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Avatar n tn I am 44 years old, and have gone, in 2 weeks, from having 44 year old skin to skin of a 60 year old. Could someone please help? I'm very distressed.
Avatar n tn I can understand your point of view. If you're uncomfortable with the situaton - you should get a second opinion. Don't wait too long, though. I hope you can put the lab rat feelings behind - remember many of the wonderful and life changing medical treatments we have were developed using similar type studies. I wish you the best possible recovery from your BRVO. Sorry, I don't know any retinal specialists in KC, but I'm sure there are several great ones.
Avatar n tn I just moved to the Washington DC area from Kansas City and I've been told that maybe its flaring-up from all the pollutants in the air (something my skin wasn't used to before)! I recently changed my facial product line-up to Rx for brown skin by Dr. Susan Taylor, but it ONLY seems to be helping very little. How do I get rid of this? Do I have to get laser treatement? I really need some GOOD advice!
233488 tn?1310696703 “Protecting your eyes from the sun is as important as protecting your skin,” said John Hagan, MD, an ophthalmologist in Kansas City, and a clinical correspondent for the Academy. “By wearing UV blocking sunglasses, you can enjoy the summer safely while lowering your risk for potentially blinding eye diseases and tumors.” The longer the exposure to bright light, the greater the risk is. Excessive exposure to UV light reflected off sand, water or pavement can damage the eyes’ front surface.
Avatar f tn If anyone is interested in going as a group to the local Kansas City news investigation team, I think that these stories need to go public. I know I would share my story and I'm sure my friend would as well. I previously posted with regards to a severe allergic reaction I had after my fifth treatment and the pain and weight gain I've had. Keep in mind I am 5'4 and weighed 122.
Avatar n tn Avenova has a discount program that lets no bottle cost more than $40 at least that's the way it is in kansas city and I'm told its a national program. the non-prescription cleaners like Ocusoft platimum are expensive also. No I am not aware of anything that will 'rejuvenate" MG so the goal is to stop killing them off.
Avatar m tn Judging from most of the sad stories here on the forum the pre op measurements and skills required seem to be lacking in those cases. You better live in a big city with top named surgeons and the very latest high tech machines! Good luck.
233488 tn?1310696703 surgical or laser corneal relaxing incisions; toric IOLs or toric mutifocal IOLs; rounding the cornea at time of surgery with brand new (2013) femtosecond laser; post operatively using lasik surgery to remove residual astigmatism. 9. In cases where one eye has a cataract that is symptomatic and causing problems with important functions such as driving, reading, recognizing faces, glare avoidance, etc.
Avatar n tn She has also had an Accent treatment (some kind of laser I think??) for skin tightening, which also helps. I had the procedure done on my inner thighs 5 days ago. The first day after the shots, I was REALLY swollen... not really too sore, but just swollen. The second day, I was less swollen and even went shopping for a couple of hours. Yesterday (day 3) I went to work, and had no problem. Today, the swelling is a little less, but still not back to 100% normal.
Avatar f tn i thought it was due to shaving and somehow spreading bacteria under the skin by razor. You only need one open wound to start a large infection. I used tons of lotion and only found them irritating my skin more and i would cry over the self confidence issue. most people need to find their one solution to their own unique problem... however after years i finally found a solution that worked wonders for me. it came to me on a trip to the Black Sea...
Avatar n tn I just had my 2nd treatment Friday (upper & lower abs). I was a little sore firday and Saturday, but great today. I have mine done in Kansas City. I think that the person giving the treatment has alot to do with it. It certinly seams this treatment went better then the first. That could be that I did't know what to expect the first time or the individual was better at the injections. What ever, I've made an appointment with Susan for my next round.
Avatar n tn also, my tummy is the thickest, but i have a lot of damage from an emergency c-section...and saggy skin. i'm wondering if it would be worth it there...the skin won't 'go back'. i'm in the kc area and have a great doc. is it okay to say the doc's name here?
534800 tn?1217170959 My family has quite fair skin. Does anyone have this that has darker/olive skin? I hate getting this ugly rash very much and know when I get it I will not be showing my legs for a few days. It is very inconvenient and annoying. I was just on the East Coast (90 degrees w/humidity) and went to several tourist attractions and did not have any rash.
Avatar n tn my husband is worried that i will become disabled - i told him i was going to fight this, we are 46 and have grandbabies and i really want to be a part of their lives - we do have great medical facilities here in Kansas City, MO - there are a lot to choose from. I did reasearch the neurosurgeons and found one group that comes highly recommended. i don't have the problem with scar tissues - at least i don't think i do - keep in touch and i'll let you know how things are going.
Avatar m tn It needs to be refrigerated, but it is great quality flaxoil which is not only good for dry eye but skin, etc. Fish oil also good. In regards to the OCT test, I like to actually SEE what the Docs are talking about. They should be able to show you the Macular Pucker, and if your Retina is swollen or distorted. That way you can compare from visit to visit to see if anything is improving or declining.
Avatar n tn i am having doubts about this fusion but there is a alternative surgery(laser surgery) laser surgery institute.