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Avatar m tn I was wondering about how I could heal acne scars. I have been having ongoing acne for at least 4 years now. The acne only really appears on my nose and around my mouth area (below nose and below lower lip). Unfortunately, I have multiple acne scars now. Also, I have large pores that won't close: is there a way to make them disappear?
Avatar m tn There are few medicated creams to remove scars but it is best to consult a dermatologist before using them. The other options are surgery, where scars can be cut out and stitched up, a process called scar revision. Laser surgery & resurfacing or Steroid injections are other options. A long term course of steroid injections under medical supervision, into the scar may help flatten and soften the appearance of keloid or hypertrophic scars.
Avatar m tn advice of my dermatologist i'hv once again retained my old condition...but now what bothers me is the deep scars and black spots caused due to acne....all i want to knw is in what way i can remove the scars and spots without undergoing any particular expensive 18 years of age ana a student...i sue ISOTROIN 20 & ACCUTRATE to reduce my pimples growth....
Avatar m tn can u suggest me any medicine/cream to remove the acne scars...i dont want to undergo any lazer or amy plastic there is any mean to remove acne scars through effective medicine...
Avatar n tn hi... when i was 8 year years old i had a surgery under my eye,,, now scars are left under my eye.. i want to do a laser treatment.... so that i can get rid off from my scars... i dont like it really... its on my face and i feel complex.... plz tell me and give me tha good advice.... i want to get rid from this scars...
Avatar n tn Dear Doctor, I would like to know if there are doctors in training that would perform laser resurfacing or dermabrasion on the face for deep acne scars,at a very reduced rate or free as part of there training and part as a patient reference? I know all doctors must start somewhere and I personally would not want to be charged full rate if I was the first patient or first few.
Avatar n tn hi there,I too have problems with my face i have lots of post acne scars. which is the best way to get rid of these? could there be side effects of acne scar treatments? how dangerous could it be? pls.
Avatar n tn Still, it gives only fair results for acne scars. Sometimes the laser peel is repeated in 6 or 12 months for better smoothing. Laser peels involve pain, cost, and lengthy recovery, however. be sure the doctor you consult has a lot of experience. And if you're serious about laser peels for acne, you may want to look into CO2 laser peels too. Best. Dr.
Avatar n tn Cocoa butter is good but there's this thing called BB cream which formula comes from Germany where dermatologists prescribe it to heal laser skin surgery because it has soothing and skin-regenerating properties. Famous South Korean actresses then began using it for beauty purposes and since Asian dramas are huge all over, a craze was born. creams is suited for all skin types and are targeted to those who have sensitive and acne-prone skin.
Avatar n tn Even minor trauma and inflammation can leave pits and scars. Treatment is very difficult, because any procedure like laser might make the scars deeper. On the other hand, if you leave the areas alone, they may fill in at least in part over a period of months. I am concerned that you are spending as much time as you say covering up these spots. You sound as though you have become obsessed with these imperfections to the point where your normal life is being interfered with.
Avatar n tn The treatment however would depend on the exact location and depth of the scars on the body the scars. Dermabrasion is a cosmetic surgery procedure performed most commonly to improve scars due to acne, chicken pox, small pox and other skin conditions. It involves removal of the superficial layer of skin with no blood loss.
Avatar n tn count your self lucky scars are on your body and not on face. there is nothing or no plastic surgery can do get rid of chickenpox scars. such a shame that plastic surgeon can turn man in to woman and vice verse but can not remove chicken pox scars. shame on surgery.
Avatar m tn here the climate is tropical type...i had severe acne...but nw itz left with dark n re patches and deep my dermatologist prescribes me few cream like DEFLORATE n im gettn no i tried to use lemon juice as people say one of the best natural remedy...after using fr 1 month i didnt get any reslt as such....i avoid exposure o sun rays....i drink water abt 6 liters a day...
Avatar f tn The treatment for post inflammatory hyperpigmentation includes various skin creams like hydroquinone, azelaic acid, corticosteroids, tretinoin cream and laser treatment.Apply hydroquinone cream on this scar and it should go away in a few days to months.If it still persists then you can go in for laser treatment, Chemical peeling or microdermabrasion. Avoid picking, harsh scrubbing, and abrasive treatments unless prescribed by a dermatologist during this period. Hope it helps.
Avatar n tn I have some little flesh-colored crater-like things on my face, which I'm pretty sure are acne scars, but my shoulders don't look so good. They haven't really changed to my knowledge since I've stopped the Accutane. Especially on my chest, it's mostly faint raised bumps that are whitish. They don't seem to be sensitive or pimples of any kind. There are some larger raised things on my shoulders and some areas that feel rough. Are these another kind of acne scar or something else.
Avatar f tn I hear surgery leaves scars too. There is dermabrasion and apparently cortisone injections to flatten the scars. Can anyone recommend a treatment?
Avatar n tn Sometimes laser therapay can be effective in treating these area. See a physician or clinic that specializes in laser therapy.
Avatar n tn I have very sensitive skin as this has been one of the long term side effects of taking roacutane. I have thought of laser surgery and chemical peels but I don't know much about them. If anyone has any info or suggestions on what I should do, or what can help, it would be very much appreciated.
Avatar f tn At the age of 62 I still get some spots from time to time. You ARE beautiful, acne scars or no acne scars. Crooked teeth can be corrected by the dentist by having braces, or it may be that you have one too many teeth, pushing the others to make them crooked. Have a chat with your dentist about that. It is much better to get them straightened whilst you are young. The main problem is to tackle the bullying. Feel sorry for the bullies because bullies are very insecure.
Avatar m tn well time and a few cents for the ginger. i have been to expensive laser treatments, all i got was worsened scars. i will update every now and then.
Avatar n tn Hi. I had purple scars, too. It was hyperpigmentation from acne and I use Ambi fade cream, you can find it in most drug stores. I would suggest using a good product with 2% hydroquinone. It worked for me. Good Luck!
Avatar m tn There are few medicated creams to remove scars but it is best to consult a dermatologist before using them. The other options are surgery, where scars can be cut out and stitched up, a process called scar revision. Laser surgery & resurfacing or Steroid injections are other options. A long term course of steroid injections under medical supervision, into the scar may help flatten and soften the appearance of keloid or hypertrophic scars.
Avatar m tn It does not work as well on deep scars. In laser surgery for acne scars, a hand-held laser is used to burn off the scarred skin cells. Fresh new skin cells then replace the burned-off ones. Benefits of Laser Surgery for Acne Scars The lasers used for Laser Acne Scar Removal in India are very precise, allowing the dermatologist or plastic surgeon to target only the affected skin and leave any healthy, unscarred skin alone.
Avatar m tn I have been through two cycles of Accutane and also went through three sessions of levulan laser surgery. I have also tried about every over the counter acne medication available; acnefree, clearasil ultra, proactive, klear action, and neutrogena advanced solutions just to name a few. I have tried different methods of shaving my face because my face seems to get worse the next day after I shave. I have also tried eating a healthy diet with no soda, no greasy food, and no junk food.
Avatar n tn However cystic acne needs to be treated. Cystic acne is the most severe form of acne. Cystic acne affects deeper skin tissue than the more superficial inflammation from common acne. Since they are severe, so systemic medications are usually required. The treatment consists of topical and oral antibiotics, tretinoin, oral contraceptives in females and Intralesional corticosteroid injections. Very severe cases may need excision and drainage.
Avatar n tn Aside from medications and laser treatment, there are many possible management for cystic acne such as dermabrasion, phototherapy, and even surgery. Cystic acne treatment usually depends on the severity, and it is best that you discuss the management plan with your attending physician for proper evaluation. Seeking another dermatologist's opinion may also be helpful. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn sir/madam, I am 22 years old and I had one of my ovaries removed recently on the account of dermoid cyst. Before the surgery was performed, my menstrual cycle was irregular and I had several breakouts on my face (specifically cheeks) that left scars behind. Now, while my cycle is back on track, I still continue to have these breakouts on my right cheek and I do not know the reason. Can you see any reasons for the same? I would be glad to hear some suggestions too.
Avatar n tn my acne is gone because of an antibiotic called bactrim and all i have let are the scars..can i get some type of laser surgery for the scars?
Avatar f tn They form a depression or sunken area because of damage to the collagen, fat or other tissues below the skin. In such scars, apart from plastic surgery, laser resurfacing is also helpful. They can be safely and effectively resurfaced through the proper use of a high-energy, pulsed or scanned carbon dioxide (CO2) or Erbium-Yttrium-Aluminum-Garnet (Er:YAG) laser.
Avatar m tn hi how can i remove my acne scare with any cosmetic surgery it is possible and safe and one thing more how much is going to be cost me