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Avatar n tn I am 44 years old, and have gone, in 2 weeks, from having 44 year old skin to skin of a 60 year old. Could someone please help? I'm very distressed.
Avatar n tn It may work by soothing the skin. Other possibility is of erythroderma.It is a generalized skin disorder characterized by reddening and scaling of the skin and produced by several skin diseases, such as psoriasis, contact dermatitis, drug reactions, and mycosis fungoides (a cutaneous lymphoma). I feel that an examination by a dermatologist will be the best.Other conditions like liver and kidney disorders,diabetes, iron deficiency anemia and thyroid disorders also have to be ruled out.
Avatar f tn In such scars, apart from plastic surgery, laser resurfacing is also helpful. They can be safely and effectively resurfaced through the proper use of a high-energy, pulsed or scanned carbon dioxide (CO2) or Erbium-Yttrium-Aluminum-Garnet (Er:YAG) laser. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor.
Avatar n tn They have wonderful scar treatments in cosmetic clinics all over the world. Microdermabrasion and laser skin resurfacing are the two most popular for everything from fine lines to acne and other facial scars. It may sound drastic or scary, but these treatments are becoming more common and affordable each year. Do some research to find which clinics offer these treatments in your area. Look at their websites, photos and testimonies, and email the doctor that you are interested in.
Avatar n tn Unfortunately for this type of scarring or pitting, there is no medical cream as such which can treat it but surgical excision by a good plastic surgeon and laser resurfacing have given promising results.I would therefore recommend these two.All the advertised creams which claim to treat it are an eye wash and although tough for you,but the condition can be treated only from a plastic surgeon or a cosmetologist/dermatologist.Pls consult them for these pits. I hope it helps.
6884018 tn?1385768642 These include topical retinoids, hormonal therapy, dermabrasion , phototherapy and laser resurfacing. Normally a combination of treatments is followed and if nothing proves effective then dermabrasion and laser therapy are useful. Hope that this information helps and hope that you will get better soon. Wishing you good health.
454221 tn?1259449339 I have read conflicting reports as to the cause of stretchmarks. I personally believe that they are a combination of genetics (the natural elasticity of your skin) and creaming/stretching of the skin as preventing. I didnt get stretchmarks with my DD. My mother never got them either when she was pregnant with her three kids. Both of us though regularly used a 100% cocoa butter cream stick and rubbed in the cocoabutter and tried to pre-strech the skin by massaging/pulling.
Avatar m tn While I cant comment on your situation since you had a RD problem. I can testify about my results and later my wife's. She had some astigmatism and went with the Alcon Acrysoft toric IOL set for distance, which corrected her astigmatism perfectly. I have a 24' monitor and can lean back in my chair and read the screen perfectly from about 2'. Close up I use a cheap pair of readers +1.0 power from about 12 inches. Since you are only doing one eye, it may be a problem balancing both eyes.