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Avatar n tn For tightening skin a bit, I suggest Nourish Skin Tight. It has helped my arms (esp by the crease when you bend your elbow) and my knees! I began using it 5 years ago, and to me it has made a world of difference. It USE to work better,however, when it had more DMAE (which is a skin tightener), but I am still pretty happy with the results, as my skin does NOT sag when I lean over in bed to put my arms around the chest of my 41 year old man (and I am 58!
Avatar n tn RE: BODY THERMAGE - SKIN TIGHTENING SYSTEM! **not to be confused with the Facial Thermalift procedure. Even after hours-upon-hours of online research, I don't feel better informed than when I started. There is a lack of "real-time" photos and testimonials regarding "BODY by Thermage". My background: Early 40's size 6, 5'5" weigh 125# should be thrilled right?
Avatar n tn the talk may be rough and tumble at time, including abuse to both dertmatologists and cats :) ------------------------------------------------------------------- I'll check back later...
Avatar n tn If you buy a package of 6 treatments to one area it is 2400.00. 2 area's - 6 treatments - the cost is 4000.00. Insurance does not cover this. Interest free financing for 1 year or low interest -to finance over 2 years. There are diet drinks that you can purchase there, but I didn't do that part. I am sure there are other things they offer besides the diet drinks. They told me that the fat cells are dissolved and that they don't come back.
Avatar n tn I do also have the tightening muscle in my stomach, I think it has to do with the hormone just like when you are pregnant
Avatar n tn also, my tummy is the thickest, but i have a lot of damage from an emergency c-section...and saggy skin. i'm wondering if it would be worth it there...the skin won't 'go back'. i'm in the kc area and have a great doc. is it okay to say the doc's name here?
Avatar f tn hi, i'm not sure but i hope somone can help -all i can think of is a nerve issue, it may not be at the site if the pain -i suffer from very sensitive and painfull skin in my groin area and this is due to nerve damage at the spine... all the best T.
Avatar n tn It's uncomfortable to wear a shoe, and the pain is strange-feeling, sort of stinging, like a bad sunburn, but under the skin. I just went to the doctor today and she ordered some blood work and x-rays of both feet for a comparison. From the sound of things here, it sounds like it might be difficult to figure out what's wrong. I know one test ordered was for Lymes disease.
Avatar n tn There were symptoms that came gradually such as headaches, bouts of fever attributed to 'flue', occasional skin irritations, allergies, then came irritability, depression, joint problems, tingling sensation under the skin (neuropathy), muscle cramps, fatigue, slight foggishness or mental overactivity, stomach problems, kidney problems, even boils and swolen lymph nodes.
Avatar n tn i am having doubts about this fusion but there is a alternative surgery(laser surgery) laser surgery institute.
Avatar f tn 5% - that worked for about 4 months and gradually stopped plus it thinned my skin tremendously. Keeping my fingers crossed that whether its the prudoxin, sun shirts or menopause, I am just hopefully that this is ended. My heart goes out to you all. I am amazed how many dermatologists are oblivious to this, making you jump through so many hoops over and over again starting with anithistamines then a battalion of creams.
Avatar n tn At frist I kept thinking it was a pimple under the skin getting ready to come out. But then just tried to get used to it. It's been about a year not and I still can't get used to it though. I drives me crazy! But you know what I too sleep with my arm up under my pillow. So maybe that has something to do with it. And that would be a hard habit to break for me since I've been sleeping like that as long as I can remember.
Avatar n tn I had no problem with my right leg priop to surgery, but now at 5 weeks i have to drag my leg, and it hurts unbelievably, i can't even lay on my right side. Sometimes it feels like ants are crawling under my skin. I can't sleep, 3 times now my leg hurt me so bad i got physically sick. Also my Doc's nurse says pain is just a state of mind..........My pain is very REAL!! Is this normal? How long should i be on pain meds?
Avatar f tn Placing permanent metal dental implants in allergic patients can provoke type IV or I reactions. Several symptoms have been described, from skin rashes and implant failure, to non-specific immune suppression. Objective: Our objective was to evaluate the presence of titanium allergy by the anamnesis and examination of patients, together with the selective use of cutaneous and epicutaneous testing, in patients treated with or intending to receive dental implants of such material.
Avatar n tn Also it feels not like a muscle pain, but only skin deep, despite the extremeness of the pain. Someone suggested to me that a pinched nerve can cause this- the nerve being pinched by tight clothing. So, I have, today, worn the loosest pants that I own and so far so good. I hope your thigh pain has ceased. and I hope this will end my thigh pain. I just got a new job and cannot afford to loose it... Let me know if or how you resolved your leg pain.
Avatar f tn I have a deviated septum, and went into an ENT specialist to take a look at it. He said that I have too much extra skin in the back of my throat, which could lead me to snore etc., later in life. I'm throwing this out there to see if anyone might have the same situation and whether it might be causing an inability to burp. Just a thought.
Avatar n tn I know when it's going to happen - can feel pressure, then it pops and you see blood under the skin and then it itches like crazy. Sometimes it's a hard blue marble under the skin. I have 3 that are permanently there (two in the same finger). It's almost never caused by anything - just happens. Occasionally it's when I grip something.
Avatar n tn I used to take antibiotics for my skin for years in my 20's, no one told me the horrible effects of that. I encourage everyone to read "The Yeast Connection" book, as it explains the possible causes for our sinus problems. Makes sense. I broke down and took two rounds of antibiotics for a recent bout of sinus pain and congestion,and sicker since, unable to work, fatigued with head pressure,had swollen nodes in the back of my neck/head that were sore. Never had that in my life.
Avatar f tn They said that I would be feelign a lot of cramps, pulling and tightening becuase of all of the changes going on in there. My HCG levels more than doubled in the past 48 hours. From 229 to 506! YIPEE! I also get to stop taking the progesterone shot and go to suppositories. Best wishes to both of you next week!
Avatar f tn its miserable, as you all know. the crawly feeling, the teeth crushing together thing, the skin feeling thick, ect. I guess I can be glad I don't LOOK like a freak, I just FEEL like one. no one would know my chin and lips were numb unless I told them. im able to master eating and talking normally. chances are, its permanent and no vitamin, or heating pad, or anything will help it. its NERVE damage. nerves are what makes people basically live. when a nerve is damaged, its damaged.
363682 tn?1299492962 However, I now think that the application of analgesic gels (the types that feel really icy on your skin) right across the back of the neck from right under my left ear downwards then right across to the other side ... then right across my forehead from one side to the other just above the eyebrows, DEFINITELY makes a difference in my case.
Avatar n tn I got the H1N1 shot yesterday at noon and starting last night I feel as though my skin is crawling on my back and between my shoulder blades. I feel like I have the chills and freezing. Now granted it is freezing outside, so that could be why I am so cold. I am very pro-vaccine but now am scared. My friend just recently had a baby and started having the same symptoms all of you have about 6 weeks ago. She is going to check to see if they started after she got her shot.