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Avatar n tn All treatments for genital warts depend on identifying and then destroying the infected lesions and tissues. Laser does it quickly, but neither laser nor any other method can remove HPV from nearby tissues that may look normal but nonetheless are infected. So that means yes, laser surgery is "just a quick fix"--but so is every other treatment for warts. There is no treatment method that eradicates HPV infection itself.
Avatar f tn Hi, i'm thinking about having laser eye surgery and have been doung some reading up about it. Has anyone had complications with lasik and regret having it? and what is wavefront worth it?
Avatar f tn Less trauma is my main concern and it seems the femosecond laser helps break up the lens quicker and with less complications. Thank you for your opinion on this...any Dr on this site.
Avatar m tn Hi, I am planing to do lasik laser eye surgery. I planed for surgery and taken appointment from doctor. But some people and my friend say this is not secure and there is chance of geting number again or you may losse you vision completely. I am confuse wat to do now. Please advice me what should I have to do.(My cylindrical power is high) please help as soon as possible.
Avatar n tn ). Take this time to rest and recuperate and stay prayed up. God Bless you and we all Love you!
Avatar n tn I developed cataracts in my early 50's. Had surgery on my right eye in 2004 and my left in 2007. In 2008 I developed really bad floaters in my right eye. They came up very quickly. I went to several eye doctors including the surgeon who did the cataract work. I was told repeatedly that this was just something I had to live with. I did my own research and then went back to my eye doctor this winter (2010). I had already concluded that the laser option was dicey. I asked about vitrectomy.
Avatar n tn Cataract surgery is the most common, the most successful and the least risky surgery done on adults. It is one of the great success stories in all of Medicine. In the USA last year 3.25 millionn cataract/IOL surgeries were one. The femtosecond laser costs almost a half million dollars. It is a fabulous tool but it is very difficult to see how any person, insurance company or government in the countries with socialized medicine can affort to buy it.
Avatar m tn You must wait at least 6 months after completing your Accutane course before having laser surgery due to the increased risk of scarring and irritation whilst on this medicine. Eloise.
Avatar n tn "Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery and Risk of Macular Swelling" His skepticism matches the reports I've seen of large scale studies over the last year or so indicating that laser cataract surgery so far merely has been shown to have different complications than non-laser surgery overall (which are rare in both types), and hasn't proven its benefits overall yet for most patients.
Avatar n tn now thinning has started and people asked me to go for laser treatments..and since its just a year of hair loss they say it is reversible too.. am getting married in 4 months... i could like someone to tel me,how much can be achieved in a laser treatment and whether its is reliable too.. pls help!!
Avatar m tn ENT docs, Otolaryngologists, Internal Medicine/Respirologist, Dentist, and Sleep Disorder doctor. I have tried the CPAP for 2 years (hate it) and I am currently using the mouth-guard (where my jaw is moved forward). My most recent ENT doctor suggested removing my tonsisl and uvula (under the table, overnight in the hospital, anesthesia)...I was told that this post-op, the pain is 10x worse than strep throat...any comments? Should I do this procedure?
Avatar n tn At our local place, angiogram was done to right eye and they stated that small bubbels on retina caused this problem and is due to macular edema. They gave drugs and drops (stroid based) and advised of taking injection in eye after a week and said laser is futile as there are no new blood vessels in eye. Later, my father was shown in a popular eye speciality hospital in metro city. They conducted visual field and some other test( some ..tono test) and found no damage to retina.
412873 tn?1329178055 Go get a drink and sit down. This is going to be long. I have seen their TV commercial and my first impression is that they're too confident about presenting positive outcomes for too many back problems. I general, treatment outcomes come with a percentage of success vs. a percentage of risk. The patient must make an informed decision as to whether the risk is worth the benefit in any medical treatment. The word "laser" means little. A laser can cut or a laser can heat.
Avatar f tn My cataract surgeon suggested I schedule for a YAG Laser Posterior Capsulotomy, which is quick and will clear up the distortion and glare, one eye at a time. I am not thrilled about having another surgery obviously, but feel confident in the doctors I am seeing for this, yet am concerned just the same! Any surgery has risks, obviously...! Further RD'S?
Avatar f tn Been told the result of retrograde eject after the surgery. Is it the last resort if all medicine and massage is failed.
1642011 tn?1305185979 It provides me clear solutions about my eye problems . I mean b4 surgery I was damn scared regarding d risks of d surgery and after surgery I was feeling very bad bcoz I was not having clear near vision, it looks very embarrassing as I was not even able to see no.'s on my mobile phone but after LASER treatment I am feeling much better . Now I'm wearing glasses only for reading purposes and I'm feeling more confident.
Avatar n tn This spring he had gall bladder surgery and a few weeks later the back problem started again. It causes severe leg pain. We are told it is nerve related. He had a laminectomy about a month ago and the pain is still there only worse. He has lost weight because of nausea from pain meds and now his Dr. is sending him to the pain clinic for an injection. He had one before the surgery and it did not help. He is getting depressed and I am so worried about him. The Dr. seems to have no answer for him.
Avatar f tn I have the beginning of glaucoma and am not on medicine. About two yrs.ago my Doctor lasered both eys to reduce pressure. Now I have developed cataracts in both eyes, the right being worse. I'm concerned if i should schedule the surgery to remove the cataracts and implant lenses because of the previous proceedure to release the pressure? Would any complications occur? Thanks for your prompt response. My next appt. is Tuesday.
Avatar n tn I recently was turned down for lasik eye surgery because I carried the antibodies. Has anyone ever heard of this? And why would having the antibodies affect this kind of surgery?
Avatar n tn Having done some recent research, I found that the apparent risk from laser surgery is around the same as wearing contact lenses over a number of years. But my underlying question (assuming the procedure is now possible) is does the benefits of treatment outweigh the risk involved (from a personal view I suppose - ie would an optician risk the procedure). I suppose the best person to answer my question would be a glasses wearing optician!
Avatar n tn Some scientists hypothesize that overexposure to UV, including excessive sunlight, may play a role in the formation of acquired moles. Moles can be removed by laser, surgery or electrocautery. ref: ref: Thereare no medications available for the removal of moles.
Avatar n tn Hey you got informed consent. Medicine and surgery never will be risk free. Its too early to determine your final result. If you eye ends up clear at near but not far you could make the other eye for distance or you could as the surgeon said have lasik which is safer than IOL exchange. Use the search feature and read about how the tests to determine what IOL to put in the eye are not always right especially in long or short eyes.
Avatar n tn (after they removed my tube from anatheasia) I had scleral buckle surgery on my right eye 9 years ago and have had 2 laser surgeries on my left eye-once at the time they did the scleral buckle on my right and the other was about 2 months ago. The laser surgery didn't work so they proceeded to do the scleral buckle. My recovery is going nicely. I'm 6 days post-op now. It's still blurry, but to be expected. My eye still looks extremely red too.
1932338 tn?1349223998 #1) I asked the Surgeon what happens if my fluid leaks thru the capsular sac during surgery and/or a rip and continuous leakage. Surgeon said it doesn't matter because the eye is enclosed and it won't go anywhere. Isn't there more to it than that?
Avatar f tn How was your nodule found? Was/is it causing you any problems? This type of question can only be answered by you. Each person views things differently. If my nodules where not causing me any problems I would not be having surgery but mine decided to grow and they are putting pressure on my throat, o"ya...mine is also not benign which is another factor. I have read that for benign nodules on FNA that the doctor can prescribe a medicine that may shrink the nodule.
Avatar n tn 5 hours because the doctor told me that he wanted to take extra time to remove the posterior subcapsular cataract because the removal became a little complicated and he was practicing defensive medicine to ensure no problems. It is now 10/22/2007, my eye is somewhat swollen in the back. The vision is very colorful. Vision seems to be somewhat clear at distance but there still is some blurriness. I could read to the second bottom line at the surgeon's office.
Avatar n tn Is there some treatment, medicine, action we can do to help eye recovery of this surgery (we know all implications about this) or any thing that may help to recover? In other side with other eye, is there any possibility to help her vision with scar removal or any treatment to improve her vision?. For last and I am sorry about asking so much (we are really sad about her situation) are there any devices or equipments as special lens for example, to get a better vision in her case?
Avatar f tn I would recommend that you speak with your eyeMD about the light flashes and have your retina examined. Dr. Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
Avatar n tn I have a benign thyroid nodule that is large and encompassing the right side of my thyroid. My Dr. recommended surgery to remove the tumor. He stated that the thyroid will not be removed and I will not have to take medicine for the rest of my life. He stated that I do not have to have it, but he would do it. Surgery seems kind of drastic. Does anyone out there know if that is the right thing to do, or if the surgery is unnecessary?
Avatar n tn Can you tell me what the pros/cons are of any of them, and have any of you done herbal/natural medication after surgery?