical cancer and everything says hpv. and how guys can get hpv too!
Avatar n tn I had severe cervical dysplasia in fall of 96 and was diagnosed with ovarian cancer (very very early...malignant cells in one cyst only) in the summer of 2000. I asked if there might be a connection between the two and was told "no." Sounds like you are a good advocate for your own health. As far as I know, there is no early test as such for early ovarian cancer detection. I know there is research going on. Mine was found during another surgery.
Avatar n tn It was CIN II-III-severe dysplasia and put to me bluntly that it was as close as you get to cervical cancer without it being cancer. I have had no issue with it since. I also have a very good friend that watched her dysplasia change to cancer diagnosis within 6 months. She had hers frozen and is going on her year completely clean and plans on tryin for a baby after this appointment. If you do not get the answer that you need here, try